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Chapter Six

An hour of training session had been a frustrating one. To only one diva that was.

The dirty blonde's performance in the ring had been sloppy. Instead of performing her moves the right way, it seemed as though she had just entered the beginner's stage.

This was not a good sign. The other two divas noticed this as they stared downward at a body lying on the middle of the canvas.

"Is everything alright Ash?" Maria asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," Ashley muttered at last, rising to her feet.

But Maria and Mickie knew better than to accept that answer. It was clear that she looked upset and was trying to camouflage her frustrations over her poor performance.

"Are you sure?" Mickie asked as she studied her face thoughtfully. "Maybe we should take a five so you can--"

"I said I'm fine," Ashley stressed out the last word through gritted teeth. "Let's carry on."



They leaped at the sudden burst of anger shooting in their direction. Never had they seen her in this state before. Her blue eyes went ablaze. It was frightening.

"Whoa, Ash…" Maria was beyond astonished. "this isn't like you to be this way."

Ashley's expression soon softened. Her lips trembled along with a stinging sensation burning her eyes.

She tried to forget about his return last night. She tried to not let any part of that memory overtake her mind. But she failed to do so. And now her in ring ability had to suffer because of this.

She buried her face into her hands, to muffle her cries.

"Oh honey," Mickie began as she and Maria caged in the petite body in a three way hug.

"Please tell us what's wrong. We want to help."

"I can't stop thinking about him," her voice was fragile. "He's back…and I don't know what to think."

Maria and Mickie exchanged looks. They knew very well how much it had affected her.

"It's going to be okay," Mickie said softly. "It will be."

"No it's not going to be okay! John is back on Raw and now I have to deal with seeing him a lot from now on. It's too much for me and I can't take it."

She didn't need to be reminded of a past she once shared with him. She didn't need to be reminded how their relationship had ended.

Maria pulled away to study the dirty blonde. "Look at me."

Ashley lifted her head to reveal her tear strained face.

"You will get through this. You will."

She doubted her words. As much as she would want to believe it, they didn't convince her of this.


He appeared in the living room with a big smile on his face. She looked up from the magazine she was reading and her eyes lit upon his return.

"You're back!" she squealed.

"I'm back," John repeated, slumping into the couch next to Ashley. She promptly leaned forward to kiss him and he happily returned it.

After pulling away from the embrace, Ashley caught a glance at what John was holding in his hand. "What's that you've got here?"

He beamed. "It's a present."

"A present?"

"Uh huh." Before completing his sentence, he placed his hand over her swollen stomach and rubbed it lovingly. "For this little guy right here."

Ashley was touched. "Aw how cute!"

She was getting near to her term, which meant it wouldn't be long until the baby enters their lives. They could hardly wait for the day to come.

John gave the small gift to Ashley; she studied it.

"Wow, it's all wrapped up. And it's got a bow on it too." Ashley laughed.

"Well it wouldn't be a birthday present if it's not wrapped now, would it?"


"It's an early birthday present."

"Ah, I see." Ashley pinched his cheek with affection. "You're so sweet."

John smirked playfully. "Let's see if I still am when you see what it is. Go ahead, open it."

He loved how her eyes gleamed with excitement, especially when it comes to surprises. She began tearing up the paper and a blue velvet box appeared from underneath. A smile touched her lips instantly.

"I wonder what it is."

"Why don't you open it and find out, Miss Massaro?"

"Oh I will, Mr. Cena." Ashley giggled. She did just that and her expression suddenly changed. Her eyes widen, astonished with what she was seeing it. "Oh my god…"

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," John broke suddenly, pretending to hold a microphone. "This is John Cena reporting to you live in Boston…home of the famous Red Sox…and Boston cream pie! Tonight I am here on an interview with this lovely lady sitting at my left. She is the WWE diva and is now currently awaiting for a bundle of joy to come along and to share those joys with…whoever the guy is that does the 'You Can't See Me' thing with his hand. Anyway…" He paused to look at Ashley, who was still gaping over the contents. He smiled brightly. "I see that you've just opened the box. Can you kindly share with me and the viewers what is inside it?"

He brought the invisible microphone to her. Ashley lifted her eyes in time to meet his.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you right now?" she asked.

"Err…" he turned to face the camera. "apparently she has been struck…or should I say starstruck by whatever it is that's right inside that box and it happens to be none other than…" He peered over to the box and gasped. "a dog tag!"

"Not just any dog tag…" She picked up the ball chain and studied the dog chain linking to it. Then she let out a squeal. "Oh John I love it!"

She threw her arms around The Chain Gang Soldier who then responded, "…and we'll be right back after these messages."

"Will you stop goofing around?" Ashley said with a playful slap on the chest and laughed.

"Okay I'll stop," John said with a chuckle. "So you like it?"

"Are you kidding? This is the sweetest thing you have ever done!"

"I'm glad." He smiled, his dimples indented. "'Cause I intend on wearing it from now on."

Ashley looked pleased and judging from the sweet kiss they shared, John could tell that she was more than delighted.

They snuggled closely and turned their attention to the silver dog tag in Ashley's hand. John had many other dog tags but this one had a special meaning to them.

It had a name engraved in the middle of it: Jay.

"I've thought of getting it made for the longest while," John told. "and since we've already know what his name will be, I thought why not."

She couldn't help but to let those tears cloud her eyes. "You are more than just sweet. You're incredible."

"More incredible than the Hulk?" John smirked.

She giggled. "Much, much more."

And then they kissed. It would be a matter of time before they start a family.

And they couldn't be more excited for that day to come.


Randy looked at his best friend with sympathy. He could tell that John was still in pain, emotionally. He wished that he had the right words to say without having to sound stupid. But nothing came.

"I…I don't know what to say."

The Chain Gang Soldier frowned. "Well, what's there to be said?"

He stood up from the couch and crossed to the window and stared out of it. Silence plunged the hotel room.

He spoke up a moment later, his back still turned to the WWE Champion. "So here I am. I'm back after being injured for four months…and now it's like it doesn't matter to me anymore."

"Yes it does, John. You've won the Royal Rumble tournament. You've worked your butt off to reach this far. If there's anyone who deserves to have that spot, it's you."

No reply had been made. John was still by the window. Then his voice broke.

"Sometimes I wonder why did he have to go…why did it have to happen? We were so excited about becoming parents…and that dream was taken away from us. Why? He didn't deserve to die."

"Of course not," Randy replied coolly. "But you know, things happen when you don't want them too."

Then, John showed his face at last. There was a frown fixed upon it. "I shouldn't have gone to the arena without her. I knew that she wanted to cook dinner before leaving…but if I had stayed behind and waited for her, then Jay would be alive right now."

"But she insisted that you go. She didn't want you to be late."

"Screw that!" John snapped. "I should have never left Ashley to be her own that night!"

"It's not your fault."

"Like hell it isn't! If I had stayed with her…" he trailed off, fist clenched as his emotions battled inside him. "Then she wouldn't have been in that car accident."

At those last words, he scrunched his eyes. The memory of that night at the hospital flashed into his mind. He remembered how frantic he was upon hearing the news. Randy, Maria and Mickie joined him for support him. He remembered seeing her lying helpless in that hospital bed, in a coma.

Ashley was fortunate to be still alive. But their unborn child didn't make it. It had been killed due to the impact of the accident.

And ever since that tragic night, things had not been the same.

Randy sighed. "Listen man, it was a misfortunate event. There's nothing that can be undone. I know how you and Ashley both feel about the loss."

John shook his head. "You have no idea. So what to do now? I still love her, Randy. I want to pick up the remains of what we had…and now she's moved on with someone else?"

"Apparently so," said Randy. "I was stunned when I heard the news that she and Adam are now dating. I thought you and Ashley would eventually pull through this somehow."

He ran a hand through his short brown hair. He felt as though nothing could be done now.

Then his hand dipped into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of dog tags. They were his treasure. Each of them meant something to him.

But the one he was focusing on now had much more value; held so many memories. He had it customized one year ago as an early birthday gift for his son, Jay. And he still had it with him, all of this time.

Staring at his palm, he said: "Yeah, I thought so too."

Teasers for Chapter 7: John goes on a mission to find Ashley while she tries to avoids him backstage; a diva makes her Raw debut.