The Wedding

The Wedding

"Bella it's time to go" Alice shouted through the door.

"Ok Alice" I snapped back. I was so scared I felt like I was going to puke out butterflies. It is my wedding day and I have to leave for the church now. Im going to be with Edward that's why im doing this. I had to keep telling my self that.

As I climbed into the yellow Porsche I screamed Edward was there in the driver's seat. "Edward its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding" I herd Alice say in a rather acid tone. Then Edward got ripped from the car with a rather baffled expression on his face.

"Alice" I called or screamed I couldn't tell. "Im not in my dress no harm done" I just wanted to hold Edward so tight I couldn't breath.

My nerves lifted slightly at the thought that Edward couldn't wait to see me. That's why he came wasn't it I wasn't sure. We were at the church now the places were my mother and father waited. My father waited to walk me down the aisle while my mother waited to help her baby girl into her wedding dress. If it was only Alice and Rosalie they could get me into my dress in no time using vampire speed, but I would not deny my mother the pleasure of lacing the dress if that's what it took to please her. I would not deny my mother while giving Alice what she wanted.

My father took the news pretty well, ok if you call red faced pretty well. Renee on the other hand had a hissie. She just about blew up in my face. That's why I was glad I was just telling her over the phone or I would have feared for Edward's life. Not like she could do anything to Edward, but he could be forced to leave with me because he didn't die when Renée tried to shoot him with her rifle.

As I stepped out of the car I herd my mother squeal. It was I high pitched squeal. Like she was being murdered then I saw her tear streaked face come around the corner. She was crying the whole time I was getting into my dress she kept babbling on about how she would miss me and about my child hood. "I sob remember when sob you were little and sob you kissed our gold fish flakey."

That's when the wedding march began and my mother started crying even harder as she left the room to go find her seat. My father came into the room and grabbed my arm apparently he could tell I was nervous. "Bella you can to this"

"thanks dad" we went after my little cousin Justine who was the flower girl. She has already been the flower girl in two other weddings and now mine. Da da dada I hummed along in my head. That's when I saw him dressed in his baby blue tux and me in my blue tinged dress. We looked perfect, well he looked perfect, I looked average. We walked up to Edward and my father handed me to him saying "I give you my daughter"

My mother broke out in sobs I mouthed I love you to both my mother and father. That's when I saw that my father had tears streaming down his face as well. \

I didn't really pay attention to anything but the I dos and you may now kiss the bride. Edward gave me the most passionate kiss he had ever then whispered "I can't wait till were alone" then he chuckled at my flabbergasted expression.

"I can't wait either" I just barley whispered, but I knew he herd me along with the others for they all started cracking up.

"Time for pictures Bella" Alice shrieked. "Ugh no" I put my hands in front of my face.