Okso here is chapter 7 I hope you enjoy it. Sorry I had to leave Ch.6 on a cliff hanger, lol, not really. I'm just mean like that. This will be the last chapter for this story i ran out of ideas sorry but there will be a sequel.

falling sun Ch. 7

Last time on falling sun.

I lifted off the lid slowly and inside the box was a littleā€¦

(Bella's pov)

Inside was a little kitten. What in the world, why would Emmet get me and Edward a kitten? That just does not make sense. Is it a snack for Edward? I shuddered at the thought.

"Emmet why did you get us a kitten?" I asked calmly as Edward fumed beside me. Emmet just started laughing out loud. Once again a asked myself what in the world, why is he laughing.

"Alice said that's how you learn how to raise a child" he chocked out through his laughter that was dying down now.

"Emmet that's a puppy not a kitten" I said to him trying not to laugh, Alice probably an alternative motive to say that. Edward was just about ready to jump Emmet and Alice, probably because they tried to make a joke out of our wedding present.

I stuck my hand on his shoulder to try and calm him. "honey it's OK, I've always wanted a kitten." I said trying reassure him that it was fine with me.

"really you never mentioned that." I smiled sheepishly at Edward's comment. It's true though I never said a wanted a pet because all I wanted was to be with Edward forever.

Apparently the kitten liked Edward because at that moment it jumped right into Edwards lap. I still had my hand on his chest so I could tell instantly when he froze up. Then for some unknown reason he started to laugh. When he stopped laughing he leaned over and whispered in my ear "it's like you unreadable, I think they planed that way don't you?" I started laughing at that comment. That's why Alice had Emmet get us a cat, but why not a dog.

"OK it's time for Jennie Marie and Angela's present" Alice shouted. who the heck is Jennie Marie I pondered.

As Angela walked a timed looking girl to our table holding our present. "This is Ben's little sister she announced" before I could question her. "we worked together on this gift Bella we both worked very hard." she said handing me a little box wrapped in bright blue wrapping paper.

Edward started laughing for some unknown reason or it was unknown until i looked at him. The kitten was licking Edward's chin. "it tickles" Edward stated. I didn't know he was ticklish i would have to try that out some day.

I just ignored his laughing and went back to opening the present. it was a beautiful cross stitched wedding announcement in a stunning gold frame. "thank you so much you two, I will cherish this forever." and when i said forever i mean forever. i added in my head.

Opening the other presents went off without a hitch. We mostly got house hold appliances that we would be donating to a charity when we got back from our honeymoon.

Before I knew it it was time to leave and have our alone time to fulfil his promise and my only demand. the Cullens wouldn't let us leave our new kitten with them they said we had to take it with us.

On the way to the hotel Edward suddenly spoke up "What are you going to name the kitten" he asked

"I don't know, I think you should name it" his face whipped around to look at me.

"Really?" he asked not sure if i was telling the truth

"Absolutely" I responded without thinking it just came from the heart.

"I was thinking that since it's black and white like a cow, maybe we could name it ushi, that means cow in Japanese." he said cautiously not sure what my reaction would be.

"That name is perfect, but I didn't know you spoke Japanese." I said with as much enthusiasm that I could muster. Before he could answer I gasped we had reached the hotel it was gorgeous.

I was so nervous i started to shake, but i knew Edward wanted me also, so I was sure Edward wouldn't hurt me, but I was just so nervous I couldn't get the butterflies out of my stomach.

OK so there was the last chapter of falling sun, there will be a sequel but mite be a one shot and rated M and it will be tittled rising sun. sorry this chapter was so short it's just that i ran out of steam for this story. hopefully the next one will be better