Last year, I accepted the challenge of writing 101 fanfictions about Daniel Jackson on a livejournal community. Chapters from my AU D/V fics contributed to some of that goal, but I have some other oneshot ficlets that haven't been posted here, so I've decided to. Again, some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts 'verse; others are not, so I'm going to post them all separately rather than making a collection.


Returning A Favor

He waited until he was alone and took down the photo. Then he stood there for a while, staring down at it before he trudged back to his desk. Sprawling into the chair, he held the picture in front of his face, studying it for a long time. It seemed entirely wrong to him that a black and white image was all that remained of Sha're. She had always been so vibrant. She had been utterly alive, not in a loud or spectacular way but with a quiet depth of emotion and strength of purpose that colored everything she did. She was innocent and full of wonder, but she was also a realist. The harshness of life on Abydos had infused her with a determination and fierceness which had honestly taken Daniel by surprise when he first saw it.

He had always believed that strength would give Sha're the edge she needed in order to survive as host to Ammaunet. He'd always believed that the team would one day be able to find her and free her from the Goa'uld. In fact, that had been his quest. He'd returned to Earth with Jack and Sam for one reason--because by doing so, he might be able to find and save his wife. He knew that she still wanted him to travel through the Stargate as part of SG-1, carrying on the fight against the symbiotic beings which had enslaved so many.

Even knowing that, though, all he felt was the keen edge of his own failure twisting and turning in his gut. He would do what she wanted, of course, but a slithering fear whispered in his mind, feeding on his guilt and self-blame. He couldn't save his own wife. Who was he to think that he could save anyone else?

"You didn't fail her, Daniel," Jack said from the doorway.

He jerked his head up, blinking in surprise. "Thought you left."

"Not yet," the Colonel shook his head. Still leaning on the doorframe, he continued, "You're gonna feel like that for a while, but you didn't. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to believe that. The guilt will kill you."

Daniel smiled faintly, "And I still have something to live for."