Last year, I accepted the challenge of writing 101 fanfictions about Daniel Jackson on a livejournal community. Chapters from my AU D/V fics contributed to some of that goal, but I have some other oneshot ficlets that haven't been posted here, so I've decided to. Again, some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts 'verse; others are not, so I'm going to post them all separately rather than making a collection.



The briefing dragged on, but nothing Hammond said actually got through. Daniel was writing something on yellow lined page in front of him, but he isn't sure what it is. Glancing down at it, he realized that it looked vaguely like a seagull, and he had to smile. He'd always wanted to take her to the beach. There weren't beaches on Abydos. The only ocean was an endless, dusty, gritty sea of sand. It got everywhere. He could still feel it sometimes, still taste it.

Sometimes, he could still taste her. He could still feel her in his dreams. He held back a sigh and reached up under his glasses to rub his eyes with the tips of his fingers. It looked like this was going to be a bad day. Drawing in a slow breath, he forced himself to focus on the discussion around him, but he quickly realized that it was too late. He'd missed to much already.

Fortunately, the briefing ended a few minutes later. Hammond dismissed them, and after a brief moment of shuffling paperwork and scraping chairs, the four members of SG-1 rose from the table. Daniel wandered over to the coffee and poured himself another cup. Sam followed, her hand lightly squeezing his shoulder as she stopped beside him. Teal'c appeared on his other side, also saying nothing. Daniel finished with the coffee and poured for the Jaffa, but he already knew that Teal'c wasn't there for coffee.

He bowed his head in acknowledgement, then waited for Sam to finish adding cream and sugar to her mug. Then they both disappeared without a word, slipping out of the briefing room together. Jack was still sitting idly at the table, his chin planted on his fist as he studied the doodle that Daniel had made earlier. He frowned, obviously not sure what it was, but he didn't ask. Daniel smiled faintly and slid into the chair beside his friend. It was still going to be a rough day, but both of them had been through rough days before.