Last year, I accepted the challenge of writing 101 fanfictions about Daniel Jackson on a livejournal community. Chapters from my AU D/V fics contributed to some of that goal, but I have some other oneshot ficlets that haven't been posted here, so I've decided to. Again, some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts 'verse; others are not, so I'm going to post them all separately rather than making a collection.


When the Cold Sets In

Her favorite color was blue like the sky as it deepened toward twilight. How and when he'd learned that, he wasn't sure. She couldn't sleep with her feet uncovered, and she got goosebumps if someone read over her shoulder. Her hair was always soft and fragrant because she refused to leave it unwashed even for a night. He closed his eyes against the memory, trying not to feel again the softness of her skin in his dream. A moment later, he opened them again and pushed himself up on his elbow to peer at the clock on the bedside table.

Midnight. Only midnight?

He let himself sink slowly back down onto the pillows and pulled the covers tighter around himself. He was hoping that it would make the bed feel less empty, but it didn't. He gave a quiet sigh and closed his eyes again, willing sleep to come. It wouldn't.

Finally, reluctantly, he reached for the phone. It rang twice before he heard the crackle and clatter of someone fumbling in the dark. After a few seconds, there was a sleepy mumble.


"Did I wake you up again?" he asked apologetically.

"It's midnight," came the reply.

"Right. Sorry."

"What's wrong, Daniel?"

"I miss her," he said simply.

It was all he need to say. The team was his family. And he was theirs. He was one of them. This was where he belonged now.