Last year, I accepted the challenge of writing 101 fanfictions about Daniel Jackson on a livejournal community. Chapters from my AU D/V fics contributed to some of that goal, but I have some other oneshot ficlets that haven't been posted here, so I've decided to. Again, some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts 'verse; others are not, so I'm going to post them all separately rather than making a collection.


History Repeats

Daniel walked out onto the porch in his bare feet. The sun had been shining and the wooden planks were warm against his skin. From the side of the house, he could hear Nicky and Manda both yelling, but the shouts were mixed with happy shrieks and laughter, so he assumed that no one was trying to kill anyone yet. A small smile played across his lips as he sank onto one of the white lounge chairs. Swinging his legs into it, he spotted his grandfather's worn blue leather eyeglass case on the railing beside him.

He wondered briefly where Nick had gotten to, then heard the older man's voice coming from somewhere in the yard. Nicky and Manda both let loose with a chorus of "Grandpa Nick! You're safe! You made it!" and their father frowned, cocking his head to one side. He listened to the discussion for a few moments, then shook his head and picked up the book that he'd left on the low table next to his chair. Apparently, the back yard, which was normally the Jackson family archaeological dig site was doubling as the Peruvian jungle today. The party had gotten separated at some point, Nick having been chased through the trees by some mysterious creature while Manda and Nicky made it safely back to camp.

Daniel smiled again. After the sporadic and often tense relationship that he'd had with his grandfather, he hardly would have believed that Nick would come to play such an important role in his children's lives. He also could not imagine his family any other way. Nick had returned about the same time that Manda was born, and he had been with Vala two years later when Nicky came along. Both children had a unique and enduring bond with their great-grandfather, the kind of relationship that Daniel had only wished for. Watching them together had gone a long way toward finally smoothing the remaining tensions between the two men.

He listened to the game for a few more minutes, then let his attention finally drift to his book. It didn't stay there long, though. The warmth of the sun on his shoulders and the pleasant background noise of his children's laughter lent to a peaceful lethargy. He found himself floating toward sleep and for once was not inclined to resist. Resting the open book on his chest, he removed his glasses and carefully set them on the table.

He spent the rest of the afternoon dozing and didn't rouse until Vala's voice called them all in for dinner. Even then, he didn't move right away, content to stay in the warm landscape of the world between sleep and waking. Nick and the kids came clomping up the steps and passed him without comment, but suddenly his grandfather stopped.

"Wait a moment, where did I leave my glasses?" he asked.

Daniel's eyes popped open in time to see his daughter spot them on the railing. He hurriedly sat up. "They're--"

"Oh, right here, Grandpa Nick," Manda said, dashing to get them. Her knee landed on the table before Daniel could stop her, and he heard a familiar crunch as she knelt to reach Nick's case. She froze for a second, then hurriedly backed off, glancing down at the table.

Daniel closed his eyes. "Manda."

"Oops," she said. He silently opened his eyes again and found her holding up the mangled frame. She held it out to him with an apologetic smile. "Found yours, too, Dad."