Last year, I accepted the challenge of writing 101 fanfictions about Daniel Jackson on a livejournal community. Chapters from my AU D/V fics contributed to some of that goal, but I have some other oneshot ficlets that haven't been posted here, so I've decided to. Again, some are connected to my Rediscovered Hearts 'verse; others are not, so I'm going to post them all separately rather than making a collection.


Inquiring Minds

The team was being chased through a field of giant blueberries by a humongous dandelion with teeth when the scent of fresh coffee began to waft through the air. Daniel felt his shoulder being shaken and abruptly found himself back in his office. Slowly, he lifted his head from his arms, squinting in attempt to bring his vision into focus. Sam smiled down at him, wordlessly offering a Styrofoam cup.

"Thanks," he mumbled sleepily as he took it.

"Have a nice nap?" her smile widened into a grin.

He frowned ponderously for a second, then took a careful sip of the steaming liquid. Closing his eyes with relish, he replied, "Not really."

"Why not?" Sam asked, turning to sit on the edge of his desk.

"Well, let's just say that by waking me up you saved us all from being eaten by a flower," Daniel replied.

"That must've been some dream," Sam remarked.

Daniel nodded, then frowned again. "Although, I'd have to say that stranger things have happened to us."

"Sure have," Sam hid a smirk behind her coffee cup as she took a sip.

"What…?" Daniel asked.

"Nothing," she shrugged innocently.

Too innocently. He narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"Well, I was just thinking. You never did tell me exactly how you ended up naked in General O'Neill's closet," she said casually.

His mouth popped open. "Um…y'know, Sam, I--I--really don't--um--"

"You know, the flag thing?" she prompted.

"Yeah, I know," he said. "I just--um. Don't…"

"What?" she asked.


"You don't know?" she repeated.

"Well, look, I--I was dead. Oma wanted to help me Ascend again, and there was this diner…" he trailed off, wrinkling his brow.

"Diner?" Sam raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Well, it came from my mind. My grandfather took me there after my parents died. Y'know, this sounds as strange as that dream already," he sighed.

"Were you naked in the diner?" she wanted to know.

"No…" he pulled his lip thoughtfully.

"So you weren't Ascended yet, and you had clothes. Where'd they go?" she persisted.

"I dunno. Maybe--maybe I really didn't have clothes. The whole place was created from imagery that the Ancients found in my mind. Maybe I only had clothes because I thought I had them," he suggested, feeling his face grow hotter with ever word.

"So you were naked but you didn't know you were naked?" asked Sam.

Daniel ran a hand over his face. "Maybe."

"Well, if you were dead, you still didn't have a body," she pointed out.


"So, when they gave you a body again so that you could return to this plane of existence, they could have given you clothes," she told him.

"Maybe they just have a really sick sense of humor," he sighed.

"All right, Daniel. So, answer me one more question then," she snickered.

"What's that?"

"Why General O'Neill's closet?"