By request for Ladybeth


Cassie came downstairs to find Daniel under the sink. He had a wrench in one hand and was clattering and banging around under there enough to give her the vague impression that he was trying to fix it. Things also didn't seem to be going very well, judging from the amount of muttering and grumbling he was doing. She watched him for a few seconds, biting her lip in an effort not to laugh, but when a resounding clang echoed through the kitchen, she gave up.

Commendably, she managed to contain her laughter after only a short giggle. Then she covered her mouth with her hand, but Daniel had already scooted out onto the floor, where he lay peering up at her with one eye open. She took a breath to steel herself against another fit of mirth and dropped her hand.

"Hi," she attempted.

"Hi," he smiled back.

"Um, what are you doing?" she wanted to know.

"There's a clog in the sink," he explained. "Your mom asked me to--well, actually, your mom was going to call Sam."

Cassie smiled and turned toward the cabinets on the other side of the room. She flipped both open and stood studying their contents for a while, then took down a jar of peanut butter and the strawberry jelly. She set them on the counter and reached down to open the drawer directly to her left.

"You want some lunch?" she asked.

"Sure," replied Daniel, who had already pushed himself back under the sink. "Gimme a few minutes."

"You know, Daniel, just because you're dating my mom doesn't mean you suddenly have to do all the odd jobs and stuff around here," Cassie said conversationally.

"I know. It just seemed like a pretty simple--" he broke off as a second clang reverberated through the room. "Um, Cass…?"


"Better call Sam," he said worriedly.

"She's already on her way," Cassie assured him.