The moon was slowly turning over into the horizon creating a spectacular image too breathtaking for a human to watch. As the colors were slowly starting to contrast from a blue to yellow in a delightful manner; the moon gave way for the finale show; the sun to make its appearance for the day. A familiar stage with sound and lighting; I wondered to myself. The moon was so beautiful yet so willing to hand over the spotlight to the gorgeous belle of the sun. How caring? How thoughtless? How could it do that? Ugh – Questions I'll never know answered.

I slowly started to reach out my arms noticing I'm half-sleeping on the lawn chair in the backyard; how careless. I wonder how long I'd been in this position until I finally had the strength to stand up. Slowly, finding my way back inside the house, I tip-toe upstairs hoping not to wake anybody up and got my things preparing for the trip.

Oh no – I loath this day to come once more; A new school. More girls to woo at my charms, more guys to hate me for being handsome, more people to stare at my muscles. Why was I cursed with such beauty? If I could give my soul away to any person and trash these looks, believe me I would.

I create my own world at times. In my own real world, I dream of all my desires in life. A panorama I suppose. I constantly get lost, dreaming of that world over and over but I can't recoil my thoughts in it. It doesn't exist. What am I saying? She doesn't exist. As if my mind was telling me of the near future, like I'd ever find her? I only see her in my world, being with me, talking to me, guiding me, completing me. Reality has to dawn at some points, yet I let it simmer and fry for a while, while I'm in this world. But if for some reason it could exist, then what's the point of dreaming? I would give up sleeping all together.

My alarm clock buzzed; 2:30pm. Ah – I was daydreaming again. As usual, I was getting tangled into my thoughts. I might as well go off so I can get to school.

Trudging along the sidewalk with my 4 suitcases, out parked was my Silver Volvo. I started the engine, and drove past the deserted road. Flipping the radio switch for a good song, I found a good 80's rock station and stuck to it. Driving along the highway. I sighed. This Is going to be a long year.

3:00. I have enough time. As I drove off to into the immense cloud, thinking. Slowly, I reached the school. Glancing at the time it was 7:00pm. I parked my car in the corner, hoping it won't make much of a scene there. I grabbed my things out of my trunk and walked into the academy, as big as it may be. I turned around the corner to find the office with big bright letters. As I enter inside.

"Hello, how may I help you sir?" the lady at the counter asked staring at my muscle shirt and what seems to be bearing it.

"Yes, my name's Edward Masen, I'm a new student here" I said quietly.

"Ah yes Edward, you've arrived." She muttered glancing a little too long at me looking for papers, "Well here are your timetable, rooming assignment, and a map of the campus. The first class begins at 8:30am tomorrow. Enjoy your stay here at Dart Brooks Academy."

"Thank you" I replied. Looking at the sheet of paper, my room seems to be located in the east wing of the school 1130- Not bad. 1129…1130 – Finally. While pushing my keys in, turning the lock until it finally clicked from my destined combination. I open it and start to unload on the only empty bed.

Was this fate to bring me to Dart Brooks? Will it just be like all the same? Not any different I suppose. But something, something was telling me this would be different. As if my whole life would change in this school. I let it slip into the back of my head.

I look to the other bed across my room, 7:55pm I think to myself, I will have to meet him soon or later, you'll have to face him. I waited for about 10 minutes of silence to start unpacking my thinks. Just as I sighed into a relief no one has entered yet, luck was not on my side today. This tall big guy came through the door. He could use me as a toothpick – I thought. My mind was on overdrive today; I'm thinking too much I suppose. He soon came right in front of me and turned to his bed, flipping the sheets up and resting on the bed.

"So you're my new roomie" He said to me.

"What gave it away?" I joked.

"Well for one, your in my room" He joked the same. Haha, I may enjoy this guy as a friend. "And two, your standing there like an idiot" He smiled.

"Okay you caught me" I said.

"My names Emmett" Emmett smiled a toothy grin.

"I'm Edward." I sighed. "So what's there to do here?"

"Well for starters, stay away from my girl, she's mine—" he joked. I quickly lost focus as he kept talking. "Great hangout is the pool hall and drive-in." I heard him mumble. I could swear there was something wrong that he didn't want to tell me. I let it slip.

"Hey, you want to meet her and her roomies?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah… sure.." I mumbled.

As we began walking out to the west wing. Emmett opened a door with a key he had.

"HEY ROSALIE. WERE HERE" His booming voice could be heard from a mile way.

"Im in the kitchen" She called. We walked towards the kitchen.

"Hey I want you to meet a friend a mine, Edward this is Rosalie, my beautiful girlfriend" He said, ushering me to meet this tall slender blonde. She was like out of a magazine, perfect —but not my type.

My heart started racing as soon as she the room. She gracefully bestowed me with her flowing brunette hair. As silky as it must be, she let it flow as it swayed from side to side. She was so beautiful in person. Her ocean eyes could be spotted from a mile away. Her lips and cheeks were off the color of a pink strawberry. As she was walking, a tank top and shorts, she was just as perfect as her features. She was absolutely flawless. I was speechless in shock. I thought I was dreaming; As if my vision intervened with my mind. At that moment I felt as if a whole part of me which was missing has just formed together.

"Hey you are listening right?" Emmett soon realized I wasn't paying attention and looked at her and back to me. He gave a wicked grin.

"Hey guys" the heavenly angel called.

"Hey Bella, this is Edward my new roomie" Emmett called.

"Hi Edward" She blushed as she stared at what she was wearing, a gorgeous god she was, beautiful.

"Hi" I said, stupid Edward, say something more before she leaves.

"Well, I gotta go Rose, nice meeting you Edward" She said as she walked out.

"Aww look Eddie gots a crush on Bella" Emmett's laughter echoed throughout the room. Rosalie smacked him hard on the head. "Oww Rosalie what was that for" rubbing his head.

"For being an ass" She rolled her eyes.

At that moment, a pixie-like girl and blond boy entered the kitchen hand in hand. "Rose whats for dinner?" She asked until directing her attention to me. "You must be Emmett's new roomie, I'm Alice! And this is Jasper" She smiled.

"I'm Edward, Nice to meet you both"

She eyed me carefully before she said her last line, "I have a feeling we found our guy for her Jasper."

What was that supposed to mean?


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