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Last Time…

She slowly yet gracefully, opened her eyes. That's when she saw the sunset, vibrant colors of orange and red, splashing across the sky, creating a masterful canvas of art. If I had a camera, I would definitely be taking a picture of this.

"Wow" She stared, lovingly at the scene playing in front of her.

"Wow indeed" I grinned.

With those two words, we were expressionless, staring up at the sky, all the way having comfortable silence. During a point, Bella rested her head on my shoulder, in which I responded by wrapping my arms around her.


Chapter 11: City of Dreams


Bella and I were talking, like any other day. She had her adorable blush contorted on her face. She was talking to me animatedly. But what the difference was, that she had this look of love on her face. Adoringly, I might add. It was sent towards me as well, which elated me with joy!

We were walking, on a beach, in the bikini she wore the day I saw her, the one which emphasized every curve to her body. While the sun was shining on her body, in the most beautiful way; she looked like a goddess, angel sent from the heavens. And then... she kissed me!

I was ecstatic. No words could express how I felt at that precise moment.

It was simple and sweet, yet informative. She had feelings for me as well. She wouldn't kiss her best friend this way, unless she loved me, as I spotted earlier.

I was on cloud nine, this was what I was waiting for, and for her to finally see that she loved me just as I did. Now, its happening, were both in love and we can finally be together.

And just as the kiss deepened…

"In the city of dreams, you get caught up in the schemes and fall apart in the seam...tonight." I clicked my radio alarm off, as the song blared, waking me from my dream.

Dreamt of course, never could that have occurred whilst I was conscience. Too perfect, I thought to myself

I was currently lying on my bed flat on my back, staring into the ceiling. Yesterday was the most perfect day in the world. Bella and I, sitting on the carousel, staring off into the sunset—was, by far, my favorite moment. And that dream, god that was perfect. Fantasy I guess, since that could never happen in real life.

I realized that I stayed in bed longer then I should have been, and rushed out to get dressed. School, although a boarding school, a person may forget that at times when hanging out with friends 24/7.

As I trudged, overwhelmingly towards my English class, I suddenly had this aura that something was not off today. But I tried to brush it off, the second it came. It was different, but I would try to let it not bother me today.

That didn't help very much, as I kept thinking about it.


So here I am, continuing on, tuning out the professor and Bella, half-ass'ing everything with little or no effort. Moments like these, are what made my parents unhappy about my marks, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth, disappointed when I had moments in which I wasn't really in the mood for anything.

Classes finished just as they came, with little or no focus from my part. I came back trudging into my room, in hopes of starting my homework, yet I didn't get very far. Bella was concerned during class and lunch, kept asking me questions.

"Edward, are you sure you're alright? You look a little concerned?" She kept repeating to me. I just didn't have the courage to tell her that I felt off, that something was wrong right at this moment, which I was returning to my old self, the time before I met her.

It would upset her that I was confused at the moment. I didn't want myself to affect her in that way. It wasn't right for her to go through this with me.

I didn't know what was wrong with me. Here I was, sitting on my bed, just as this morning, waiting. Waiting for something to happen, and it will. And when it does, I feel the fire within me burst again, there would be no stopping me.

Maybe I was truly becoming delusional as my doctor said.

I silently turned my head to the side, examining my room. There were no pictures of my parents up, however loving they were. When was the last time that I've called them?

I couldn't remember, and for that, I was scared.

"Knock, Knock." Bella sauntered in, with a look of determination in her eyes. Something was bothering her. I was that much perceptive to tell.

"Hey" I greeted, fake-smiled.

"I know something's bothering you Edward, and although I know you don't have to tell me, I'd like you to know that you have the choice that you can tell me anything" She said confidently, while sitting down on the bed, looking at me.

"Nothing's wrong" Yes there is something wrong, I just don't know what it is. My jaw straightened, I detested when people asked me to tell them how I felt. If I wanted that, I'd go sit on a chair and pour my feelings out to a psychiatrist.

"Edward, stop lying to me! I know something's wrong! You don't have to tell me, but please, don't lie to me, I hate liars." She stood up, tears abruptly starting. I was hurting her, by referring to my old ways, its hurting her to see me like this.

I'm a selfish bastard. I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want her to be affect by this. But by not telling her, I was upsetting her either way.

I jumped up, walked to Bella, putting my arms around her. "I'm sorry Bella, I really am."

She continued to cry on my chest; I must have hit a sour spot in her past, to think of it, she never told me anything about her past. I smoothed out her hair, all the while, humming softly.

When her tears subsided, I brought her over the bed, looking her straight in the eye, "Bella, I'm sorry I made you cry, it's just I need to figure this… thing out on my own. I promise I won't ever lie to you again." I controlled my feelings for her at the moment.

"I'm sorry Edward, I'm being an idiot aren't I?" she laughed, and wiped her tears away.

"No you aren't, it's perfectly reasonable for you to be upset, I shied away from you, and then told you nothing was wrong. Heck I'd throw a lamp at myself if I were you!" I laughed, hoping to see Bella happy.

She giggled. The cutest sound I've ever heard in my pathetic existence.

"So… If you're up to something other then moping around, do you want to do homework together?" she averted her eyes from me. What was that?

"Sure, then we can watch a movie if you want." I smiled; she was a quick escape to my distress at the moment.

"Okay" She lightened up.

So there we were; discussing things while effortlessly doing our homework. I was happy; all the sudden dread earlier was washed away. If I possibly took the time to talk to Bella during English, like really talk to her, it would have gone away.

I was weak without her. I took that for granted at the beginning.

She was my kryptonite.

However, the feeling still lingered for a bit. As much as Bella dulls it, I still feel it when I'm not listening or talking to Bella. God I'm hooked.

"It's the fortunate one who dies…"

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