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At the moment this is just a little stand-alone scene I would have liked to seen toward the end of 'Twilight'; I wanted it to be more funnier but I'm a slave to the dramatics, though it is indeed much lighter than what I usually write.

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The bulky cast had been a slight nuisance this morning when she attempted climb out of bed, it had caused more than one complication when she tried to bathe and get ready; and it surely didn't help with her trip down the staircase.

But none of those things compared to her humiliation when Charlie walked awkwardly behind her, herding her toward the police cruiser and not her rusted chevy.

"Dad," she instantly whined, the horror on her face almost comical.

For his part, Charlie swan just shrugged and opened the passenger door, taking her book bag at the same time. "I have to go straight to work afterwards Bells," he explained, tossing the bag over on his side for the time being.

Bella Swan groaned and threw one last look at her over-sized truck and set her face into a scowl, not even attempting to hide her displeasure. "Fine - but next time I'm getting Jessica to pick me," she muttered, letting her father help her into the vehicle.

She could hear her father grumbling on his way around the car, muttering something about Edward never allowing that and Bella's scowl deepened some. Her father must have had some inkling that she had heard him cause he sighed while sliding behind the wheel.

"Where is Edward this morning?" he asked gruffly, not looking at her while he seemed way too interested in back the car down the driveway and maneuvering it into the road.

"Camping," she answered without missing a beat, the lie flowing easily off of her lips now of days. "They left yesterday morning."

"I thought I missed seeing him last night," Charlie mused, a slight smirk on his face.

The look Bella threw his way made Charlie sober up quick. He hadn't been outright completely with his dislike of her boyfriend but the signs were there now, starting to grow. Her newly acquired curfew, limitations on visiting hours, and his newfound interest in her social life all lead to the same problematic conclusion : Chief Swan did not trust Edward Cullen.

"He's meeting me at school after lunch," Bella added cooly, hoping to hide her anxiety to this bit of news. She had almost given in to Edward when he offered to pick her up for school late, not wanting to miss the opportunity to spend some time together; they only had the one class together - plus lunch - till the end of the year and the separations were slowly driving both of them insane. Even though he picked her up every morning, met her after every class and was waiting outside of her last class everyday, the brief, almost stolen, moments never seemed to be enough. Plus she was almost positive that part of the reason he wanted to drive her was he was worried she would somehow get hurt if she left the house without him.

"Is that so?" Charlie answered, taking in his daughters statement. "I can turn on the sirens and get us there even faster," he added, reaching for the switch in the dash.

"Oh my god, dad! No!" Bella nearly shouted, the idea of riding in the police cruiser with the lights on instantly bringing her back down from her melancholy thoughts.

Charlie laughed some then, setting back in his seat. "So, why didn't Alice come and pick you up this morning?"

Bella smiled slightly then, rolling her eyes toward her father. It was obvious that he adored the smallest Cullen; she had instantly wrapped him around her tiny little pixie-finger with just a few words. Unlike Edward, Alice had even been invited to family dinners - not that this kept him from not showing up - and Charlie had even went as far as suggesting that Alice and Bella have a sleep-over sometime, though he clearly stressed it was to be at his home, not the Cullens.

This info too though, didn't stop Edward from crashing in her bedroom nearly every night.

"Alice went with them," she told her father. "It was a family weekend."

Begrudgingly, Charlie admitted, "that's nice. They do seem to do a lot together."

Bella just smiled once more before turning to the window, wondering idly why it was taking so long to get to school, but then she spied the speedometer and shook her head; it was scary how used she was becoming to the Cullens way of driving.

The silence lingered until they pulled into the school parking lot, Charlie pulling the cruiser right up the sidewalk, causing Bella to silent a groan. It was bad enough that Edward practically carried her from class to class - she didn't need her father making things worse.

As he was getting her crutches and bag from the back, he offered - alibi awkwardly - "do you need some help getting to class?"

"No!" Bella blushed almost instantly, realizing her exclamation got some attention from the few kids brave enough to wonder close to the police cruiser. Lower her voice and trying to contain the tone, she amended, "thanks, but no; I can manage it."

Charlie seemed to be questioning her statement and Bella flushed even more, remembering the large amount of 'accident's these past few weeks as she grew accustomed to the crutches.

"I'm getting better," she insisted, taking his hand as he helped her onto her feet. She even managed to hide her grimace when he handed the before-mentioned wooden tools to her. Sensing her father uneasiness Bella forced a smile while she slipped her book-back on her back. "Have a nice day at work."

That seemed to do the trick and Charlie, looking slightly relieved, nodded and told her same - though he of coursed changed work to school - and climbed back into the car, back out of the parking lot slowly.

Sighing deeply, Bella looked down at her over-sized, plastered leg and then scowled at the crutches. "Death traps," she muttered, attempting hesitantly to take a step forward, praying silently for that once it had stopped raining in Forks. She knew this very rare moment would never last very long and hobbled forward again, deciding she wanted to be nice and dry inside before the onslaught started.


Like the over-grown Labrador retriever he reminded her of, Mike Newton jogged her way, his face glowing as he grinned from ear to ear. "Where's Cullen?" he asked once he got within conversation range.

Knowing this was the motivation behind his smile, Bella forced one back, not wanting to be rude to her semi-friend. "He'll be here later," she said simply, taking a few more wobbly steps forward.

"Oh hey, let me get your bag for you," Mike offered suddenly, holding his hand out.

Weighing her chances on actually making it to class without busting her butt with the heavy backpack in place, Bella gave in and nodded, careful to pull the bag off her back and stay upright at the same time. Once her pack was in his hand they moved forward again, going agonizingly slow.

"Bella," another voice ringed out, the owner coming over, her over-the-top black curls piled high on her head.

"Hi Jessica," Bella managed to say as she tried - without succeeding - to miss a small puddle on the sidewalk that was still lingering from the early morning rain. Looking up from the ground for beat, she saw Angela Webber standing off to the side, smiling shyly.

"Hey Ang-" Bella's greeting ended in a squeal as she went sideways slightly, ungracefully landing on her backside in the murky grass.

"Ugh, Bella! Are you ok?" Jessica questioned, her eyes rising.

Looking around, Bella groaned unhappily. She could already feel the wetness seeping through her jeans. "I'm peachy thanks," she muttered darkly, ignoring Mike's outstretched hand at the moment, looking around for somewhere to wipe her muddy hands on.

"Bella, come on," Mike insisted, taking her wet fingers and attempting to help her up off the ground. The struggle was minimal but as soon as she was righted and Mike thought she had her footing he let go, and she instantly went backward again.

But this time her cry was cut short when a pair of cold arms reached out from behind, catching her under her own arms and keeping her from meeting the mud for a second time that morning. Tilting her head back, Bella looked up to see who her savior was and nearly moaned out loud.

"Nice job Bella - I didn't know the school had a acrobatic division."

"Ha ha, very funny Emmett," Bella muttered, staring up at his grinning face.

"I thought so," Emmett Cullen said, easily setting Bella back on her feet. She fumbled slightly from how fast he did this, causing his booming laugh to echo off the brick buildings nearby. Taking one of the crutches from Mike, who had clammed up as soon the others arrived, Bella carefully balanced herself on it before looking back up.

"Bella - your pants are ruined!" Alice Cullen cried suddenly, her eyes wide as she stood next to her burly brother. Glancing around, Bella took in that not only did Mike, Angela, Jessica, Emmett, and Alice witness her humiliation, so did Rosalie and Jasper Hale, who were standing off to the sides of their significant others. Her cheeks instantly flamed red and Bella could feel her frustration start to get the better of her when suddenly she felt serene and eerily calm.

She glanced out the corner of her eye at Jasper, who just smiled shyly.

"Maybe I can run home real quick and get you another pair," Alice told her, still upset over the condition of bella's pants, making her wonder just how big the grass and muck stain on her backside was.

"Where's Edward?" Bella simply asked instead, having already noticed his tousled, bronze hair and warm eyes were not among the Cullen clan.

"Office," Emmett tossed out while Alice added, when Bella's eyebrow went up, "something about his test scores."

"Which I'm sure he aced," Rosalie said in a clipped voice, the sarcasm still dripping from the icy words. She shot a almost hostile but mostly bored glance in Bella's direction before crossing her arms and turning to glance out over the football field.

Emmett, rolling his eyes, turned from his girlfriend and said to Bella, "you got a little..." He trailed off, motioning to her face.

Concerned, Bella's fingers flew up and she whined, feeling the sludge on her cheek and wiping it off. "Gross, gross, gross..."

Rosalie, not even trying to conceal her delight, smirked and Bella looked down. Alice though, just smiled with a roll of her eyes and said, "Emmett, Shall we?"

Before Bella could look back up to see what was coming, she was up in the air, being tossed over Emmett's broad shoulders like a sack of potatoes. "Put me down!" she cried out, trying to slide out of his grip but knowing that the maneuver was useless; besides, how was she going to land with only one good leg?

"Calm down, Bella," Emmett told her calmly. "It's obvious you can't walk on your own. Consider me your own personal taxi." The smile was evident in his voice as he turned to walk away with her in his gigantic arms.

"But-" Bella stopped and growled in frustration, watching as Alice grinned and took her backpack from a stunned Mike and Jasper grabbed both of her crutches, sending a nod to the human bystanders; Jessica and Angela both looked like they had seen a ghost. With a toss of her long golden locks, Rosalie turned up her nose and stalked off, leaving the others to follow suit.

"Great - this is not at all embarrassing," Bella tossed out to Emmett, crossing her arms like a surly 3 year old as she was carried down the sidewalk. She could just imagine what a great view she was giving everyone of her new grass-encrusted rear-end. Alice, who was skipping along behind them, reached up on her tiptoes and patted Bella's head, making Jasper shake his head.

"I will get you back for this," Bella threatened them. "When you least expect it...expect it."

"You do realize who you just said that, right?" Jasper asked suddenly, nodding his head toward Alice with a grin. Sulking, Bella just simply looked back down, glaring at Emmett's back.

"Don't be mad Bella. We couldn't let you carry all of the mud inside with you," Alice joked sweetly, causing Emmett to laugh again. The sensation sent Bella jiggling and she braced herself quickly by grabbing his shirt in a panic, which just caused oldest Cullen to laugh even more.

"I believe this is your stop," Emmett announced then.

Caught off guard, Bella cried out in shock as he swung her down off his shoulder and into another set of arms, these much more familiar. She quickly wrapped his arms around his neck though it was unnecessary - she knew he would never let her fall.

"Thank you," he called out to his older brother. With a half salute Emmett walked of, chasing after Rosalie. Alice came over and left a quick peck on bella's cheek before taking Jasper's hand and leading him off, leaving her backpack and crutches behind.

"Hey you..."

Bella couldn't keep a goofy grin off her face when she looked up into his golden eyes, instantly being 'dazzled' by Edward Cullens' un-imaginary perfection. "Hey yourself," she whispered back, not wanting to ruin the moment.

Edward leaned down and pulled her into his embrace, laying his forehead against hers, closing his eyes and sighing deeply. "I missed you," he told her then, a slow smile forming on his full lips.

"I missed you too," Bella answered, knowing she didn't really need to say it; she knew he could feel her heart racing from his reappearance, her breath catching from their closeness. She opened her eyes slowly after a few long moments. "You came back early?"

Leaning back some and gracing her with his lopsided smile, Edward offered, "what can I say? I had a big incentive to hurry." Reaching up and placing a loose strand of hair back behind her ear he let his finger trace down her cheek. The sensation sent a shiver down bella's back and she could feel her heart skip a beat when he gently tilted her chin up and placed his lips against hers, the chaste yet lingering kiss making her knee's weak.

Bella, slowly blowing out her breath after starting to breathe again, told him in a shaky voice, "I'm glad you did..."

Laughing softly, Edward leaned down once more and placed a kiss on her forehead, letting his own arm fall from her waist as he grabbed up her bag and crutches. "Come on," he offered then, situating all her weight into his arm as he pulled her. "Lets get you to class before you break your other leg."

"Very funny," Bella fake-pouted, but she eagerly leaned into his side, letting him lead her toward her first class of the day.

The End :)


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