Title : Brotherly Encounters

Author : Melissa (a.k.a. CherryWolf713, or, Lyssa)

Summary : With gym class canceled, Bella heads to the library, only to be put through an even more grueling excursion! Set half-way through 'Twilight', during the whole weird UST stuff during the movies in Biology. Part of the 'Taxi Service With A Smile' one-shot series.

Pairing : CC

Status : One-shot Complete / Series WIP

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Brotherly Encounters


The obvious tension lingering from the weird physical pull during the movie in biology was still curling in the air between us as Edward walked me toward the main building that housed the school offices, the gym, and the library. Reaching the door first, he held it open for me, allowing plenty of room for my body to slide past without actually encountering his.

It was a short trip to the main doors of the gym, my eyes sliding to his as he paused. Following his gaze, he seemed to be staring into space down the hallway, his eyes tightening slightly as he listened to something I couldn't hear. Feeling awkward, I looked toward the gym and paused myself, reading the note on the door canceling the days class, informing the students to head to the library for a free study period.

"Huh," I mumbled, slightly confused but none the less happy to be free of gym. Turning back to Edward, I smiled. "I guess I better go to the library then."

Edward though, just nodded mutely and turned in that direction, not waiting for me to follow. Curious about the look on his face, I quickly caught up with him, staying quiet for the short duration of the walk past the main offices. As we reached the library a scowl appeared on his face and his eyes narrowed even more.

"What's wrong?" I finally asked, not being able to hold out any longer. He was obviously not happy about something. He seemed to be debating something over in his head, his mouth opening once to say something before he thought better of it, just sighing instead.

Turning his eyes toward mine, Edward just smiled slightly, though his eyes still remained guarded. "I'll see you after class."

Confused, I nodded, mumbling a similar goodbye, noting how he glared through the window of the door before turning and purposely striding away. Shaking my head, I opened the door and numbly walked into the library, ignoring Mike's glance from across the room as I choose a table by myself off to the side. I slowly pulled my math book out of my bag, Edward's unhappy face still fore-front of my mind.

It wasn't until I heard the scrapping of a chair being pulled out that I realized someone had sat down across from me at my table. Sighing inwardly, I opened my mouth, intending to tell Mike I just really wanted some alone time when I looked up and froze.

There, sitting directly across from me in the small under-stocked library was Emmett Cullen.

Edward's vampire brother.

It took a moment, and Emmett's raised eyebrows, for me to realize I still had my mouth hanging open and I slammed it shut, instantly biting back my cry of surprise since I had bitten my tongue. Panic overtook my whole body and I knew he could hear my heart pounding a mile a minute since he just smirked, obviously amused by my flustering.

I counted to 60 in my head, waiting the full minute to see if he was going to say or do anything besides sit there and stare at me. When he still didn't make a move I swallowed, knowing I couldn't stand the silence - not to mention the staring - any longer.

"Hi," I muttered softly, looking down at my textbook to avert my eyes.


I paused, suddenly coming to the realization that I had never heard Emmett speak before. For that matter, I had never heard any of the other Cullens's speak, besides Carlisle at the hospital. It shouldn't have surprised me how much alike and yet different Edward's burly brother sounded. He had the same perfect pitch that Edward seemed to contain, their voices alluring and almost other-worldly. But where Edward was pure velvet, his voice seductive and soothing at the same time, Emmett's was deep and light in a way I couldn't explain nor really understand.

"So you're the girl Edward is willing to risk it all for?"

I froze once more, not liking where this conversation was going. Edward had told me more than once that he was breaking all the rules by spending time with me, that his very presence in my life was against his normal ways. I locked my eyes on the pages in front of me, my face flaming a bright red.

Emmett, though, didn't seem to notice my discomfort this time and continued. "Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against you personally. I just don't get it."

I felt the table shake as he shrugged his shoulders, seeming to be genuine in his confusion. I chanced a look up at his face and got snagged by his topaz eyes, starting to feel the familiar pull to be truthful and not hold back like I did when Edward turned the full use of his eyes on me.

"You and me both," I admitted, my voice demure.

Emmett smirked and raised his eyebrow yet again, a dimple forming in the corner of his animated face. Blushing yet again, I cleared my throat and looked away in embarrassment, only then noticing that our little gathering had caught more than a few people's attention. I could see Mike's mouth slightly hanging open as he took in all of Emmett and then myself, alone by ourselves at the small corner table.

I knew Edward's brother was still waiting for an explanation when I returned my eyes back to my math book, still having not actually read one word on the page yet. "Look," I said finally, my voice low and slightly shaky, "I get that you don't want me near Edward. You don't have to give me some warning or something."

"Who said I was giving you a 'warning'?" Emmett asked, laying an emphasis on the last word, making it sound ridiculous.

Surprised, I looked back up, for once feeling annoyed enough with this conversation to raise my voice slightly. "Then what is this?"

"I told you," he added with a smile, "I'm curious."

"Curious?" I repeated.

He nodded. "I don't get it. What's so special about you?" He shrugged once more, his voice openly friendly.

I blinked a few times, knowing he meant no harm in his comment but I couldn't stop the acid from forming in my voice completely when I tossed back at him, "Gee, should I be offended?" Deep down, I was silently agreeing with him but my stubborn streak refused to acknowledge that.

He openly grinned now, leaning back in his seat some and getting comfortable. "I don't know, should you?"

I could feel my anger starting to get the best of me as I got annoyed by his weird comments but I pushed it down, knowing it probably wouldn't be best to lash out at Edward's brother, and not just because I wasn't sure if his control was a stable as his brothers seemed to be.

"So, besides being curious, is there another meaning to this ambush?"

"I'm ambushing you? Cool," Emmett mused gleefully. "I'm sure Edward will wanna tear me a new one later for it, but oh well; he can try all he wants."

Before I could stop myself the words were flying out of my mouth, completely ignoring my earlier effort to not offend someone who could possibly fling me though the wall behind my chair. "I seriously doubt Edward has any trouble defending himself."

Suddenly Emmett pierced me with a deep stare, his voice quite serious. "But that's where you're wrong, Bella." He seemed to ponder his comment for a moment then added, off handily, "at least where it concerns you."

"What does that mean?" I questioned, not liking the tone in his voice.

Emmett was smiling again now. Instead of answering my question, he just told me, "you got quite a temper, don't you?" I scowled down at my hands, earning a laugh from him. "I think I'm starting to see why Edward likes you. Well, that plus the fact he can't read your mind. It drives him crazy, ya know?"

"Is that so?"

"Oh yeah. But he needs to be put in his place every now and then; too cocky."

I could feel a smile tugging at my lips but held firm, just tilting my head slightly. "I'm sure Edward doesn't like that opinion about himself."

Emmett rolled his eyes. "Of course not. But he knows it's true. Besides, it's not like he wouldn't know it even if I didn't say it. Not everyone can keep secrets from him."

My emotions felt like they were on a roller coaster during this weird little conversation, quickly going from nervous to offended to amused and then back again. "You think I'd keep secrets from him?"

"I'm not saying that," he corrected me easily. "I just get a kick out of the idea of someone finally being able to. He knows way too much for his own good."

I shook my head, even more confused now.

"I like you, Bella - you're feisty. You'll be good for Edward."

I was quickly pulled out of my confused thoughts by his words and looked back up, asking, "what has Edward told you about me?"

"What has Edward said about us?"

When we both just stared, not saying a word, Emmett suddenly cracked a huge smile. I couldn't deny mine this time and smiled back.

"Later," Emmett said suddenly with another grin and wink, getting up more gracefully than I would have imagined for someone his size. He waltzed out the library doors, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Still smiling, I bit my lip and looked downward, finally starting to pay attention to the book laying open in front of me.

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