Hello, everyone. This is Author Golden Lockhart here. I've been turned back onto the funny yet unfortunately underrated Tv series, NewsRadio. So one day, I am just sitting around. An idea then popped into my head: What if I were to make a story of quickies centered around the staff of WNYX? Well, I now have access to a computer to type on and I can upload them somewhere else so why not? What you are about to read is chapter after chapter of zany, random tales of what goes on around the office of WNYX. So sit back and relax as I bring you another presentation. Entitled:

Adventures At WNYX!

Just know that I do not own any of the characters in this feature except any original characters that comes out of my head. Now let's enjoy!


Matthew Brock sat at his desk with his arms wrapped around him, shivering. Lisa Miller, a co-worker of his, came up to him.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"I'm shivering." Matthew replied.

"Shivering?" Lisa asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Uh huh." Matthew replied. Dave Nelson came over.

"What's with him?" Dave asked.

"He's shivering." Lisa told him.

"What? It's nearly 100 degrees out there." Dave said.

"You guys should be shivering, too." Matthew said.

"Why?" Dave asked.

"Because this is cold opening." Matthew told then, deadpan. Dave and Lisa fell back into a chair, exasperated.


The familiar theme song then came on with the microphone in the background. The microphone fell over and someone picked it up and put it right side up again.


Episode 1: Bad Day or Is There a Doctor in the Station?!

"No there isn't a Doctor here." Dave said in response to the title. He and a few others were sitting in his office.

"Well, maybe one will show up later." Joe Garelli guessed.

"Well, what will we need one for?" Dave asked. They all glanced over at Matthew, who was playing a Game Boy.

"Nah. He won't get hurt." Dave said. More like hoped.

"Who's gonna have a bad day?" Evelyn McNeel asked. "Please call me 'Bill'."

"You are if you don't get out there! Got me on there by myself..." Catherine Duke said as she burst into the room. She saw Bill's real name and smirked. "Better yet, just take your time." Catherine ran out to the booth.

"She's going to announce your real name on the air." Dave said.

"No, she's not." Bill said. Dave turned on a radio on his desk.

"In the stock market today, there is an Evelyn chance that the Big Internet and Literature Library might make it. That's right and Evelyn though B.I.L.L will make it, there may be a chance that B.I.L.L will Evelyn have a new expansion to his-it's bottom floor." came Catherine's voice over the radio.

"Naw. She's just doing her job." Bill said, waving his hand dismissively. Dave raised his eyebrow.

"Hey, guys!" Jimmy James said cheerfully as he entered the office. Everyone get up and ran over to him.

"Mr. James!" they all shouted.

"Um...what the heck?" Mr. James asked.

"Hey, Mr. James." Beth said.

"Yeah, how you doing, man?" Joe asked.

"Mr. James, haven't I been I good little boy?" Matthew asked.

"What are you all doing? Get off!" Mr. James shouted and shook them off of him. They all landed in a random place: Matthew in a wastebasket, Joe under Dave's desk, Beth out the window and somehow, Dave in a Drawer.

"What was that about? Why are you all so dang excited in seeing me?" Mr. James asked.

"I don't know, now could someone help me out of this stupid drawer?!" came Dave's muffled voice.

The WNYX staffers sat at the meeting table. Dave came out of his office and sat down at the head of it.

"Before we go on to our business, I would like to ask a few questions about the title of this episode." Dave said.

"What are you doing?" Matthew asked incredulously.

"I'm just wondering-." Dave started.

"No. You can't do that!" Matthew said.

"W-why not?" Dave asked confused.

"You're smashing the heck of the fourth wall!" Matthew warned.

"Yeah. You're kinda reachin' out the screen there." Bill said.

"Guys. That's just an expression." Dave said. Crack! "What was that?"

"That was the fourth wall cracking. Who knows what will happen if the thing breaks down completely." Catherine said.

"Oh?" Dave said, a smirk forming.

"Dave! Don't!" Joe shouted.

"Hi, there! I'm Dave Nelson! I am very glad that we have viewers who enjoy our misadventures at WNYX." Dave said, facing the viewers/readers.

"Dave, stop." Bill warned.

"I am also glad that our show's had enough viewers to the point where there are now stories being written about us. Just like this one." Dave continued. CRACK! The noise came even louder.

"Dave!" Beth yelled. "You're having italics appear!"

"Beth!" Lisa shouted.

"And although I feel that our show should've went on for much longer, I am also thankful that we were able to do what we've done so far." Dave went on. Catherine smacked Bill.

"OW! What the heck was that for?" Bill whined. Everyone else smacked him. "Come on now! You act as if I have something to do with it when I don't. Whatsoever!"

"Anyway, had the show went on, here are some things that I think should have went on." Dave took out a list and began to read from it: "Dave takes all of the money from a crying Mr. James and becomes a millionaire. He gets married and have lots of children."

"Remember? That did happen." Catherine said. "It was a fantasy episode."

"Oh yeah." Dave remembered. He shrugged and continued to read from the list. "Dave goes berserk and kills everyone but Mr. James, to who he gives a list of demands to. Mr. James gives in and first plays ball with Dave. Then, they go fishing afterwhich, they-

"Wasn't that the fifth episode of season eight?" Lisa asked.

"Oh..." Dave said. "I wonder if they know the show is still going on but they just can't see it. We've had a lot things happen."

"Yeah, it's a shame viewers have to miss out on that. Like in the tenth season when I was tricked into eating a cactus and then vomited up needles and stuff." Bill reminisced. "Good times..."

"Um...Bill, Honey." Catherine started nervously. "Didn't you...um...pass on and get replaced in the fifth season?"

"What?" Bill asked, nearly laughing. "Passed on?! Replaced?1 That's absurd!"

"That question comes from the one who left in the fourth season." Joe muttered, glacing over to Catherine.

"And see? That's what put our show into trouble in the first place." Dave said.

"Wait. So, if I'm 'dead' and I was replaced then why am I still here and where is this 'replacement'?" Bill asked. Max Louis walked into the room.

"Sorry, I'm late. So did I miss anything?" Max asked as he took his seat.

"I won't miss having my foot going up your-" Bill started.

"See? Someone likes everyone to the point where it is possible that Bill and Max is in the same room." Dave explained.

"Don't forget I'm supposed to be 'gone'." Catherine snickered.

"That, too." Dave said. Apparently, everyone had forgotten that they were supposed to keep the fourth wall intact because pieces of it fell out of it.

"Ok, I think we need to stop now." Lisa said. Everyone was silent.

"...I also think that maybe if the producers had fought harder against our treatment from-" Dave went on.

"Dave!" Everyone shouted. Dave blushed and sat down. Mr. James came out.

"What's going on out here? I hear a lot of cracking noises-" he started to say but was suddenly rushed by the other staffers.

"Mr. James, I've drawn you a bath, sir." Matthew said and held up a drawing of a bathtub with bubbles coming from it.

"Hey, you seem hungry. Want my lunch?" Max asked as he held up a lunch bag.

"Mr. James, do you want my lunch? It won't give you a life threatening illness." Bill asked him.

"Hey, those shoes look dusty. Someone get my oil!" Joe said.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! Wait! Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hold it ! Hold it! Hold it! Just a minute! Just a minute! Just a minute!" Mr. James said, wanting to hurt whoever just had him say that.

"Yes? Yes? Yes?" asked the others.

"Look. Look. Look. Now. Now. Now..." Mr. James started before staring at the viewers/readers with an angry look. "Now...what is going on here? Why are you rushing me like that? Just before, you couldn't care less if I was alive or not? Now, what's going on?"

"Well...I'm not going to lie, sir." Dave started, "You've been seeming like you're down about something."

"Yes. Is something wrong?" Catherine asked.

"Yeah, you can tell us." Joe said. Everyone looked at Mr. James silently. Mr. James sighed and looked down.

"Well...If you really wanna know, I have been bothered about something." Mr. James said softly.

"What is it?" Lisa asked.

"Well...I don't know if I should tell you this. I am a little embarrassed." Mr. James said, smiling a little.

"Jimmy, we're your friends. Of course, you can tell us." Bill gently said. Mr. James moved over to a chair and sat down. Everyone watched as he pulled out a picture and looked longily at it.

"Who's that?" Matthew asked, very sincerely.

"This is-" Mr. James started to say but the commercial break started.


"Be sure to catch 'The Office' in it's new 2 hour format. Thursdays on NBC!" said an announcer.

"Tonight! Jay interviews the entire cast of 'The Office', who will perform skits in full wardrobe!" said another announcer.

"In theaters this spring! 'The Office' finally hits the big screen!" said another announcer.

"You're David Brent?" Michael asked him.

"And are you Michael Scott?" David asked.


Everyone stared water-eyed at Mr. James, who had tears on his face as well.

"Well...That's it." Mr. James said.

"Oh!" Beth wailed as she threw herself into his arm and started sobbing.

"Why...sir. I didn't know this at all. I-I'm really sorry to hear that." Dave said.

"Dave..." Mr. James said quietly.

"Yes?" Dave asked.

"Dave..." Mr. James said, holding up his arms for a hug.


"Dave!" Mr. James said loudly. Dave snapped out of his daydream with a start.

"Wha-" Dave stammered.

"What was that cracking noise? Is Joe screwing up again?" Mr. James asked.

"Oh...that's the fourth wall, sir." Dave answered.

"Oh...what?" Mr. James said confused.

"Just don't talk to the readers." Matthew said.

"Matthew!" Lisa hissed.

"Hey, out there. This is Jimmy James, station owner of WNYX." Mr. James said to the readers/viewers. "If you ever want to listen to a station with all talk and no play, turn to WNYX on your radio dail." Mr. James flashed a smile and pointed at the screen with both fingers. Everyone waited for the crack but nothing happened. "What are you talking about, Dave? That fourth wall stuff is nothing but an expression, anyway." Mr. James said and walked away.

"Oh well. I guess we were just hearing things." Dave said.

"But I heard a-" Max started.

"We were just hearing things, Max!" Bill said forcefully. Max shrank back.

"Well, it looks like this thing is almost over." Catherine said.

"But we still haven't found out what the title means." Matthew said.

"Matthew!" everyone shouted.

"But who's going to have a bad day and a doctor?" Matthew asked. SMASH!! The loud noise shook the room as the fourth wall gave in and broke. Suddenly, the office was filled with fans who had came in through the wall. the screaming fans then filed out, leaving the staff members lying on the floor, some knocked out.

"Oh...now where is the doctor?" Matthew moaned.

"Hello. I'm the Doctor." said a man in a black coat. "Has anyone seen my TARDIS?"

"Ohhhh..." moaned the conscience people.

"Hey, get up! I don't pay you people to sleep!" Mr. James said.


Well, there you are. One more story to add to the NewsRadio section. I hope you have enjoyed this and I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think of it. 'Till the next!