"Unexpected loss"

I don't own any GH characters. Set during B&W ball, Tracy's back injury leads into discovery of another problem.

Sitting at Luke's bedside, Tracy arched her back and stretched. She swore having Spencers in her family was giving her a ulcer. Not to mention her back was killing her.

"Luke's tests are normal…" Dr. Julian looked closely at Tracy. "Mrs. Spencer, are you all right?"

"My back hurts from the fall tonight. I'm having some pain in my stomach. Probably an ulcer." Tracy brushed it off.

"Let me get someone to examine you." Dr. Julian said

"I'm fine. Just has been a stressful night."

"Your family are on the hospital board and they seem like the type to sue." Dr. Julian said.

Tracy chuckled. "They are."

"Come into clinic downstairs and let someone examine you."

Tracy woke up Luke. "Honey, I'm going downstairs. Lucky is in the hallway so I'm going to send him in."

"Sick of me already?"

"No, of course not. I just need to run down and get my back check out. I'll be right back." Tracy kissed Luke.

"Bring real food."

"When was your last period?" the annoyingly young intern asked Tracy.

"Well…" Tracy tried to think "It has been a while."

"Mmmm…" The intern thought. "I think we should do an ultrasound."


"So your name's Quartermaine. Any relation to the Quartermaine scholarship?"

Tracy shifted uncomfortably. "My brother Alan set that up in honor of his daughter, Emily. Look, could you just do the test so I can get back to my husband?"

"Sorry. Is any chance you might be pregnant?"

"What? No…."

The intern smiled. " We hear that a lot. I'm seeing six week old fetus."

"What?!" Tracy sat up and knocked the wand off.

"I take this is a surprise."

"Oh, yeah." Tracy chuckled humorlessly.

"Let me check the heartbeat." The intern frowned. "Let me call Dr. Meadows."

"There's no heartbeat, is there?" Tracy said, numbly.

"Just let me get Dr. Meadows. But there's no heartbeat."

Tracy nodded.

"Hey, Tracy. Rough night?" Dr. Meadows greeted her paitent.


"I need to do a D & C to make sure the miscarriage was complete. Do you want to call anyone?"

"Yes. I need to talk to Luke first. How do I call in the hospital?"

Dr. Meadows handed Tracy the phone. "I'll arranged for you to be transfer to ob. "

Tracy nodded, dialing her husband's room number.

"Hello." Luke said.

"Luke. I'm going…they need more tests. I don't know when I'll be back so ask Lulu or Lucky to stay with you, okay, sweetheart?"

"Sure. Spankybuns, is there anything wrong?" Luke asked.

"Yeah. I will explain later." Tracy hung up the phone.

Dr. Meadows nodded. "Ready to go?"


Tracy laid in the bed for three hours after the procedure. She wanted to curled up in bed and cry but somehow she didn't have any tears. She just felt numb.

"Tracy, I just need to do a final check and then you need to go home and rest." Dr. Meadows said.

"I need to get back to my husband. He must be wondering where I am."

Dr. Meadows raised her eyebrows.

"Well, take it easy and please consider going home and resting."

Tracy nodded.

Tracy finished getting dressed and washed her face. She walked into Luke's room and crawled into his hospital bed.

"Spankybuns, you were gone for a while. Did you get lost?"

Tracy smiled sadly. "Luke, something happened."

"What is it?"

"Honey, I had a backache, remember? When they checked me out, they thought I was getting an ulcer. But the ultrasound showed a six weeks fetus,"

"A baby? We're having a baby?" Luke started to smile.

Tears started to show in Tracy's eyes. "No, I-the baby isn't going to happen. I lost it."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

Tracy nodded. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting it. I didn't plan it and truth be told, I'm kinda relieved that I miscarried."

"O.k. I'm tired.

"Me, too." Tracy closed her eyes and snuggled into her husband's arms.