Title: After Life

Summary: Aro kidnapped Bella and changed her, growing impatient with Edward. Edward tried to rescue her, but couldn't. So now Bella's in Russia, with Demetri, and the snow.

The chapters will alternate. Every odd numbered chapter is in Bella's POV every even numbered chapter is in Edward's POV. Enjoy.

Chapter One: Sing

It's snowing.

That was my only thought as I looked out of my window with lifeless eyes. I touched my hand to the glass, but the cold did not seep into me. It never did. I was colder than the snow.

People said the snow was beautiful. People said the snow was innocent and pure.

But then those same people cursed it as they shoveled their driveways and as they learned of family members killed in accidents in the now crimson snow.

People said I was beautiful. People said I looked like an angel.

Those same people often died at my hands. Those same people screamed their last frosty breaths as I took their life to sustain my own. To the ones who saw me after, I was an angel of death.

I noticed a figure clad in a gray cloak come through the building snow. I inwardly smirked. Gray was for the shadows. For fear. For stealth. In this winter land it only stuck out. White was the color of choice here. White for goodness, purity, innocence.

The figure was followed by a smaller one. This one was hunched over, trembling from the cold. I could see this from my room in the building, three floors up.

Demetri was soon at my door. He smiled at me, and I stared blankly back at him. Of course I did. I did not show my emotions. Why would I? Emotions are such frivolous things.

A young girl followed Demetri into the room. She was frightened, and she was cold. She looked at me with fearful eyes.

"Here is your dinner, Isabella." He said in his silky voice.

I did not acknowledge that he had even spoken.

"Isabella, really. It's been two years now. Surely by now you must realize that he isn't coming to get you? That he has moved on? You are a Volturri now, my dear. He is bellow you anyway. Forget him." It was an order. My dead heart ached numbly at this mention of the one I had sworn to forget.

By his tone I knew he wanted a reply.

"Of course, Demetri." I said, my voice a soft, melodic whisper. The girl looked up in sudden wonder.

"Aro wonders when you'll be back." Demetri said, casually, as if he had not asked me that question every day, for two years.

"Tell him I'll be back soon." I said. The girl, my dinner, inched closer to my voice.

Demetri sighed at my answer. The same answer to the same question, for two years.

"I'll go then." He said. And he left me, alone with my dinner. I looked at her, and she took a step back.

I smiled, like an angel. She just watched me.

I took a breath and began to sing to a tune I once associated with sleep, and love, and him. The tune may have been his, but the words of death were mine alone.

"My lovely one, you are safe here. Come to me, I will give you everything. Never fear me, for I am true. Come to me, young one. Come to me." She stepped forward, as they all did. She hugged my tightly as my song ended. I bit her neck swiftly.

She screamed. And then she was just dust on my floor. I wiped my mouth and looked at my window again.

I was focused on my reflection. Pale skin, a perfect face. Big, red eyes. A perfect, full, bloody mouth. I looked like an angel, yet I was a demon.

I looked out again, and noticed a figure. It was not Demetri, for this visitor wore no cloak of gray. He wore a white coat, trimmed with fur. I could barley see his face, for the snow was falling again. It was Russia, the snow always fell.

"Sing again, my angel of death." I heard the man say. The wind and my hearing brought me his words. I smiled sadly at him. Stupid human fool. He would be breakfast tomorrow, if he wasn't careful.

But then he was a white wolf, as big as a house. He looked up at me, and howled a wof song.

I closed my eyes slowly as the pain laced through me. It was his song. It was him. It was the memories he dredged up. From places that I had locked up tight. I had thought the memories were going to stay buried, but his howling song, so full of want, so full of longing, pulled my buried memories up. And they ripped my dead heart to shreds.

I heard answering howls in the distance. Again, my heart shattered at the memories.

Wolves. Giant wolves with soft fur and a warm, earthy smell. Friends. Love.

I had thought the forbidden word. And now I was going to pay, with pain.

Love. Edward Cullen. Jacob Black. Charlie, Renee, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet. Edward. Jacob. Edward, Jacob, Edward, Jacob. EdwardJacobEdwardJacobEdwardJacobEdwardJacob…

Finally, I screamed. I had not thought of their names for two years, had not thought of the loved ones I had been forced to leave being when Aro had changed me. When Aro had killed me.

The pain was too much. I continued to scream. The wolves had stopped howling, and still I screamed. I heard my window shatter. I heard the frozen winds blast around my little room. But I could nothing except scream.

"Isabella! Isabella! Bella! Bella!" Demetri cried. I looked up. At first, I say a boy, about sixteen, with russet brown skin and long black hair. But he changed as I blinked. Into another boy. One with perfect white skin, golden eyes, and wild bronze hair. But then it was Demetri.

He crouched beside me. I realized I had stopped screaming.

"Bella, we're going back to Italy. Aro needs to see you." Demetri said softly. I nodded.

"Isabella." I said weakly as I stood and followed Demetri out of the cold room, and into the cold blizzard.

Four hours later, we were in Italy.

I was in Aro's private office. A place usually reserved only for Aro himself.

Aro was sitting at his desk, and I was sitting in a leather chair in front of him.

"Isabella, we have only begun to understand your powers, because you have refused t leave Russia for two years." He said. I looked up from my survey of the floor, and stared at him with a blank face.

"I liked Russia. I liked the snow." That was the first time Aro had heard me speak. He was silent for a moment, shi eyes holding a small bit of amazment at my voice.

"Demetri tells me you sing to your victums." Aro said softly. I nodded.

"Can you sing for me?" He asked, still quiet.

I shook my head.

"Why not?" He asked, indignant now. I shrugged. He snarled. I sighed.

"Fine. But don't blame me for what happens." I said. Truly, I didn't know what could happen. Demetri was the only one who had heard m sing. Well, the only alive one. If you could call oen who never dies alive.

"Come to me my darling. I am your angel. I shall protect you. I will be true. Come to me, sweet child. Come to me." I sang. It was different than my other one, I knew. I changed the words evertime. Really, it didn't matter. The words were unimportant. My voice was the only thing that mattered.

Aro looked as if he was trying to control himself. Finally, he shook his head.

"What a lovely voice, Isabella." He said.

I scowled, the expression maring my features. "It is a siren song. A siren voice." I said with hatred and loathing, even though I was discussing my own voice.

Aro smiled. "Yes. But that is what makes it so beautiful." He said. I closed my eyes.

"Death is not beauty. Death does not bring happiness. Death is ugly. Death is horrible." I whispered.

Aro laughed an empty laugh. "We are death." He said.

I nodded, my eyes still closed. "I know. And I hate it."

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