Title: Dopo Vita After Life

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Chapter Thirteen: Tears

I felt Demetri's back pressed against my own as my attacker fell. I smiled in my mind. It was good to feel him there. He had not lied. He had promised to stay by me, and he was true to his word.

I saw Edward and the rest of his family. None of them were dead.

A girl came at me.

"You evil creature you! Aro is our master, and you go against him! You shall die!" She hissed.

I sighed as I grabbed her by her throat.

"No. I'm not going to die…at least not by your hand. Aro is not my master. I have no master." I killed her then, marveling at how easily her head fell from her body. I knew that if the dead weren't burned, then they would regenerate. But it would take them hours, if not days.

"Isabella, watch out!" Demetri shouted as three male vampires came at me. I was prepared to defend myself, when they were suddenly gone, lying on the floor, their heads out of sight.

Demetri was standing in front of me, his chest heaving, even though he didn't have to breathe at all.

He gently cupped my cheek.

"Be more careful Isabella. So many people are counting on you to live…" He murmured. Then, suddenly, a hand came through his chest, almost severing his body.

My black eyes widened as my friend fell to the ground.

In seconds, I had killed his attacker, and I was kneeling next to him, holding him to me.

"Demetri! Oh Demetri, don't die." I whispered thickly. I felt as if I would start crying…but I couldn't cry…

"Oh Isabella. Mia bella angelo. I love you, never forget that." He whispered.

My eyes pricked, and I was shocked. I was a vampire…I couldn't cry…and yet, tears were threatening to fall…

"Oh Demetri…don't talk like that, please. You're going to make it…" I whispered, knowing I was telling him a lie he wouldn't believe.

He smiled fondly, his eyes already starting to dull. "You lie, Isabella. I'm going to die…but will you grant me one last favor before I go?" He whispered. I nodded quickly.

"Anything, Demetri, anything." I whispered.

He smiled, and then he leaned up, closing the tiny gap between our faces, and kissed me softly. It was the only kiss we ever shared…and the only one we ever would.

"Be happy, Bella." He whispered against my lips before he went still. I closed my eyes and gently placed him on the floor.

And, against all odds, cold tears flowed swiftly down my face.

I put my head on his chest, and I screamed.

I screamed out my pain. I screamed out my fury. I screamed out everything inside of me.

I didn't stop screaming until my voice stopped working. I was still leaning on Demetri, but my tears had stopped flowing. I became aware of my surroundings, and I realized that fighting was still going on.

Needless fighting. Needless deaths, like Demetri's.

I stood up, and looked around. It was seven against twenty three, I saw. All the Cullens were still alive.

"Stop." I sang. I was worried that my throat was too raw for my siren song to work, but it did. Every vampire in the room stopped moving.

"Volturri, those who kill without need. Leave this room, or die for your evil deeds. Stay away, from me and mine. Stay away and you'll be fine." A very crappy song, but it worked. Soon, all the living Volturri were gone.

I looked upon the dead. I recognized Felix and Heidi. I smiled cruelly.

"All those Volturri who died today…burn away." I sang, altogether unsure of it would work. But the bodies started to smoke, and soon the vile purple smoke filled the room.

I looked toward Demetri's corpse, and saw it wasn't burning. Of course not…he hadn't been a Volturri when he was fighting. He had just been Demetri.

I spared one long glance at the Cullens, who were still frozen in place, watching the bodies burn.

I walked back over to Demetri.

I knelt down again, and I placed my hand on his chest.

"You know…I loved you. Not as much as you wanted…but I still loved you. You were like a savior to me. You helped me through it. And…I want to say thank you for that. I will never forget you, Demetri." I whispered softly.

"Go to heaven, love. Go to heaven, for there you belong. Leave no regrets behind you. I love you. Go on, to heaven." I sang softly. I felt a few more tears fall down my face. They hit his dead chest.

Then, something amazing happened. I had expected to have to burn Demetri's body, but it was starting to glow under my hand.

He started to crumble into dust. His face, his hair, his whole body, and even his clothes. Soon, the only thing left was a small pile of golden dust. And a silver locket. A heart shaped locket, with my name on it.

I picked it up slowly, careful not to disturb much of the lovely dust.

I looked at the front. Isabella was engraved into the front of it. I turned it over.

On the back, was another engraving. In small, neat letters that only a vampire could read, it said;

Isabella. Oh how I love you. I want you to have this. I want you to wear it everyday so that the world knows I love you, and you me. I love you, Isabella Marie Swan. Always and forever yours, Demetri.

Another improbable tear slid down my cheek. I gently opened the locket, and found a picture of Demetri on one side, and a picture of me on the other. I gently closed it again, and put it on, knowing I would never take it off.

I looked at the small pile of golden dust again.

"Oh Demetri…" I murmured. Suddenly, I felt a stone hand on my shoulder.

I turned and was met by Esme's loving gaze. I had expected Edward. No, he was against one wall, looking away from me.

"We have to leave. They are coming." Esme whispered. I nodded sadly.

"Yes, go." I said. I felt the tiny remainder of my heart shatter. They were all I had left now, and they were leaving me.

"I mean you too." She whispered.

"How? How can you accept me?" I whispered softly.

Suddenly, I was surrounded my the Cullens. Edward was there, at the back.

"You are part of our family, Bella. Whether you like it or not." Alice said. I looked at Jasper, who had one arm around Alice's small shoulders.

"Yeah. I'm not going to leave my sister behind." Rosalie said, smiling softly when I turned my astonished eyes to her. She was the last one I would have thought to speak.

"Yes. You are a Cullen, even if not by name. So come on, we all have to leave now." Carlisle said. I nodded, my tears—really I didn't know how I still had any to cry—welled up in my eyes again.

"Okay." I whispered. I looked again to Edward, but he avoided my gaze.

"Um…Bella, you have to tell us the way out." Emmet said sheepishly. I nodded and turned away from them, toward the door. I took off, and they all followed close behind me. We ran through the halls as fast as we could. And soon we were out of the castle, out of the city, and out of immediate danger.

I looked back in the general direction of my old home. And then I looked back at my new family. I didn't know where we were going. All I knew was that I wouldn't be the same Bella they remembered. I couldn't be…not anymore.

"Come on Bella. We have to get on the plane." Alice said as she guided me onto the plane. I nodded and let myself be led.

"Where are we going?" I whispered as I sat down in between Esme and Carlisle.

"We're going to Australia." Carlisle murmured. I nodded. I wasn't paying attention though as he continued to talk. I was starring at the shock of bronze hair sitting in front of me.

'You must hate me now Edward. I don't blame you. But…I still love you.' I thought, even though I knew he couldn't hear it. I sighed as the plane took off.

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