When they got back to Olivia's apartment, Alex sat on the couch and laid her head back, "Do you feel like watching a movie or do you want to go to bed?"

"A movie sounds good," Olivia smiled and went to the DVD player. She popped in a movie and sat next to Alex.

The movie was playing on the TV, but neither woman was watching. They were both contemplating their next move and exactly how close they were to each other.

Alex carefully laid her head on Olivia's shoulder and was rewarded by Olivia's arm around sliding across her back to hold her there. She smiled and was finally comfortable.

Olivia absentmindedly started stroking Alex's side with her thumb. The small action caused Alex's breath to hitch and quicken. Olivia hadn't really noticed.

Alex tried to focus on the movie and finally realized what they were watching. She started laughing.

"What?" Olivia asked, looking down at her.

Alex smiled and pulled away a little to look at Olivia's face, "You watch cop movies?"

"Dirty Harry is a classic," Olivia smirked, "And you can't tell me you don't own any lawyer movies."

"I never said I didn't," Alex replied with a flirtatious smile.

"I bet you have Legally Blonde," Olivia raised an eyebrow.

Alex giggled, "One and Two."

Olivia laughed.

Alex laid her head back on Olivia's shoulder, "Thanks again for tonight."

"It was no problem," Olivia added.

As the end credits rolled, Alex yawned.

"You should go to bed," Olivia rubbed Alex's back.

"You're on my bed," Alex replied.

Olivia shook her head, "You're not sleeping on the couch. You're sleeping on my bed. I'm sleeping on the couch."

Alex sat up and looked at Olivia, "I'm not going to displace you."

"I'm not being displaced," Olivia smiled.

"You're damn right cause you're sleeping in your bed and I'm sleeping on the couch," Alex retorted.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "Do I have to carry you to the bed?"

Alex raised an eyebrow and smirked, "I don't think you can."

Olivia took that as a direct challenge and swiftly scooped Alex up, cradling her and walking off toward the bedroom.

The blonde smiled as Olivia set her on the bed and stood next to her. "Good night."

Alex slid off of the bed before Olivia got to the door, "Liv, wait."

Just as Olivia turned around, she found Alex's lips pressed against her own.

Every kiss before this
Was nothing but a waste of breath
And every I love you was just a whoop-de-doo
Never knew what I missed before this

Alex hands rested on Olivia's hips, her thumbs stroking the small amount of exposed skin from the detective's shirt riding up.

And every love song before you came along
Was always about someone else
Oh, and every star was just a wish too far
Always a realist, yeah, before this

Olivia was taken by surprised, but soon realized what was going on. One of her hands found it's way into Alex's hair while they other caressed the soft skin of Alex's neck.

And the way things go, you never know
Where love will lead you to
And everything we've ever dreamed
Lies before me and you

People say, it's not everyday
That you find the perfect fit
But when I fell for you, I found the other shoe
Cupid was a myth before this

Alex could feel herself falling and she wasn't about to fight it. How could she not have seen Olivia right in front of her all this time? Her heart raced and butterflies materialized in her stomach. She was in love with Olivia Benson. Alex had never been one to fall hard and fast, but here she was falling hard and fast. Had Charlie not been in her life this probably would have happened a lot sooner, but she was just happy that she had Olivia now.

Alex's tongue ran across Olivia's lips begging for entrance. Olivia was more than willing to allow it and relished in the feeling of Alex's tongue in her mouth. Olivia was completely lost in the kiss. No one had ever kissed her with such passion before.

The ADA slid her arms all the way around Olivia's waist, pulling their bodies flush together. The contact was electrifying. They both felt their bodies heat up at the full contact.

The pace of the kiss slow and they both pulled away at the same time, both smiling from ear to ear. This was definitely the start of something beautiful.