Full Summary:
This is a Little House on the Prairie fanfic. It will have some mild language in it. New Characters to be in Walnut Grove.

Aiyana & Ariella Arrive:

The sound of horses could be heard from 4 miles away. Nobody understood why they could hear horse hooves when they could not see them. By mid-afternoon, we were in Walnut Grove. Ariella looked at me and I looked at her, a small town and no stables to put the horses. We needed supplies for building our house, the corral where the horses would be, the fence to go around our property, the stables to house the horses during the night & winter, and the barn that would hold the hay, our tools, wagon, horse harnesses, firewood, and us while we built the house. We stopped at the Mercantile and went inside. The horses stood in the streets of Walnut Grove & everyone was looking at them. I looked at Ariella.