It started out as any other day. I was part of the Rangers Team. No friends were. But when I was told to bring my gun to school for protection, I was sent to the principal's office.

I had walked into the cafeteria for lunch. I had made friends really quick & everyone was interested in me. During that lunch, no one knew (neither did I), that my dad was coming to get me. It was the middle of 3rd lunch when shots rang through the school. I had on my badge & gun under my jacket.

Sydney, Gage, Carlos, Trent (my dad), Walker, & Trent were there w/in minutes. I took my jacket off & went to where everyone was standing. Then my dad turned to me.

"Get on the megaphone & tell everyone to go up to the field," my dad told me.

"Yes, sir," I replied. I got on the table and everyone was on the ground.

"I need everyone to get up off the ground & make your way carefully to the baseball field."

They did & the whole school was on the field w/in minutes.

"Oh, no," I said. A man was running onto the field.

"Oh well, time to show them what I've been hiding from them." I was in the 8th grade the National Junior High & I was getting good grades. As I ran, them man went to the track. I caught up with him. His other men were already in cuffs. As I saw his face, I said 'You.' We stated to fight & everyone watched. He punched & missed. He caught my foot in midair & I kicked him with my other foot. I made him fall. I put my legs around his neck & pulled on his arm. He bit me & I let go. I yelled out a name & became a Saber-Tooth Tiger. I ran after him again. I lunged & got him around the neck. I let go & morphed back to human. I took my over-shirt off & tied it around my waist. Then I took out my gun & shot him in the leg. I then cuffed him & gave him to a police officer. I untied my shirt & let my scar show on purpose.

I was wearing a belly shirt, so my scar was visible. I walked down to where the Rangers were. Everyone was able to go back to class. My things were in the P.E. room, since that was where my next class was. The rest of the Rangers left & I went to P.E. I gave my gun to my dad & kept my badge. I went into the locker room & undid my lock & took my shirt off. Some of my friends came up to me.

"Where did you get that scar?" Maria Santos asked.

"I've been a Texas Ranger since I was 8-years-old. I got that scar last year during a surf contest; I was bit by a shark. My friend saved me & blew the shark up with a grenade. And I can morph." At that I turned into a dog. It was a Friday & we were going to run the mile. I didn't tell them that I gave the man who made me get this scar the Electric Chair. Mrs. Grains came in & told me & everyone else to hurry up. I changed into my karate uniform. Trent & I were going to teach them self-defense. I went out w/everyone else, but didn't get into my group. I went up to the auxiliary gym. I told Mrs. & Mr. Grains to bring there class up there & they said okay.

After they did their exercises, they came in. we needed more Rangers.