Audrey & Walter insist the family go on a primitive camping trip. Little did Drake and Josh know that they would have a lot of problems headed their way.

Audrey, Walter, Megan, and Josh were downstairs in front of the door waiting for Drake to come down.

Megan called for her brother in impatience. "Drake, Hurry up you big boob!"

"I'm coming!" he hollered back.

Then the tall seventeen year old came stumbling down the stairs and bumped into his younger sister.

"Wow, you're getting clumsier by the day," Megan said.

Drake jostled his way through the family blocking the door. "I need to get this suitcase in the car," he told them.

The two parents, Megan, and Josh followed him carrying their suitcases on the way out.

"Ok, no one needs to use the bathroom right?" Audrey asked.

Everyone shook their heads and they got in the car and drove off.

Now they were sitting in the car driving on the Pacific Coast Highway up north.

"Walter, this is exit five, we get off here," his wife informed him.

Meanwhile, while Audrey was giving directions to her husband, Josh and Megan were arguing and of course,b as always, Megan was right.

"Sharks are not fish, they're mammals."

"What are you talking about? Sharks are fish! They lay eggs and some give birth too."

Then Drake interrupted in annoyance, "Who cares!" The two feuding siblings stared at him.

"What's gotten in your head?" Megan asked him, "Did you break up with another girl?"

"Yeah, Nicky left me for that stupid Mitchell!" Drake was obviously very aggravated.

"When are you going to realize that dating too many girls is going to be bad for you? Like you said, girls are like candy. And, if you eat too much of it, you'll get sick." Josh explained to his brother.

"Girls never make me sick," Drake told him. "I just hate it when they break up with me. Usually that's my job."

Josh lifted his eyebrow. "Maybe this camping trip will get her off of your mind."

"No way. I hate camping. Especially primi... primitative…"

"Primitive!" Josh corrected him.

"Whatever, you know what I mean. And Megan better not ruin it even more because if she does I will make sure to get revenge." Drake warned.

"What, you couldn't blame me, you were just so vulnerable last time, plus it's not like you're smart enough to get revenge on the prankster queen," Megan defended herself.

Drake stuck his tongue out her. From the front, Audrey told the kids, "Oh boys, that's enough. Leave the arguing till later, when I'm not around."

Walter informed everyone, "We're here." Then Drake read the state park sign aloud, "Welcome to Southern California Sequoia National Park"

Walter parked the car at the campsite beside the creek and opened the doors of the car.

Megan got out before her brothers pushing them aside and grabbed the tent sets from the open trunk.

"Megan will you clear out the trunk while your father and I get the barbeque going? Boys, please pitch the tents." Audrey instructed.

While Drake and Josh were struggling with setting up the tents, Megan was watching and laughing to herself.

"Megan, will you please help us?" Josh asked. So Megan went over and in less than two minutes, she had fully set up both tents.

"How'd you learn to set up tents so fast?" Drake wondered.

"I used to be a Campfire Kid, remember?" Megan answered, "Now, help me get these three sleeping bags in mom and dad's tent."

"May I interrupt?" said Audrey, "Walter and I want to spend some quality alone time, so you three are going to share a tent. Megan, move your sleeping bag into the other tent"

"WHAT!" Drake and Josh yelled in unison.

"You can't possibly make me sleep with them. I get disgusted when I've had to hug them." Megan argued.

"No buts, you're going to share a tent. Maybe you'll learn to get along," Audrey explained to them in a stern voice. Then she walked back to organize the kitchen utensils.

"I can't believe I have to sleep next to you boobs. I'm sleeping on the side."

"What! I'm not sleeping next to the demon, Drake. I called the other side. I guess you're in the middle."

"No way, that wasn't fair." Drake replied.

"I'd rather spend a day with Craig and Eric than be with you," Megan said.

"I wish bug repellent worked on you. We should've bought that PEST-BE-GONE fertilizer at Safeway," Drake regretted.

Then Walter called, "Dinner!"

"What's for dinner?" Megan asked.

"Burgers and Hotdogs," Audrey said.

"But I'm vegetarian now." Megan whined. She frowned in disappointment.

"Since when did you become vegetarian?" Drake asked.

"Last week."

"Why?" Josh asked.

"Because I feel bad for the animals," Megan explained.

"No, you just wanna lose weight to impress guys," Drake said.

"What are you saying, that I should lose weight?"

"Maybe," Drake commented.

"That's it!" Megan yelled as she jumped wildly on Drake like never before.

Audrey yelled at Megan insisting that she get off.

"It was just a joke," Drake said.