Full Summary:

You thought you knew this person. What if it turns out that you never really knew her? What if you found out that she was living a lie just so that she could live? What would you do? And what would you do if the man pretending to be her father became a teacher at your high school to be near her every second of the day? Try to get her out of course, duh!

[Speaking will be in Russian, but I have a list of sayings and what they mean in my new document for anyone to look at and use. I will also upload the sayings to the end of this story. Will go from Russian to English because I don't know every word in Russian (as i am not Russian, but American).


"Do'broye oo'tro, Atyets'."

"Do'broye oo'tro, Katia."


"Da Katia. Skazhee'tye menye' shtoh is ahno'?"

"Can I be a model?"

"Nyet! I will not let my only daughter go off gallivanting and show off her body."

"But Papa, it would mean the world to me."

"I said nyet! Ne argue with me!"

"Yes papa. I have to get to school now. I'll see you later papa." I gave my father a kiss on the cheek and left our apartment.

Heading for school, I met up with one of my friends, Katerina. We started speaking together and headed for our first class as the bell rang for school to start.

"Katia, skazhee'tye menye' do you have a pas'port or a vee'za?"

"Nyet, Katerina. Pachemoo' do you ask?"

"Because, I know some people that can get us some to go to America. So we can be models. Is that okay with you?"

"Da, but my father says that I can't be a model."

"Since when do you listen to your father when it comes to this? The last time we did this, we weren't pretty enough because we were so young, now, we are pretty enough."

"Da, we are. Alright, let's go this afternoon and I will sneak out tonight."

The rest of the day went by in a blur. When I got home from the pas'port/vee'za agency, my father was making dinner. We ate in silence and when he fell asleep, I snuck out of the house with my CD player, a couple CD's, some clothes, hair things and a brush, and high heels. We got to the agency and were given our pas'port and the put on a plane to America.

When we got there and were taken to a house and made to strip to only our bras and underwear. Katerina and I looked at each other and tears sprung to our eyes. We were taken from that house by a man named Sergei and put onto another plane. When we landed, we handed our pas'port to the people behind the counter.

"Sir, are these your daughters?"

"No, they are the foreign exchange students from Russia that I told the school I would pick up. Is there a problem?"

"No sir, thank you for using Southwest Airlines. We hope to see you again."

"Thank you ma'am."

We were pushed forward and into a waiting van outside and taken to another house. But this time we were in Glenoak, California.