He parted his lips to drink in the cool, eternal night air. A small breeze swept coolly around his ankles, making him look downward, where his gaze roved the grounds of the City That Never Was. This was his home, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He didn't want anything to change. Everything seemed so... so perfect.

He reflected on the good times and the hard times. Everything he could remember; hell, he remembered his past two lives. The Somebody life and the Nobody life. Though, what he was noticing was that the memories of the Somebody life were even fuzzier than before; he couldn't recall them as clearly as he could in the Nobody life. So be it, he knew. Too much for his memory.

He was glad he knew everything from the Nobody life.

Axel ran a hand through his fire-red hair, feeling the spikes that came up naturally. He had taken a walk for fresh air, feeling that he needed it. Besides, his lover had insisted.

Speaking of whom, he found it harder and harder to leave her side than ever before. It was expected, of course; Larxene was almost eight and a half months along, due any time now. Axel's skin prickled with anticipation as he thought about the inevitable prospect of soon becoming a father.

He was suddenly overtaken with a pang in his heart; he wanted to see Larxene.


"Whatever," Meytha clucked. "I still say it's a girl!"

Demyx laughed, still intent on his own prediction. "Yeah, sure!" he laughed. "I say Larxene'll have a boy."

"Oh yeah?" Meytha raised a dark green eyebrow. "Wanna bet?"

"As a matter of fact," Demyx responded, puffing out his chest, "I do!"

"Larx!" Meytha called. "What do you think you're going to have?"

The woman Meytha had addressed looked up; she had allowed herself to become drowsy, rather than hear the two dispute about the gender of her upcoming firstborn. Now, her cerulean blue eyes gleamed with intelligence. "Boy," she answered simply.

"Hah!" Demyx shouted triumphantly, punching the air. "In your face, my sweet!"

"Nah, nah, nah," Meytha said childishly as a retort. "You seem so sure of your prediction, Larx. How come?"

"Because Zexion can tell these things," the Savage Nymph responded loftily. "Plus Luxord bets that it'll be a boy, also."

"Ah-HAH!" Demyx said again. "Still wanna say it's a girl?" He raised one eyebrow as a challenge.

"I'm stickin' with it!" Meytha declared, crossing her arms. "But I think those two cheat somehow...," she grumped.

"That," a new voice called, "or they're smarter than you two lovable nimrods."

"No fair, Axel," Meytha said, sticking her tongue out at the pyro, who had just arrived.

Demyx felt a tugging in his chest, telling him that he and Meytha should leave. "Hey, c'mon, Mey," he called enthusiastically, holding out his hand. "Let's go see if we can get Zexion to tell us how he knows it's a boy."

"Ooh!" Meytha shot up. "And if he won't tell us, we'll threaten him with some rotten food to jack his nose up!"

The pair leaped energetically through a portal, and Axel finally turned to Larxene. His heart swelled immeasurably at the sight of her, as it always did.

Larxene rose, and Axel once more saw her swollen stomach, carrying the life that they had conjured together. The Nymph wrapped her arms around his neck. Grinning, she purred, "Looks like those two get more playful with each other everyday."

Axel chuckled, low and deep. "Yeah," he responded, smiling. "Demyx needed a girl, true. It helps him a lot."

"It does, doesn't it?" she agreed, and pressed her lips hungrily into his own.

Axel seized her hips while she continued kissing him. He retaliated affectionately, heated and loving.

Larxene moaned and pulled away, laying herself carefully on the bed, stomach up. She spread her legs apart suggestively when Axel sat across from her, looking into her eyes with his emerald ones. He stretched himself above her, teasing her by means of his fingers rubbing a certain region. Larxene groaned breathlessly for more, feeling herself wanting to burst. "You always were a tease...," she gasped, inches now from his lips.

Axel smirked affectionately before working with the zipper to her pants. When Larxene had begun to swell, she had decided to put away her Organization coat until the child was born. Until recently, say seven months, the Nymph had still gone in battle practices and other travels; the Nymph was never off her feet for too long. But now that she was eight and a half months with child, even Larxene knew not to overexert herself now.

"I tease you because I know it drives you insane," Axel whispered, his voice husky. He lifted his hand away and curled next to his lover when she turned to the side. The two lay next to each other for what seemed like hours.


"Hm?" he rumbled.

"What do you think I'll have? A boy or a girl?"

Axel smiled before kissing her forehead. "Whatever gender," he purred, "I'm sure they'll turn out lovely."

"Don't beat around the bush," Larxene replied softly. "What do you think I'll have?" she repeated.

"Well," he relented, "if I had to guess, I'd say... a girl."

"Do you want a girl?"

"It doesn't matter to me," he whispered. "It doesn't matter because I know that that's still my child, regardless." He smiled warmly again. "You get what I'm saying, right?"

Larxene grinned. "Yeah, you knucklehead."

The little girl tripped, her face impacting the ground with a thud. She whimpered and rubbed her nose gently before rising up again. Why did the tree roots always have to act so inconspicuous, being noticed only when someone tripped upon them? To mock you, that's what the girl figured.

Even the ravens make fun of me, she thought glumly as a flock of them cawed at her from the treetops. She knew they were laughing at her, she knew they had seen her trip.

Whimpering to herself in shame, she continued wandering the forest, briefly running a hand through her now tangled red hair. She twirled a finger around a black streak dully.

It wasn't fun for an eleven-year-old to be exiled by herself with no one to go to.

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