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The Gym

They stood across from each other, ready for the fight.

Ronon spun the Bantos rod in his left hand; Teyla, the one in her right. They circled the room; neither wanted to make the first move. Teyla smiled, and Ronon smiled back. He took a slight step forward. She noticed and waited for him to make his next move.

They were like a lion and a panther, both waiting to pounce.

The lion made the first move: he stepped forward and swung at her head. The panther ducked and aimed for his stomach. She made contact. He inhaled sharply and retreated. The panther charged, jumped, swung at his head. He swung his rod up in time to block, but lost his grip.

The lion faked a punch and waited for her to block it with one of her rods. Once she did, he used his to flick it out of her wrist and onto the ground.

He'd leveled the playing field again.

They were both breathing heavily, staring at each other intensely. For a brief moment, they weren't thinking about the sparring match. That moment ended quickly, however.

She held her single rod like a bat and swung for his leg. Home run! He fell, but jumped up quickly and they continued to fight. Both tried repeatedly to get the other's remaining rod. Both failed.

The match went on longer then usual, but refused to tire completely. Teyla spun around, hit him in the arm, pulled back, and struck his side. He absorbed each blows, the warrior that refused to allow pain or distraction to bring him down. However, he knew he couldn't take much more of this.

She was getting more hits through, and he was starting to feel it. It was time for the lion to make his move. He took a deep breath and swung for her arm. She blocked. He grabbed her wrists and swung her around 180 degrees: straight into the wall.

They both paused. They were breathing heavily, just staring at each other. Ronon still gripped her wrists, but she didn't notice. All she was aware of was how close he was to her. How warm he was. They looked into each others' eyes, and she felt the same thing she had for a while now:


She'd loved him for a long time. But being here, with him so close, she was losing her mind. He just stood there and looked back at her, not moving, hardly even breathing. What was he thinking?

She could hardly breathe herself, and not just because of the match. She could no longer control herself. At that moment, pinned against the wall with her wrists held tight by the one she loved, she let her emotions take over. She used the support from his hands around her wrists to push herself up and touch her lips to his. It wasn't as far of a stretch as she feared because he bent down to meet her.

He let go of her wrists.

She put her hands around his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her.

He'd wanted to kiss her as much as she wanted him to. So when she pulled away, he kissed her back.

They stood there, in the gym: a place where anyone could walk in at any time. But they didn't care. They stood pressed together, so tired that they could barely stay awake, but this was worth it. Love was worth it.

They stood sweaty and out of breath, but that didn't stop them. They were finally showing their love for one another.

And that was how the lion and the panther had their first kiss.