This takes place from the end of Moebius. I failed science and am no theoretical astrophysicist so if the jumping around the timeline is inaccurate I'm sorry.

My first attempt at a Stagate fic and I of course don't own any characters


They had had a fantastic day of fishing and just general togetherness – four people who weren't quite family but were so much more than just friends. They had lived and died together for eight years now and been through more in that time than most people would in several lifetimes.

As wonderful as their time at Jacks cabin had been all of them knew things were about to change, they just didn't realise how much. Jack had barbequed and they were all sitting on his back deck having just enjoyed dinner and were laughing and chatting over beers.

"Sooooo" Jack drawled, "we've been avoiding talking about the future of SG1 for three days now – we're heading home tomorrow….." He left the sentence hanging knowing they all knew it had to happen but none of them really wanting to talk about the splitting up of the team.

Sam looked at Jack and smiled, she knew he would have to be the one to bring it up – aside from the fact that he was the only one who knew what everyone's plans were they had talked about it as they cuddled on the couch the previous evening after Daniel and Teal'c had gone to bed.

Jack had planned to give Sam time to grieve for her father and her broken engagement before he bought up the subject of their future but Sam had had other ideas. They had driven up to the cabin together and Jack had been surprised at how easily they had discussed their relationship.



"I need to open the door to that room".

Jack dared a quick glance – he had never been very good with talking about feelings and he so wasn't prepared for this. "Huh?"

Sam smiled – she knew he always acted dumb when he didn't want to talk about something and feeling certainly wouldn't be something Jack O'Neil would speak about willingly.

"I know you well enough to know you will never bring this up yourself and I won't be happy until I know one way or the other – and I really want to be happy."

"Sam…. Your dad…..Pete….." He had so wanted to prepare for this talk.

"Jack I'm not going to make you talk about this just answer one question – do you still have feelings for me?"

"Yes" he answered without hesitation. He glanced over and saw Sam's beautiful smile and decided to chance a question of his own. "And you? How do you feel?"

Sam turned her brilliant smile towards him and thought about her answer. "I was settling. With Pete I couldn't have you so I settled for Pete. He was kind and he loved me and I thought if I didn't say yes I wouldn't ever get married and have a family. What I didn't realise at the time was that I really only wanted those things with you. I wasn't being fair to Pete or to you – I'm sorry"

Jack pulled over – he couldn't have this talk and drive at the same time – he needed to be looking at her. "You have nothing to be sorry for – it was stubbornness and circumstances but with you at Area 51 and me in Washington the circumstances have been taken care of – although I still don't think it would be a good idea to broadcast our relationship".

"I agree"

"As for the stubbornness – Sam I love you – have done for a long time now all I want – all I have ever wanted is for you to be happy"

"You make me happy "

"Well if a broken down old war horse with bad knees and a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is what makes you happy – who am I to argue?"

As they had planned, Sam was the first to speak. "Guys I've requested a transfer to Area 51 and General O'Neill has approved it." Jack raised and eyebrow. Sam glared at him disregarding Daniel and Teal'c for the moment. "What? General O'Neill did approve it because he is my commanding officer – because if Jack approved it for personal reasons then…."

Jack managed to interrupt her quietly but firmly "Sam I have waited eight very long years do you really think I would put your career before my personal feelings? I can't help it if your career move happens to advance my long term personal goals can I?"

Daniel watched his two friends glad they had finally managed to start acting on their feelings, but it didn't mean he wasn't going to have a little fun with them. "And just what are those long term personal goals Jack?" Daniel looked to Teal'c for support.

"Indeed O'Neill, I think it would be wise to state your intentions towards Colonel Carter in order for those closest to her to ascertain whether these intentions are in fact honourable."

Sam smiled, touched by her team mates concern for her well being "It's okay guys I know Jack's short term plans are anything but honourable" Jack spluttered his beer and Sam looked over at him with her smile still in place but with a questioning look.

"Well I suppose that is true" He gave Sam a wink "But in my defence my long term plans for Carter are very honourable I promise" Jack placed his hand on his heart..

"I shall now feel comfortable returning to Dakara as the emissary between the free Jaffa and the Tauri" Teal'c responded with a the hint of a smile.

All eyes turned to Daniel wondering if he felt like his team had just deserted him. Jack was the only one to know that Daniel would probably be the happiest of his former team mates when it came to what he would be doing. "Well then, I guess no one is going to mind if I head off to the Pegasus Galaxy for a while?"

Jack looked at each of them "Now that you lot won't be out in the galaxy creating havoc together I guess it's time to finally let General Hammond retire and head off to Washington and wear the monkey suit full time."

Daniel was the first to respond "You're going to head up Homeworld Security? Jack no offence but you would have to be one of the least diplomatic people I have ever met!"

"Yes – well – that is true Dannyboy but it's a small price to pay for being honourable if you get my drift."

It took a few moments for Daniel to understand what Jack was talking about. Sam decided to put him out of his misery. "If I am at Area 51 and Jack is head of Homeworld Security he is no longer my commanding officer."

"Don't worry Daniel I told them I would only do the job for a year – how much diplomatic damage can I possibly do in twelve months?" Jack laughed. "After that I plan to hang up the dress blues and spend my days fishing".

"So I guess this is our last team night for a while?" Daniel said

"Then I guess we had better make the most of it!" Jack said as he stood to go and get more beers.


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