Epilogue – General Chaos

"Morning General." The young airman said respectfully and with just a tinge of awe.

"Morning Greg."

The Airman smiled as the General entered the office and sat down. Once seated he handed over a large pile of folders. "These are the files you will need for this morning and I will bring in this afternoon's in a couple of hours, after you have had a chance to go through these."

"No problems Greg." The airman turned to leave the General to get on with the business of running the SCG. "Oh and Greg make sure I have nothing scheduled between noon and 13.00 – my family are coming in to have lunch with me."

The airman nodded and left to go and spread the word that the O'Neill kids would be on the base later in the day and to make sure the commissary was stocked up on all colours of Jell-O.

Sam looked at the photo that took pride of place on her desk. It was taken at Hannah's first birthday party a couple of months ago, she and Jack being 'attacked' by Cassie, Grace, Lizzie and Hannah. It had been snapped by Daniel and was her favourite photo – all of them happy smiling and – together. Her gaze dropped to the tiny photo next to the family – it was grainy and obviously a still taken from a security camera. At first she had felt ridiculously sentimental even asking for it, and it had taken her weeks to confess what she had done to Jack, but he hadn't laughed, he had agreed that they should never forget the two people who had given them so much.

Sam sent up a silent prayer of thanks for her family and looked down at the top folder on the pile in front of her. She smiled as she opened it – this was the report she had been waiting for, but before she had a chance to read the contents her phone rang. "General Carter." She answered.

"That just never get's old does it." The deep voice on the other end of the line laughed.

"Morning Jack." Her morning suddenly brightened at the sound of his voice.

"So, I will overlook the fact that you left the house this morning before anyone was awake as long as you promise you are not going to cancel our lunch date."

"Hannah was up." Sam told him. "In fact you can blame her ridiculously early hours for me being in here – once I was up I figured I may as well get in here and attack some paperwork that I have been letting a certain retired General distract me from."

"I can't imagine who you are talking about," Jack said innocently. "And as for Hannah and her need for about five hours sleep a night, I am holding you wholly responsible for that one my dear wife." Jack mocked.

Sam smirked – Grace had her thirst for knowledge but mixed it with a wicked sense of humour, Lizzie was more like her father, fun loving and mischievous. Hannah though, Hannah was a mini her to the point where Jacob once asked playfully if they were sure she wasn't Sam's clone.

"So are we still on for lunch?" Jack asked.

"Yup – Daniel and Teal'c are looking forward to it however, as much as I would love to spend my morning talking to you I have a pile of files nearly as tall as Hannah waiting for my attention."

"Don't miss those days. Love you."

"Ditto." Jack smiled at Sam's response – yep he had definitely rubbed off on her over the years.

Sam hung up the phone and looked down at the top file and smiled. She opened the folder with a mixture of excitement and trepidation and saw the words she had been hoping for and her face went from a professional smile to a full Sam Carter mega watt grin. She opened her desk drawer and slipped the file in. There was no need for anyone to know about its contents just yet.


Jack and the girls arrived at the SCG right on time and are quickly ushered into Sam's office where she has a corner set up with toys and colouring books – although she acknowledged that it wouldn't be long before she had to come up with something else to keep her daughters occupied when they visited her at work.

Daniel and Teal'c arrived not long after and whisked the girls off for an hour of ancient languages and self defence with a promise of meeting their parents in the commissary later. Jack questioned how much the girls would get out of learning Daniels languages but they seemed to love it and it gave Jack an hour to have a peaceful lunch with his wife – he was smart enough not to argue too strenuously.

Ten minutes later Sam turned to her husband as they finished loading their trays in the commissary. "I am such a cheap date."

Jack chuckled and guided her to 'their' table. "Only the best for my girl. Oh by the way your daughter re-engineered the toaster this morning – she informs me it now works six times more efficiently."

Sam smiled proudly but knew she would have to have a little chat about how taking apart the appliances and putting them back together freaked daddy out.

"Just so you I found out about the toaster the hard way and we now need a new smoke alarm because apparently she fiddled with those too and the only way I could shut it off was to hit it with the broom until it fell off the ceiling."

Sam tried very hard not to laugh but the thought of Jack surrounded by three little girls bashing at a blaring smoke alarm with the broom, but the thought was just too funny and laughter bubbled out of her.

"Laugh it up, but I hold you entirely responsible. She even had little Hannah in on the whole thing – she was lookout and I have to say our one year old has some quite remarkable stealth skills". Sam laughed even harder.

"Well the black ops skills are definitely yours. And you thought she didn't have any of you in her." Sam gently teased. They ate in silence for a few minutes before Sam voiced the concerns that had been worrying her for a while now. "They are all so bright – how on Earth are we going to keep them out of trouble as they get older. I know I laughed about the toaster but she is only five, what is she going to be capable of ten years from now?"

The same thought had crossed Jacks mind too but he had come up with an answer that he hoped his wife would like. "The way I see it you were some kind of child genius too and as a Generals daughter exactly how much real trouble were you able to get into?"

Sam thought back to her childhood – everywhere she went it seemed someone knew her dad and if she ever put a foot wrong he seemed to find out about it. At times she used to think he had the whole air force spying on her. "Not much believe me!"

"Well our kids have two Generals as parents not to mention an honorary Jaffa uncle – I think we'll manage okay." Sam smiled, liking his way of thinking. "Of course the best way to keep them in line would be to provide them with a brother who won't let them get away with anything." Jack's tone was light but his look was serious and he was trying to gauge Sam's reaction.

They had never discussed having more children – of course with Sam's medical history they hadn't really done anything to prevent it either. Sam thought about the file she read this morning that was now sitting in her desk drawer and grinned at her husband. "Funny you should mention that."


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