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There is an island in the southern sea, upon which stands the school where the next generation of duelists is being trained. It is called Duel Academy.

Ten years after the Ceremonial Battle, a teenage boy named Jaden Yuki enrolls in the school, where he gains a few friends, along with a few enemies. Placed into the lowest rank of Slifer Red, he continues to test his skills against various adversaries to prove his worth as a duelist and earn the respect of everyone around him.

These are the chronicles of the next generation of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Y Duel K

Chapter 1 - Duelbytes

As a flock of birds flew over the vast ocean, most of them noticed the isolated island seemingly located in the middle of nowhere. On it proudly stood the well-known and prestigous Duel Academy. With the sun shining and only a few clouds swimming through the morning sky, the evidence suggested the emergence of a glorious day, filled with innocent wonder and artistic splendor.

But neither the soothing winds, nor the soft chirping of the birds could alert everything on the island to acknowledge their presence. And they most certainly would fail in attracting the attention of one brown-haired indivdual...

...known to all as Jaden Yuki.

Inside the small, shoddy (and sometimes regarded by Jaden as even being quaint) dormitory of Slifer Red, the said teenager tossed and turned in bed, despite being in a state of peaceful sleep.

The curtains covering up the windows were pulled open by Jaden's best buddy, Syrus Truesdale. Despite being shorter in size and less confident in his dueling skills, he was still a loyal and kind friend with a heart of gold.

Although he was dressed and ready for whatever the day had to offer he sighed when he saw that his pal was still snoozing away. He ran his hand through his horizontally long, pale blue hair, trying to think of an effective way to get his roomate up and moving. The best (and only) thing to do was to try the direct approach.

"C'mon, Jaden...up and at 'em!" he half-whined, gently shaking his roommate.

"Forget it, Dr. Crowler!" he cried, evidently dreaming. "I'm summoning the Elemental Hero Armageddon-sucker-punch-in-your-face-Day-After-Tomorrow-Destructo-Devine-Parallel-Secret-Ultra-Super-Rare-Judgement-Day-couldn't-beat-me-if-your-life-depended-on-it-High-and-Mighty-Master-of-the-Universe!!!"


"And it's got 100 bajillion attack points with your name on it!"

Syrus sighed again and shook Jaden a little more harder this time. His second attempt worked and the fellow duelist's eyes opened a bit. After two seconds his peepers opened all the way. He sat up, shook his head back and forth, and blinked twice before saying anything.

"Oh...hey, Syrus. Mornin'."

The smaller teenager adjusted the tiny round pair of glasses on his face, trying to conceal his frustration.

"Well, it's about time! You already missed breakfast!" scolded Syrus.

"Ease up, Sy! I'll live!" Jaden said, flashing his usual trademark grin. "I always get up sooner or later! But you couldn't have waited two more minutes? I was about to pull off the sweetest card combo the world's ever seen!"

"In your dreams..."


Jaden laughed as he pulled his school uniform out of his dresser drawer. While changing into his dark grey socks, black shirt and white pants, he noticed that his short friend was sporting a concerned expression. He seemed to be lost in thought.

"Something wrong, buddy?" Jaden asked. "Don't tell me that the girls from the Obelisk Blue dorm stole your underwear again!"

"Hey, that only happened once!" Syrus almost yelled. "I'll have you know they returned it once they found out I wore boxers!"

"Whoa, too much info there!"

"They said it was much more manlier than briefs!"

"Okay, okay, whatever! Anyway, what's on your mind?"

"There've been rumors going around that something special's being brought to the school today!"

"Oh, yeah? What is it?"

"I'm not exactly sure...but I remember Chancellor Sheppard saying something yesterday about bringing a real piece of history to show to the student body!"

"Huh...that might explain why I heard that there's only a half day of classes today..."

"Word is that it might be the prototype Duel Disks that Seto Kaiba invented years back! Y'know, those big orange yo-yo thingies?"

"Wow! Now that'd be too sweet for words!"

Jaden continued to think hard as he put on his red jacket. But try as he might, he couldn't offer any kind of alternative explanation.

"Well, there's no use wasting time here! Let's hurry and get to class...whoa, I can't believe I just said that!" he exclaimed, still smiling.

The pair quickly put on their matching red sneakers and headed out the door.

"It's DOCTOR Crowler! Get it right, you Slifer slimeball!!"

"Whoopsie! Heh, heh!"

The school day had started out casually...if by which you mean Jaden Yuki had unintentionally started yet another minor argument with Dr. Vellian Crowler, one of Duel Academy's most recognized staff members. Inside the massive complex that made up the bulk of the school, the teen had innocently bumped into Dr. Crowler in the hallway, causing his usual crabby attitude towards Slifer Red students to surface. Due to a minor slip of the tongue, Jaden accidentally referred to his teacher as a "she"...or something to that effect. The tall long-haired blonde was so steamed that some of the onlooking students swore that they could actually see steam rushing out of his ears.

"Don't you 'whoopsie' me! You're on thin ice and it's about to crack!" Dr. Crowler screeched, flailing his arms.

As always, Jaden exploited two of his well known traits for all to see. The first was showing that he had no fear of teachers (to date). The second was that he also had no fear expressing his (blunt) opinions to anyone.

"Eh, no offense, teach...but, uh-"

"But what?!"

"Well, is it really that much of a crime to get your title wrong? I mean, c'mon...I haven't heard you use my name once since I've been here!"

"Don't you turn this around on me, dropout-boy!!"

"I rest my case."

The "good doctor" was glaring daggers at the young scholar, while Jaden was acting as cheerful as ever. But before the exchange of harsh words could escalate any further, a (somewhat) neutral third party entered the fray.

"That's quite enough, I'm sure! There's no need to get nasty with each other..."

Heads turned in the hallway, recognizing the chubby, middle-aged, bald man wearing a red blazer.

"Hey, Chancellor Sheppard! What's up?" greeted Jaden.

The head of the entire school smiled warmly. Hands behind his back, he strolled over to the duo that always ended up butting heads possibly more than any other pair of people in the entire history of the academy.

"Chancellor! This impudent young man-" interrupted Crowler.

"Now, now...Dr. Crowler, I really think you should stop teasing the boy..."

"ME?!? Teasing him?!? These blasted S.R. cretins are all over the place like's an utter infestation! They upset and plague this school's proper balance...!"

Rather then endure a day's worth of annoying protests from the teacher, Sheppard stroked his goatee and promptly changed the subject.

"Anyway, I'm sure you're well aware, there's only a half-day of classes today! But don't take that as a sign that you can take it easy! I expect all students to be present in the duel arena at 2:30!"

"You got it, Chancellor!" Jaden replied, giving a mock salute.

"And try not to give Dr. Crowler too much of a hard time, please."

"Can do! Well, at least I think I can..."

Sheppard's smile remained as he walked off, softly chuckling to himself.

Dr. Crowler gave a sharp exhale, adjusted his pink ruffled, long blue coat, and left the scene in a huff.

After the morning's classes were over, Jaden and Syrus hurried back to the dorm to wolf down a quick lunch. The pair then headed back to the main building, joined by a another Slifer student (and fellow roommate), Chumley Huffington. The chubby teen certainly wasn't the greatest of duelists, but bore all the markings of a loyal and trustworthy person to have around. As the three made their way across the campus, Jaden passed the time telling them a short story...

" was really loud, too! So anyway, there I was! Standing only a few feet away from all the dueling action, right? And one of the coolest battles was going on!"

"So spill already!" Syrus demanded. "Who was dueling?"

"Well..." Jaden continued, " luck would have it, who else was competing but the ultimate dueling master himself!"

"No way!" Chumley cried. "You don't really mean-"

"Yup! It was Yugi Moto, the King of Games! He was on the ropes, though! Some jerk had just summoned a pair of monsters that took out his Curse of Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight!"

"Whoa...that's totally anti-licious! So then what happened?"

"Uh, actually...I dunno. My mom came and dragged me outta the joint before I saw anything else."

"Figures," Syrus muttered.

"Ah, what does it matter? This is Yugi we're talkin' about! He musta won! I mean, honestly...could there possibly be any other outcome?"

Jaden's two friends stopped to consider such a thing, but realized that he was right. Considering the heavy marks Yugi had made in the dueling world, his legacy was one that consisted of many strong tactics and solid triumphs.

"Don't forget about his buddies!" Chumley added. "In his interviews, didn't Yugi mention his friends had a hand in all of his victories?"

"Yeah, that's true..." Syrus agreed. "And just like they supported Yugi, we'll always back you up, Jay!"

"Man, sentiments like that are what makes life worth dueling!" Jaden said, pretending to cry. "Sy, you know just how brighten my day a little bit more than usual! And Chum-ster, when the chips are down, you're always eat 'em up, that is!"

The trio of Slifers laughed as they jogged the rest of the way into the building.

The gigantic crowd that was the entire student body gathered together in the dome-shaped arena to hear Chancellor Sheppard's big announcement. But as soon as Jaden, Syrus and Chumley took seats in one of the middle rows, other nearby kids of higher rank moved further over to other chairs, not wanting to fraternize with people who represented Duel Academy's lowest of the low.

There existed, however, two individuals who virtually acted as prime exceptions to the prejudice (regarding rank) that permeated the island. The first one was a tall, dark-haired male scholar dressed in yellow attire. He was a prominent figure and an extremely skilled duelist from the Ra Yellow dormitory, known as Bastion Misawa. The second person was Alexis Rhodes, a tall, pretty female with sandy-colored long hair and chestnut eyes. The Obelisk Blue uniform she wore only complemented her thin figure. Many boys were in awe of her beauty, grace, and dueling style. Characteristics such as those earned her the title as the "queen" of her corresponding dorm.

Unlike numerous others, this pair refused to let their respective ranks place limitations on who they associated with or who they chose to be their friends. Therefore, these two had no reservations interacting with those of lower stature.

"G'day, all!" Bastion warmly greeted.

"Hi, Jaden!" Alexis said, smiling and waving her hand.

"Yo, Bastion! Hey, Lex!" Jaden responded.

Sitting in between Chumley and Syrus, he gestured for the two to join them.

"So, Bastion...y'got any idea what this meeting's all about?" he asked.

"Not a one, I'm afraid," Bastion answered, crossing his arms and sitting down. "Us fellows down at Ra Yellow weren't briefed on this at all."

"Same here," Alexis stated, also taking a seat. "As far as I know, not even the Obelisk students were given any prior knowledge or sneak peaks about whatever's going on."

"Although we should have!" interrupted a snide, rude voice.

Syrus, Alexis, Bastion, Chumley and Jaden all simultaneously turned their heads and saw a small handful of Obelisk Blue students sitting a few rows higher, abeit not so high that the group of five sitting below couldn't hear the voice clearly.

Those high-up classmates weren't exactly thinking warm thoughts about Jaden or his fellow S.R. pals at that moment, especially not the boy with the pale skin and spiky black hair.

"Well, if it ain't Chazz Princeton!" Jaden began to joke. "Sour as ever, I see!"

"If it isn't Jaden Yuki!" Chazz retorted, scowling. "And still as utterly moronic as ever!"

"Would it really hurt to lighten up some, bud? Might help that pale complexion of yours, y'know?"

"Newsflash, dope! I'm not your bud! And it's idiocy like that which is gonna getcha kicked outta here, slacker!"

Alexis rubbed her temples and sighed. Jaden didn't even flinch.

"Not that any of the O.B. guys would lose any sleep over it!" he angrily continued.

"O.B.? Y'sure it wasn't 'B.O.', dude?" Jaden laughed.

The battle of quips and wisecracks could've lasted (at least) a week. But like before (in the hall), Chancellor Sheppard's voice unintentionally stepped in to intervene, amplified through the microphone he was speaking through.


Everyone present, whether ranked Slifer, Ra or Obelisk gave their complete attention to the headmaster, standing in the center of the dueling platform. At one end of the stage was a rather large and bulky object, completely covered by a huge tarpaulin, with a pair of technicians standing near it.

" you know, I've made previous announcements over the past few days indicating a new addition to this school's facilities! I think it's something that will benefit all students, rank notwithstanding!"

The chancellor turned towards the hidden object and pointed at it with his free hand. And slowly but surely, Jaden's excitement was rising.

"Boy, I can hardly stand the suspense! I gotta know what's Sheppard's hiding under there!" Jaden spouted, shaking his equally excited fists.

His four friends unconsciously were leaning forward, as well. Despite whatever was to be put on display, Sheppard certainly knew how to draw attention to himself, one way or another. The man's hand opened up all the way, as a gesture of a true presentation...


On cue, the two men grabbed hold of the tarp and pulled hard, swiftly removing it to fully reveal the item underneath...


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