Dreamfall Chronicles

Author's Note:

A Dreamfall fanfiction by Phoenix Lennox.

Heyyyyyy! As indicated above, this is a fanfic based on Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. A great game with a movieish experience. I'm not that good at writing but it is a sort of hobby that kept on yelling at me to just write so I did. If you haven't played Dreamfall, you would probably be lost while reading this fanfic so before you read this, please play the game. Shouldn't be too hard to find. You can buy it off Steam or pirate it. I don't really care mostly because it is none of my business but you should really buy it to give credit to all of the hard work Funcom did. This is kind of random but I am about to dump my troubles on you so if you don't want some idiot talking about his life to you, please skip onto the story.

I'm fourteen and I go to some high school somewhere. Like any other parent, my parents talk about how smart I am and how I can go to some university in Ivy League and all that stuff. I might be a bit smart but kids still need to play right? So I slacked off like any other kid who likes to play. As it happens, this began to send my mark down. What used to be a 95 would become a ing 70. Of course, this didn't sit well with my parents. My mom just sat down and began a whole lecture that stated some random stuff about how smart I am and blah blah blah. Then to top it off, my dad saw the amount of absences in class I had and hit the roof. I skipped classes. (Notice that it's in the past). So I am now grounded with nothing to do except study until the third term. So naturally, I tell them I have a lot of homework and sit in front of the computer typing this thing and talking with friends on Msn. So hopefully, I'll get a better average and pull myself up to where I was before. Thank you for listening to my absolutely pointless rant and enjoy the story.

This program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sorry about that. I've always wanted to say that. Ahem. So. Feature Presentation?

A Beginning withinan End

Chloe Ashcroft was unlike any other sixteen year old in her school. She was quite popular among the community. Boys would never classify her as sexy but definitely cute. A very gentle and kind person. She was well liked among teachers and as enough friends to write each of their names in font size 8 and post it on her bedroom wall. She had long, jet black hair reaching down between her shoulder blades. She had brilliant blue eyes with a cute face. On top of all that, she had a great figure. Of course, she was asked out by an alarming number of boys but none of them seemed right for her. An empty void resided in her heart yearning for the love she craved to receive. Yet, nobody came into her life. She sat in class, looking forward to a party coming later on today.

"All right. I know that the day is coming to an end and you want to enjoy your holiday but what's a holiday without homework?" asked Ms. Cray.

A collective groan rose from the students.

"I want you to look up a strange, unexplainable situation and write a report to be handed in at the end of the holiday. You can create your own explanation from your thoughts or collaborate with your classmates. I want at least 3 pages type written. Joey, don't make your font size 60 this time or I will fail you."

"Yes Ms. Cray." giggled Joey from the back.

"Any questions?" asked the teacher.

Chloe raised her hand.

"Yes my dear?"

"Um…can we do it on a disappearance of a certain person or a belief of something?" asked Chloe.

"Of course. As long as it is unexplainable scientifically. Any other questions? No? All right. I know you're all anxious to go so you can leave 5 minutes early. Michael, the principal wants to see you and Neil, please don't mess up The Wire over the holidays or else The Eye will arrest you. Have a great holiday!"

Everybody filed out of the class as was the rule in the presence of Ms. Cray. The moment they stepped out of the door frame, students ran out screaming down the hall.

Chloe walked slowly towards the door with no intention to celebrate with a vocal signature. She waved goodbye to the teacher and was immediately greeted by her best friends.

"Hey Chloe! You want to go see a movie before the party?" asked Jenn.

Jenn was her best friend since grade 2. She had connections that no one would suspect her to have. If you wanted someone's reputation to go downhill, just ask her to get it out on the grapevine and soon after, the whole school would know about it. If you wanted to know about something, Jenn would tell you in a heartbeat. Jenn was almost the exact opposite of Chloe. She was considered sexy, not cute. Her hair reached her shoulders with lime green eyes. She got around to everyone pretty fast. Her grades were gradually increasing after she met Chloe but they hovered around the 80s.

"No thanks. I wanna go and set myself up for the party tonight and finish a bit of the homework."

"You know, I never understand you…You're going to take seven hours just to put on some makeup, pick out a dress and finish some homework? Come on! It's the start of break! Let's have some fun. Then you can do your homework. Oh wait…I almost forgot. I heard that Johnny is planning to ask you out today so let's hurry up and get out of here! Unless…you have the hots for him."

Chloe smiled. It's good to know that some things never change.

"How do you know these things? Wait, never mind. Let's just go."

Chloe and Jenny walked down the now empty corridor and climbed down the stairs to the ground floor where she was instantly met by the person she was trying to avoid.

O gods. O well…

"Hey Chloe!" greeted Johnny.

"Hi!" said Chloe, less enthusiastic.

"Hey uh…you want to go see a movie with me? Just…the two of us?"

Chloe had to admit. John wasn't that bad. Good muscle but…he just, wasn't for her.

"Umm….I'm really sorry but I have plans for this afternoon. Like…right now…um…sorry….about…ya.."

She walked around him and sped to the door with Jenn falling in step beside her.

"Ha ha! You should have seen the look on his face. Priceless." laughed Jenn.

"…" She was at a loss of words. "Uh…you know what? Let's go see a movie."

The two of them started along the courtyard arm in arm. A dull thunk hit the ground as a basketball teetered across the ground. Laughter filled their ears originating from students scattered across the court.

"So…what do you want to see?" asked Jenn. "Wanna invite anyone else?"

"Um…I thought you had this all figured out. I don't know. Anything would be fine."

At that moment a wave passed through the Earth. Everything froze in place. Except for…Chloe.

"What the? Jenn? Are you still there? Hello?"

She passed her hand in front of her face but no reaction showed. Suddenly, strange scenes of a girl she recognized flashed through her mind. One after another.

What are you still doing home dad? The train doesn't leave for Bombay until later so I thought I'd sleep in for a change.

Hey Liv. You want to come to the party? Sure. I'll bring my charm and a bottle of Tequila.

Sorry. I'm trying to be here Jana. Don't be sorry. Be on time.

Save April Ryan. Find her…Save her.

Chloe screamed in pain. Her head felt as if it were splitting open. "What's happening to me!?"

Just as it started, it was over just as fast. She was on the ground with Jenn kneeling beside her.

Chloe's breath came short and quick. "What happened?" she managed to ask.

"You suddenly collapsed. Are you sure that you're okay?"

"I'm…I'm fine. I saw some…things…never mind. Let's go…movies."

"If you're hurt, we shouldn't go."

"It's fine. C'mon."

Jenn helped her up. They made their way towards the movies ignoring curious onlookers.

What was that? Who was that girl? Is something wrong with me? That didn't happen. I just fell, passed out, and had a dream. That's acceptable right?

But it wasn't. She knew something happened. Something…

Chloe and Jenny paid and followed a couple into the theatre. A massive room filled with millions of chairs. There was, of course, no screen. A 3-D hologram would be projected into the far side of the hall looking as real as anybody in existence. They took their seats and waited for the movie to begin. People began to file into the theatre. Plenty of space to fit them all. Ten minutes passed. The projector hummed as it gained power. A hush settled over the audience all focus on the 3-D image.

Advertisements showed up in the first couple minutes of the hologram. The much anticipated project WATIcorp had been working on. The Dreamer was set to release in 4 months.

"I can't wait for this to come out. I can just fantasize a perfect life." said Jenn gazing off into the distance.

Chloe smiled but couldn't suppress a strange feeling inside of her. Like something bad was going to happen.

The movie went on. "Nothing too exciting" admitted Chloe. "Hey Jenn. How many people are going to the party tomorrow?"

No answer…

"Jenn?" Chloe turned her head and looked straight at her friend. Her eyes weren't moving. Forget the eyes, her entire body was frozen.

O no…not again.

Memories that didn't belong to her flashed in her mind's eye.

Hi Reza! How's it been going lately? I'm fine. Very busy but…I'm fine.

I guess I should thank you for saving my life. My name is Chang. Helena Chang. Now what were you doing in my office? I'm doing an errand for my friend Jericho. The package.

Reza doesn't have a cat…

Hands up! What are you doing in Jericho's apartment? I was supposed to meet him here and…

Pain pulsed through her head but this time, she couldn't scream. Nothing came out of her mouth. Then…everything went black…

She woke up. Her vision was blurry but she could still make out sounds.

"I didn't find anything wrong with Ms. Ashford. I assure you it was just some abnormal wave in the air that just messed up her mental system. I have a really busy schedule so please…

Chloe sat up. She heard a shriek of surprise and was immediately embraced by her little, 10 year old sister, Cindy.

"I was so worried!" cried Cindy.

Chloe laughed and hugged her back.

"I'm fine. Really. I just…I don't know."

Chloe looked around and found that she was lying on her bed.

Cindy was short for her age. She, like her sister had black hair but was streaked with blue in different parts. She too had blue eyes like Chloe. They resembled each other so much in looks and personality. It would be safe to say that Cindy was a clone of Chloe in her prime years.

They lived together without parents to nourish them. Their mother died when giving birth to Cindy. Chloe never blamed Cindy for her mothers' death but Cindy used cry about it at night. Their father committed suicide when he heard that death took his love from him. It was just them two. Ever since.

"Hey Chloe. I'm gonna sleep over at a friend's house today. You have the party right? So you won't be lonely."

"Sure…fine with me…hey…let me ask you something." hesitated Chloe

"Sure! What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong…just…have you ever seen a girl about nineteen, twentyish, with a pink top and blue jeans? Black hair and pony-tail? I keep on seeing her in my mind."

"Um…no…you are freaking me out. Oh. Jenny told me to call her when you woke up. She was pretty scared."

"Oh…okay. By the way, what happened?"Asked Chloe.

"I don't know. Jenny carried you home saying that you weren't well. I met her on the doorstep."

"Oh…okay. I'll just ask her then.

"Byeeeeeeee" giggled Cindy.

Chloe smiled and watched her step out the door into fresh air. She picked up her mobile on the desk and dialed Jenn's number. She waited for an answer but, it never came. Static erupted from the mobile's speaker. From within the static, Chloe could hear a distinct whisper.

Cas…Casti…Castillo…Zoe Castillo. Find her. Bring her back…Zoe Castil—

"Chloe? Thank god you're okay. Do you feel good enough to go the party?"

Chloe paused and tried to make sense of this.

What was that? Is that the girls' name? Zoe Castillo?

"Chloe? You there?"

"Oh…yea. Sorry about that. I um…sorry."

"So…you feeling okay? You might not want to go to the party if you think you're going to pass out again. Some boys might take that chance and feel you up."


"Sorry." giggled Jenn, "Just wanted to see if you were still yourself. Is there anything I can do?"

"Um…no. I'll go to the party tonight. And um…oh! Can you do something for me?"

"What do you think I just asked?"

"Do you know anything on a girl named Zoe Castillo?"

"Zoe Castillo? It doesn't ring a bell. Is she important?"

"I think so. Can you dig around a bit? I want to know about her."

"Sure I guess. Now get ready. The party is in two hours."

"What!? O god…I have to go. See you there."

Chloe could hear Jenn laughing on the other line but hung up.

Two hours? I was out that long? How am I going to do my hair that quickly?

Chloe stepped into the house already filled with people. A lot of people, she knew. She scanned the room for Jenn and found her against a wall talking with some friends. Smiling, Chloe walked over to Jenn.

"Hey Choley! You look nice."

"You too." smiled Chloe.

"You are feeling okay right?" asked Jenn looking concerned.

"I'm fine. Hopefully." answered Chloe.

"C'mon! Let's take some shots at something. Do you like Tequila?"

"Um…I don't like alcohol…"

"That's because you haven't done any before. You will love it."

She gestured to the bartender. "Tequila please."

Chloe tried to pull away from Jenn but her grip stayed true. "Jenn…" she started.

"You will love it. Trust me."

She handed Chloe a glass. She hesitated before taking a sip. It tasted like— (I haven't tasted Tequila before so I'll just make something up) – sweet honey on her tongue. It had a fizzy texture and calmed her nerves.

"See? It's not so bad is it?"

"It's okay…" she admitted.

Chloe took some more and began to feel light-headed.

O god…stupid Jenn…now I'm drunk and I'll end up having a hangover in the morning…maybe a little rest will do me good.

She dreamed of Zoe again. Yet while she was dreaming, she could make out her actions in reality. She couldn't control them.

I'll never do alcohol as long as I live again.

She dreamed of some memories from the past. But they didn't belong to her.


An underground cavern.



Chloe sat up in a bed that didn't belong to her. Her hair was a mess and she was generally sticky. Her top and skirt were on the floor.

O god…I didn't…know…holy….I…who…I had…what?

Last night was a blur. She couldn't remember anything.

Come on! Think!

It gradually came back. She was approached by a male. A well-muscled boy same age as her. A tattoo on the arm. But she couldn't do anything!

I couldn't control anything. Oh my god!

Chloe put her top and skirt back on. She walked over to a blank wall and sat down against it. Then, she cried. Not noisily, but silently. Only she could hear her voice breaking up but there were tears streaming down the side of her face.

The sound of footsteps neared the room. She braced herself for anything that could happen. The door opened and Jenn stepped in. She looked like a mess. Her shirt was torn with her hair finally living a life of its own. Chloe stayed unmoving and silent as Jenn sat down beside her.

There was a painful silence. "Are you alright?" asked Jenn.

"No. I'm not. I'm only sixteen! Why did it happen so early?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that you got drunk really easily…"

After a moment, Chloe asked, "Why is your shirt torn?"

"Um…I tried to follow you when you were lead upstairs by that boy but two other boys stopped me. They asked me if I wanted to…you know. I said no. It didn't really matter to them. They were stronger than me and…I was sort of…forced to…yeah."

"Oh…well…are you okay?"

"The only thing hurt is my pride. And maybe my privates,"

Chloe smiled for the first time that morning. Jenn always knew how to lighten the mood.

"Don't you even care about what happened?" asked Chloe.

"Of course I do. I want to try and make the best out of this situation. It proves to be hard when you stay negative all the time."

Chloe put her arm around Jenn. "Sorry." She smiled.

She laughed and soon after, Jenn joined in. But no matter how hard she laughed, she could not dispel the stain placed upon on her conscience.

End Note:

So…I hope you liked that. This obviously will be continued so if you enjoyed it, wait for the next installment. I'm sorry that this one was pretty short. Please review and tell me what you think. I'm obviously not the best writer and I like some constructive criticism. Not flaming paragraphs saying that I suck. I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes in this chapter but I don't have the time to check over it and spellcheck as failed me more than once.

I hope you're all rooting for Chloe and hoping that she doesn't die or something. I don't think the storyline is that bad though…

So…I hope you liked it.

-Phoenix Lennox-