Okay, this is a little of season but i couldn't help it lol

the pairings are:

Marth and Samus

Ganondorf and Samus (not the main pairing and not very often )

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters only the plot

Christmas. A time of joy and cuddling with your loved ones. A time to stand under the mistletoe and share a secret kiss between two happy individuals. A time to give to others and in turn receive gifts from those same people. A time to forget rivalries; a time to forget sorrow. Everyone loved it when Christmas came around, always getting excited and decorating like mad. Everyone liked it at the Smash Mansion. Everyone, except one.

Marth sat alone on the roof of the huge mansion where the strange group of fighters dwelled, snowflakes falling gently onto his pale face which was turned up towards the sky. His blue hair was covered in the ice crystals and the tiara which he always wore was barely visible. His sapphire eyes looked rather dull as he gazed up at the grey sky. The blue cape fastened to his shoulders moved gently along with the slight breeze and his light blue tunic seemed to be somewhat wet. Not that he cared.

If you had walked up to the roof of the Smash Mansion you would have seen him there, gazing out at the pure white snow, not minding the cold even though his skin was pale and he was shivering slightly. You would have seen the sorrow deep in his eyes, the sorrow he tried to hide, even though it shone through painfully. You most likely would have thought he looked rather lonely. This was exactly what an armor-less Samus thought as she walked quietly up the cold stone steps, freezing in her spot when she saw him.

So quietly she stepped forward into the unblemished snow with a soft crunching noise as her boots hit ground. Quietly she came to stand next to him. Quietly she put a hand on his shoulder. Quietly his gaze turned to rest on her, piercing though her like a laser through thin paper. Quietly she smiled.

"Hey. What'cha doing up her?" she softly asked. "Why aren't you down there with the rest of us? They're gonna go visit their families, and aren't gonna be around for a while. Don't you have to pack up or something?"

For a long while he was silent, and then he gave her a dull glare. "I have no one to go to for the holidays."

He said it simply; straight forward. Yet, to her it seemed like it was more then a simple statement.

"…I don't have anywhere to travel to for the winter either."


She looked off into the distance, her eyes losing some of their sparkle. But then her eyes flashed with an idea.

"Well then! You'll just have to spend Christmas with little old me!"

Before he could protest she had grabbed him by the arm and was pulling him downstairs with a mischievous grin on her face.

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