Hello. Haven't updated this in a LONG time. This popped into my head watching the snow fall while wearing my Ed coat. Dunno why. This isn't the last chapter in this collection, but it's coming up pretty quick.

Books, Fall and Not So First Meetings

Chapter 10: Snow

The wind stung as it blew, biting Sciezska's cheeks red as she walked along the snowy Munich streets, a bag of books slung on her shoulder. She pulled her coat closer to herself, tucking her nose into the scarf around her neck as she crossed the street towards her apartment, slipping in the slush and snow as she went. Along with cold, the wind had brought a wet patch of snow that covered the houses and streets a foot deep, making the walk from her flat to the library dreadful, even if it was only a few blocks.

Normally Sciezska wouldn't mind. It was, after all, a beautiful sight to see all the buildings covered like gingerbread houses, frosted with ice cycles hanging from the gutters and soft lights in the windows. But Sciezska was simply not in the mood to take in the sights. She was cold and wet, her shoes soaked through long ago and her coat simple to thin to block out the bone chilling winds. So she made her way to the flat miserably.

As she crossed the final street, Sciezska dodged a car that sped down the cobblestone far too fast, jumping back and slipping on a patch of ice. Now, Sciezska has never been overly graceful to begin with, but ice did nothing to help her situation. Eyes wide and throwing her hands out, her feet went right out from underneath her and the ground was met with her back end.

"Oh… Ouch."

Giving a soft moan, she lifted her gloved hand and straightened her glasses, which had slipped down her nose. Picking herself up carefully, arms out to keep her balance, she turned and wiped the slush clinging to back of her dress. Sighing and wincing slightly, she picked up the books that had fallen out of her bag and continued on.

It had been a very bad day. She had been late leaving the apartment and forgetting her draft of research on ancient scriptures, had been caught once again by the head librarian reading on the job and she had been dealing with grouchy library members since the snow had started So when Sciezska finally saw the front of the apartment building she lived in, she let out a sigh of relief, which was short lived. The window of her apartment that faced the street was not lit and she felt her chest tighten with a longing ache.

He wasn't home yet.

Edward had left for 'a very important mission-er-research trip' with his brother a little more than a month ago, insisting that he couldn't say more than it was dangerous and best if she didn't come along. Sciezska instantly began to worry. She didn't know where they were going, what they were doing or how long they'd be gone. He simply packed the tattered old suitcase which had once belonged to his father, kissed her deeply but outside their apartment and walked away without a second glance.

Every once in a while she would receive a postcard (though it was really just a scrap of paper with a quick note simply signed 'love Ed'), the postage stamps reaching as far as southern Italy and Ireland. He often didn't say much, but rather that they were working hard and that he looked forward to seeing her again. From the small pieces that he let slip, she knew that they were looking for something possibly dangerous, that someone else was looking for it too and that they often didn't have supplies. This did nothing to relieve her unease.

All these horrible situations had built themselves up in her mind, the side effect of having read too many dramas, and now she feared the worst. Had Edward and his brother Alphonse gotten themselves into trouble? Was this something to do with the run in with Thule he had mentioned briefly before? Was this to do with his research in physics? It made Sciezska's stomach twist with nerves and she was scared that Edward would arrive badly hurt or not at all.

Sciezska swallowed hard at the last thought as she climbed the final step to the third floor and walked over to her apartment door. A small slip of paper sat on the stoop and she bent to pick it up, turning it over to see a slightly childish drawing of what she recognized as Edward with his arms wrapped around her. In the corner is was once again signed 'love Ed.' He always was pathetic at drawing.

Hugging the drawing to her chest, she unlocked the door, stepping into the darkness and shutting the door. She closed her eyes and sighed at the all-too-quiet state of the flat. Flicking on the light and turning to step into the main room. Opening her eyes, she gave a small gasp.

Two arms she knew like her own wrapped around her, pulling her close to a broad chest. Gold hair fell gently along her cheek as soft lips caught hers in a deep, longing kiss and the smell of mechanics oil and spicy soap hung in the air. Letting her eyes flutter closed, she clung to the body now holding hers, cheeks flushed as they kissed.

As Edward pulled away from the kiss and tucked his face into her hair, he whispered more about being in her arms than back in Munich.

"I'm home."

That's sort of a home for the holidays type of chapter. I really do like Ed and Sciezska together. It makes for cuteness.