It was a secret, a secret worth keeping. Not that anyone would have believed her should she ever tell. Crazy! They would all yell it she knew. And so it was a secret, though she didn't realize just how true that statement was.

Sarah walked down the halls of her high school, the other kids all threw her glares. It was as though they knew. Teenage children had a knack for finding those with weaknesses, those with things to tell. She could feel the burning in her skin as their eyes settled on her, they knew.

She tried to ignore them. If she showed even the slightest bit of uneasiness they would latch onto her like a leach, sucking out every last bit of information. Somehow she knew this could not happen, it was too deadly.

Sitting down at her desk she worked to keep her attention on the front of the classroom, if she could just get through the day. Soon they would grow weary of watching her, they would find a new victim. Whispers behind her unnerved her, they were talking about her. They knew.

The rest of the day was the same, the same eyes, the same whispers. She had to keep her wits about her, he was watching just waiting for her to slip up. When she returned from his realm she had celebrated, oh but not for long. Morning brought a new day and the realization of what she had gotten herself into.

Notes appeared everywhere she turned, his warnings. The first had been a simple request to keep her little journey to herself else she would regret it. It was wasn't long before the notes became darker and darker. The most recent left her in a fit of the shakes. It has simply been one line…

"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." His handwriting had been swift and elegant and oh so deadly. She knew she was in danger, but what could she do but keep her mouth shut?

He was angry, this she knew all to well. She also knew he was just waiting for her to say something, she swore he wanted to hurt her.

She had thought about telling her parents, but no they would send her off somewhere. There was no one to turn to, and so she would keep it. This was a secret very much worth keeping.

The sky turned dark as she walked along the pathway through her favorite park. No one would bother her there, no school kids to try and pry the information from her. Here she was safe. Or so she thought.

The first droplets of rain hit her nose as she walked. The sound of another's footsteps behind her quickened the beat of her heart. A strange chill in the air moved through her bones and she knew he was there. This really was a secret worth keeping…at all costs.


Ok don't ask, was washing dishes and listening to "Secret" by The Pierces and had this idea of a very dark Jareth. I leave it up to everyone whether Jareth kills Sarah at the end of this or just threatens her. The Line "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead" is from the song "Secret"

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own it a bit!