In writing my 'Nagato's Conversation' story, I realized my limitations…for sure.

SO. I decided to write the….

Top 50 things Yuki would never do:

Run up and make out with Kyon, "Kyon…here? Now! Of course, my love!"

Laugh at Haruhi in front of her face

Yell at Kyon's younger sister

French Kiss Itsuki right when he entered the door

Cry because someone didn't accept her proposal for a date

Get in a cat fight with a random girl for taking her guy

Sing Karaoke while drunk at a bar

Run down the halls of the school while singing

Wink at Mikuru "Hey, there."

Call Haruhi a 'bitch' and then stick her tongue out at her

Jump on a trampoline (without being forced)

Not read anything for a week

Make fun of her own anime

Know how to make fun of her own anime

Not blink at someone for an entire day

Scream at the top of her lungs

Throw water in Kyon's face

Run away from everyone, shouting "SOS sucks!"

Punch a wall because of something Mikuru said. "Yuki, I just can't stand you anymore." Walks up and punches wall "Why do you have to say things like that! It hurts me so!"

Throw a basket ball at Itsuki's face

Slam an alarm clock against a wall

Drive a bike at high speed into someone

Break a pencil because she didn't get the grade she wanted on a test

Throw a book at a teacher saying they were stupid. "You don't even realize how friggin dumb you are, you know? I have to sit here day after day and listen to you when I could teach this damn class so much better than you – get your hands off of me, why do they have security like this so close in a school anyway!" punches security guard, throws book at them, too

Slam a door in Mikuru's face

Put gum in Haruhi's hair "Ha! Take that, bitch!"

Clorox the football field saying "SOS ROCKS!"

Kick Kyon's shins and run away, laughing hysterically about it

Go to a rave, dancing, with glow sticks, glitter, and all (just picture it)

Go for (L) Ryuuzaki (he just doesn't seem her type) "Hey, babe. How's the case going? Did you catch him yet?" Now, Light... "Hey, babe. Did he catch you yet?"

T-Pee Itsuki's house "Heh heh…"

Kiss Mikuru on the forehead and tell her she's a sweety-pie. "Aww, look at you in those outfits all day long. pat pat You're such a sweety-pie! And don't let anyone tell you any different, kay!"

Go to Ethan Allen and buy furniture for her entire house (decorations and all) "I'd like this and this and – ooh! wouldn't that look lovely in the kitchen!"

Run down to Blockbuster for the newest releases of movies. "YES! has come out! We have to go and get it TONIGHT!"

Trip Kyon's little sister

Get a lottery ticket seriously hoping she'd win

Die her hair pink and get pink earrings to match

Get a Viper and drive it across town at night with sunglasses, smiling, trying to pick up guys "Hey, there. How's it going?"

Help Kyon with the SOS site, happily. "C'mon! Let's get this site looking the best it can, huh?"

Flutter her eyelashes at someone she likes

Sing an emotional song for a friend at her wedding

Take up hardcore hip hop

Become a vampire…I'm just sayin'

Come to the SOS club room one day wearing a full face of make-up

Call Kyon stupid in the heat of the moment and then slap him in front of everyone in the SOS Club Room

Flip her hair, sexily

Buy a Vogue Magazine and read it in her own time

Become a fashionista; high heels, sleek hair…the whole bit

Jump up and down because of how happy she is that Itsuki is back from class "Oh, Itsuki! It seems like it's been forever!" – "It's only been like an hour an a half" – "Oh, forever, forever!"

And finally … Giggle