Sami did not know what to do with the young Saiyan female before her. She knew that the girl was a beauty and that she owed her mother, Lily, a favor.

"Bulma," she said. The woman around her watched and listened as their Mistress talked down to the girl. "Your mother was my sister and I will give you two choices." Bulma looked up at her aunt, her cerulean eyes wide with confusion. Bulma was only five and her mother had but died two years before as a slave to pleasure. She lived for being rich and her last husband had taken a liking to beating his wives. Lily had not known this when she had married the rich male Saiyan. He had beaten her for two years before she had died. Though she was Saiyan as well, she was not as strong and her weak, dying body had failed her. Lily had been addicted to Cragitian, a strong "rich man's drug." That was the man reason that she wanted rich men, that and that her foster mom had been greedy and had raised her as such as well. Her daughter, Sami, had not succumbed to such morals and had married a nice young man. He loved his weed, but he was still loving. They owned a brothel where any man that wanted a good lay could come. Inside the brothel was also a bar and gambling hall so that the clients could enjoy other activities beside the sex. "You may take a part in the brothel as a slave and move your way up or you can take five thousand dollars and leave this place…" Bulma looked up into a pair of gray blue eyes, her own cerulean eyes wise.

"I choose…"