Bulma awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She sat up, but found that she had no energy to do so.

'What the fuck is wrong with me?' she asked herself. 'I remember being before Jeicia and then nothing after she stuck me with that thing… OMG!! She stuck me with that needle after she told me about the baby!!' She touched her stomach. Was she pregnant? Had he had her while she slept? OMG what was she going to tell Vegeta? 'I am going to have to kill myself! I have that monster's seed in me!' This time she forced herself to get up. She was halfway to the bathroom when the door opened to reveal Vegeta.

"Oh, Vegeta," Bulma said as she fell to the ground. Vegeta came over to her and picking her up took her back to the bed. After setting her on the bed he sat next to her. "Ve-"

"Bulma," he said, her voice going quiet upon hearing her name from his lips."You are in grave danger."

"I know."

"You know what she did and that you could die." At this Bulma looked confused.

"She did what?"

"I thought that you knew. Before I could get to you Jeicia pumped you with poison."


"What did you think that I meant?"

"I thought that you knew that I was pregnant?" This time Vegeta looked shocked.

"Nani?! Pregnant? By whom?"

"Frieza." Vegeta laughed, his laughter filling the room. "What is so fucking funny? I could be impregnated with that monster's children!"

"You are fine on that part. I killed the bastard before he could touch you!" Bulma smiled, for just one second before she frowned.

"So, I am dying?" Vegeta nodded as the mood once again became somber.

"We have less than 24 hours to figure out how to save you and we will save you. I promise this."

It took them less that 2 hours to find out what poison was and a way for an antidote, but the problem was how to get the antidote. They planet that carried the cure was three days away and there was no way that they could do that. Just as they had given up hope Bardock, Kakarot's father called them to let them know that he knew of something that might hold off the poison until they got to Vegeta-sei where had that antidote. They had to keep her in a rejuvenation tank, but it had to be kept on cool like if they were keeping a dead body. She would be kept cold until they got home in the next day. Vegeta was hesitant about talking to her about it, but he headed out to her room.

"Bulma," he said as he entered her room. She looked up at him, her eyes bloodshot and her face paler than he had ever seen it, but she was still beautiful. "I need to discuss something very important with you."

"Yes?" she whispered as she studied him. "Why do you look so sad?"

"This is going to be tough to tell you. We have found out what the poison is that is in your blood. It is called Tochacretet. It is very deadly and the antidote is very far. It will take us three days to reach it."

"Too late," she said sadly. Here she was with the man of her dreams and she was going to die before she could tell him. "Vegeta, I want to tell you something very important." Vegeta touched her hands softly. They were cold to the touch, but he could not stop touching them. She was such a strong person and it killed him that she was looking so weak.

"We can save you, but you must be put in the rejuvenation tank as if you were already dead. It will keep you alive, but it will slow down the poison until we can get to Vegeta-sei where the antidote is kept. Bardock informed us that they kept such things on planet in case of such things as now." This seemed to brighten Bulma up.

"This is good news."

"What is it that you wanted to tell me?" Bulma looked confused before she remembered what she wanted to tell him, and then she realized that she was in no danger now. He did not feel the same as she did and she could not burden him with her news of love should he love another.

"Nothing." Vegeta frowned. She was hiding something from him.

"Tell me," he commanded. She shook her head as she laid back.

"I am tired," she murmured. Vegeta realized that him pushing her might make her upset and even if he was pissed that she was hiding something, he could not push her.

"Know that I will ask you again as soon as you are healed," he said as he left the room. Bulma watched him go with sad eyes. As soon as he was gone Kakarot came in.

"Bulma, I am here to take you to the rejuvenation tank. Are you ready?" Bulma nodded. "Are you sure that you don't need to do anything before we leave?" Bulma shook her head. Kakarot pulled the covers back and picking up the small girl they headed for the tanks. After placing her in the he set the dials to freeze. It took just moments and Bulma was asleep, her body freezing to below 20 degrees. After making sure that everything was set up properly Kakarot headed for Vegeta's room. They needed to talk.

Vegeta sat on his bed, pictures in his hand of Bulma when she had first come to Vegeta-sei. She had not been his best friend at that time, but his mother had been happy and now looking at the pictures he felt sadness. She was safe, but what would have happened if he had not made it in time? He did not want to think about it. Frieza had fed him some gruesome details of what would have happened if he had had her and that was just one possibility. Just as he put the pictures away Kakarot entered the room.

"Vegeta," he said. "She is in. She seemed forlorn though, like something was wrong." Vegeta nodded.

"She is hiding something, but after what I said about the tank, she just closed up." Kakarot stood there, his face thoughtful as he looked down at his friend and prince. He knew that the pair loved each other, but they would not admit it. Something needed to be said.

"She likes you obviously and you like her too. You know that this is true." Vegeta looked up at his friend, his shock obvious. "Everyone knows this and we all have for a long time. We knew it before you guys did. You need to decide what you are going to do about her and you." With that Kakarot disappeared out the door and left Vegeta to his thoughts.

Everyone knew about his feelings and he was still in the dark about what he was to do about them. He knew now that she liked him, but did that mean that she would say yes to being his mate?

21 hours later they arrived home where Bardock stood waiting on the loading docks. After removing Bulma's body from the tank they headed for the MED where the antidote waited. After warming her body up with heating blankets and other ways they shot the antidote into her slightly warm body. They administered it into her neck where it was sure to kill the poison faster. Vegeta removed her from the table and headed for his room where she would be kept until she got better, just in case someone else got the idea to harm her. It took the antidote less than two hours to flow and kill the poison off. Vegeta had just returned from taking a shower when Bulma's blue eyes opened to the world.

"V-Vegeta?" she inquired softly as her vision began to clear up. He rushed to her side as she tried to sit up.

"Bulma! How do you feel?"

"I just have a small headache, but other than that I feel a lot better than I did before." Now seemed like the perfect time, so Vegeta in his towel got down on his knees and took Bulma's still pale hand in his darker ones.

"Will you be my mate?" he inquired softly. Bulma looked down at him in shock and then she began to cry and laugh at the same time. Vegeta frowned and with a growl he pulled away from her. "What the fuck?!" he boomed, his nice mood gone. "Why the fuck are you laughing and crying?!" She held her stomach as the laugher still fell from her lips. He just seconds from leaving the room when she called his name.

"I am not laughing at you and nor am I sad. Those are tears of joy, Vegeta." She grabbed his hand, his scowl still on his face. "I didn't think that you liked me like that at all. At best maybe a sister."

"What about the laughter?"

"Vegeta, you are in your towel proposing to me." Vegeta looked down and smirked. He had completely forgotten the towel.

"How about this?" With a tug of his hand the towel was off and he stood before her in all his glory. Bulma let out a soft gasp. "Guess that is better." Bulma smirked.

"Yes," she whispered. That was all he needed to hear. Vegeta jumped onto the bed and with a flick of his wrist the white robe she wore was gone. He began to kiss her neck softly as her fingers wove themselves into his ebony hair, her mouth kissing his locks and forehead with tenderness. Vegeta could smell her purity, she was untouched. His fingers delved low on her skin, the tips touching her soft skin as his hand made its way past her belly to the triangle of azure curls. Bulma let out a moan as he caressed her. His teeth delved into her neck, blood sliding down her pale neck as he suckled on the mark, his mark of ownership. Bulma groaned as pleasure overtook her. She pushed him on his back and following his lead started to caress him as she bite him into his corded neck. He let out a moan of enjoyment as she marked him, but before it could get any farther a knock sounded on the large door. Both growled at the intruder.

"I hate to interrupt you, but you are requested by the royal couple." Vegeta and Bulma growled once again and the messenger was gone which left them to their own devices. Both wanted to continue, but they knew that the king and queen would not wait long before coming to them. With a groan they got dressed and headed for the throne room where the older couple waited.

"So, you have finally mated?" the queen inquired softly as the couple stopped before them. Both looked shocked. "We are not stupid. This was anticipated. There will be a ceremony in one day for you to announce your marriage. We will need to prepare the both of you for this event. They looked at each other and groaned. No time for them.

In one days time the royal couple spent less than one hour with each other as cloths was picked out, music picked, and decorations done. The ceremony would be held later that night and the couple had yet to have their own alone time. As the night drew closer they were bathed, dressed and primped. At seven they were finally able to see each other, but not alone.

"Hello, children," the king said as he walked up to them, his wife by his side. "Time to go." With that the couples linked arms as the doors opened to reveal dozens of Sayians waiting for the new royal couple.

"Presenting King Vegeta and Queen Litamiler followed by Prince Vegeta and Princess Bulma." Cheers filled the room as they announced the royal couples. Now that the prince and princess were mated they would take over for the older couple following six months of mating. As the younger couple sat down, Vegeta whispered into Bulma's ear. A sly smirk appeared on the blue girl's face. They waited a few minutes before Vegeta stood up and turning to Bulma held out his hand.

"Would you like to dance, my mate?" She nodded and taking his hand they headed out onto the floor. Everyone parted for the young couple who began to dance to the slow song. The queen and king followed suite and as soon as everyone joined in and the floor was crowded the royal couple slipped out of the room and into the dim halls. Giggling Bulma fell into a small corner as Vegeta forced himself on her. Their bodies meshed as their tongues sparred. Hands dove under his shirt as she caressed his hard, velvety muscles. Groans filled the quiet hallway as Bulma tore off his shirt. "B-Bulma," he groaned as she touched him, her smell filling his nose. "We n-need to get to our room," he groaned. Bulma did not stop as she tried to tear at his pants. He hauled her up and made a run for their room. They past several guards who just smirked knowingly as the young couple still pulled at their cloths. Once they made it to their room and the doors slammed all the cloths were gone and the pair were at each other like horny teenagers.

Six months later…

Bulma stood before the crowd, Vegeta next to her with his hand on her rounded stomach, a smile on her face. The king and queen stood before them, a crown in each of their hands.

"You will honor and cherish each other and the responsibility that you are taking on as rulers of this planet."

"We will honor and cherish each other and the responsibility that we are taking on as rulers of this planet." The king and queen placed the golden crowns on the young couple as the crowd went wild. The queen and king stepped aside as the new king and queen stepped forward.

"We have good news," Vegeta said. "We have been blessed with twins!" A roar rose over the crowd at the news of the heirs to the throne. Nothing could make this moment any better or any worse.