It happened every day at four fourty-five in the afternoon. That's after all of the clubs and teams had left for the evening, and the locker rooms were empty.

The only sound that could be heard was the soft panting, the ruffle of clothes, a soft groan, and occasionally the sound of skin pressing hard against skin. But this afternoon was different. This afternoon Sasuke had had a bit of a hard time getting away from Sakura who had been, as of late, demanding more and more of his attention. This afternoon Naruto was standing under the spray of the almost painfully hot water, washing away the sweat and dirt from football practice. This afternoon was the day marking a year since they'd started this whole affair. This afternoon marked the one year anniversary of when Naruto had fist realised that he was in love with Sasuke. This afternoon was the day Naruto was actually going to say something to Sasuke while they had sex.

Sasuke slipped into the locker room about twenty minutes late, a little relived (although he'd never admit it) when he heard the spray of the water coming from the shower. He tossed his backpack onto one of the benches and walked purposefully towards the showers, careful to keep his clothes on, just in case it wasn't his usual companion. He stepped precariously into the steam filled room, his breath catching very slightly in his throat as he caught sight of Naruto under the spray of the hot water.

Sasuke just watched the other for a moment, watching the way water fell from Naruto's pale lashes, the way a large, tanned hand lifted, brushing hair from his face. Sasuke shivered a little, closing his eyes a moment as he quickly slipped off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside before letting his pants and boxers follow, stepping slowly into the room.

Naruto licked his lips, tasting the warm water there before blue eyes finally opened, surprised to find Sasuke just a breath away from him, "You're finally here," He breathed, mustering up half a smirk, "I wasn't sure you were going to show," He said simply, openly admiring Sasuke as the boy took another step forward, pale hands lifting up to push lightly at his own tanned, broad chest, caressing the wet skin slowly.

"Shut up." Was all Sasuke said as he licked his own lips, pressing his body flush against Naruto's, enjoying the immediate warmth that flooded him.

Naruto frowned a little, one arm coming around Sasuke's waist, holding them close together. He'd already broken one rule. He'd acknowledged the fact that he was waiting for Sasuke. Today was different… he was going to break another rule. Strong fingers lifted and gripped Sasuke's chin purposefully, lifting the other's face a little, "Today's different," He said simply, lowering his lips, and capturing Sasuke's, kissing the other firmly.

They never kissed. Never. It was more intimate than anything they were usually doing, and they had practically created unspoken laws between them. And right Naruto, by kissing Sasuke, Naruto was breaking one of them.

At first Sasuke was too surprised to do anything, Naruto's lips causing a sensation he'd never felt to coil and tighten inside of him, and he really wasn't sure if he liked it. It took another moment before Sasuke realised that he was kissing back, and he pulled back a little bit, "W-What…?"

At first Sasuke was too surprised to do anything, Naruto's lips causing a sensation he'd never felt to coil and tighten inside of him, and he really wasn't sure if he liked it. It took another moment before Sasuke realised that he was kissing back, and he pulled back a little bit, "W-What…?"

Shaking his head a little, Naruto crushed his lips to Sasuke's again, his tongue brushing against the other's bottom lip, before sucking the plump flesh into his mouth and sucking on it lightly, trying to coerce at least Sasuke's body into enjoying this, one big hand moving down to cup Sasuke's bottom, kneading the flesh in his hand, "Mm…."

Sasuke shuddered a little, eyes narrowing as he allowed himself to enjoy the kiss, biting down hard on Naruto's lip when his own was released, "Dumbass," He breathed between their mouths, both arms coming up around Naruto's neck to tangle fingers in his hair, holding their faces together so he could kiss the other deeper.

Naruto winced a little, but smirked as he pulled Sasuke closer, turning them around so that Sasuke was pressed against the cool tile of the wall, hearing quiet obviously the shocked and not entirely pleased hiss that left the other's mouth.

Sakura frowned at the door to the boy's locker room. He'd seen her boyfriend go inside about ten minutes ago, and she had absolutely no idea what he could possibly be doing in there. It just… it was so bizarre. Sasuke had been acting strange all day. Sighing heavily, she placed her small backpack on the floor, and, chewing softly on her bottom lip, pushed open the door to the room.

The only sound she could hear as she stepped slowly, almost nervously, inside was the sound of the shower running. She caught sight of Sasuke's backpack on a bench, and drew in a soft breath, stepping towards the sound of the water.

She knew it was wrong to be following him around like this, and tat it made it seem as though she didn't trust him, but lately things had just been so weird, so strained, that she wanted to know what was going on.

As curious as it was, as Sakura neared the shower area, she caught sight of Sasuke's clothes strewn over the floor. Which was really strange, since she was pretty sure Sasuke was pretty anal about how his clothes were ironed and hung up, and she couldn't imagine a single reason why he'd have had to take them off so quickly.

Curiosity flooded her, and pale cheeks pinkened slightly as she moved closer, tentatively glancing inside of the shower room. Immediately a well-manicured hand came up to cover her lips, muffling the soft gasp that escaped her as she caught sight of Sasuke pinned firmly against the wall, a tanned, blond boy pressed up against him. Very, very provocatively.

The first thing that hit her was the shock which doubled when the blond pulled back a little, and the sight of shining blue eyes caught her gaze. Naruto. The quarterback of the football team. The boy who… by all usual standards of high school rules, should have been her boyfriend since she was the captain of the cheerleading squad. The second thing that flooded her was anger. She was standing here, a little bit of mud smearing the top of her cheerleading uniform, but otherwise immaculate, the picture of a high school beauty, pink hair falling about her face, tousled from practice. She was Sasuke's girlfriend… but he just… she'd never even kissed him the way Naruto was kissing him right now. Never.

And that was what brought forth the next feeling that almost overwhelmed her. Jealousy. She'd never been able to make Sasuke's eyes shine that way… she's never seen him this way a all, absolutely vulnerable… But not only that. It wasn't only Naruto she was jealous of. The way his lips moved over Sasuke's jaw… his throat, nipping softly, sucking… the tip of a pink tongue caressing Sasuke's pulse point… Sakura shivered a little, green eyes a little glazed. She'd never, ever admit it, but she'd had a fair amount of thoughts about the blond boy. He wasn't unattractive by any means, but he was always there. She'd just assumed that if she'd ever wanted him… he'd be waiting for her…

A shiver went through her once more as she watched Naruto's fingers wrap around Sasuke's length, and a hot sensation flooded her, making her flush brightly. She wondered what Sasuke's length felt like… Sinking to the floor, her skirt hiked up a little to the top of her thigh, Sakura watched the boys, shame tingling inside of her. It wasn't right to be watching them. Not when it looked so private. Like she was intruding in on something.

But she couldn't make her body move. Not even a little bit as her hand came up to her face, feeling the heat there. Green eyes closed a moment as she tried to regulate her breathing. But even as she tried so hard…. All she could hear was a soft gasp, and a groan, and when she opened her eyes, Naruto was pushing a finger inside of sasuke, and another flood of heat moved through her, making her very, very suddenly uncomfortable. She couldn't move. Couldn't stand up. And so, cheeks hot with shame, one hand came down, brushing very lightly at her breast through her shirt, a little surprised to find her nipples already hard as he fingers continued downward, moving over the soft, pleated fabric of her skirt, sliding under it. This wasn't right… it wasn't right, and she should be so angry, she should be yelling, screaming, so mad that they weren't including her in this, but all she could do was sit there… her body alight with arousal as she watched Naruto, tanned finger sliding in and out of Sasuke.

The sight of it made her shudder a little, and her fingers slide very lightly against herself through her spankies, her whole body lurching forward slightly at the sudden sensation, and she lifted her hand up, biting down on the knuckle of her index finger. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Why was she doing this…?

Naruto pushed a second finger inside of Sasuke, moving them slowly as the other boy's head fell back against the wall, lips parting and panting. "I'm going to fuck you," He whispered gruffly, intent on keeping the boundary open between them, "I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk properly," He groaned.

Sasuke nodded, holding Naruto tighter as he crushed their lips harder together, kissing the blond hungrily as he pushed harder down onto Naruto's fingers, "Nngh… fuck… just do it," He breathed, "Stupid…. Fucking… dumbass… just fuck me already…"

Naruto smirked a little, nodding as he pulled his fingers out of Sasuke, hoisting the other up until strong, pale legs were wrapped around his waist, his length pressing against the boy's entrance, "Fuck yes…"

Sakura was panting heavily as she watched Sasuke's legs holding tight to Naruto. She could see it… she could see everything, even as Sasuke was arching back, trying to pull more of Naruto inside of him. Her fingers moved more firmly along the line of her spankies, and she shuddered again. She felt her body warm even more, and she shifted uncomfortably once more, moving her fingers slowly, slipping under the hem of her panties, sliding lightly against the wetness she felt there.

Naruto heard a soft gasp from the other side of the room, and slid hard and fast inside of Sasuke, the other boy's head falling back as he let out a loud cry. A blond head turned towards the sound, and blue eyes widened a little when he caught sight of the pink haired girl resting against the entranceway, the fingers of her right hand sliding under her spankies, her other hand lifted up to her mouth. He groaned again, and shifted a little inside of Sasuke.

Sasuke let out a sound akin to a whimper, and tightened his legs around Naruto's waist, "Fuck… don't stop, dumbass," He said huskily, pressing down against the other's length inside of him, "Move, for fuck's sake just fuck me…" He complained loudly, dark eyes only half open as he tried to fit more of Naruto inside of him, "More…"

Naruto nodded, and began moving inside of Sasuke, tearing his eyes away from the pink-haired girl, as he leaned in, his lips moving against Sasuke's throat as he slid his eyes shut and concentrated on pushing hard into Sasuke, trying to work up a proper rhythm, "Nn… fuck, Sasuke…" He breathed, trying to erase the thoughts of Sakura from his mind.

Sakura slid her fingers up and down before very tentatively slipping a finger inside of herself, gasping once more as she moved it in and out slowly, enjoying the feeling as she watched Naruto move inside of Sasuke. If she just… focussed on that, then she could imagine that it was Naruto moving inside of her… or even Sasuke… She shivered once more, letting out a muffled cry as she moved her thumb, letting it brush against her clit, her whole body shaking as he did her best to multi-task, alternating between moving her finger inside and rubbing herself lightly.

Sasuke lowered one hand down, keeping the other wrapped firmly around Naruto's neck as he wrapped his fingers around his length, stroking himself in time with Naruto's thrusts, the pleasure shooting through him almost painfully. "N-Naruto…" He panted, pushing down as hard as he could, heat coiling inside of him as he drew closer to orgasm, his hand tangling in wet, matted hair, "Nngh…"

Naruto moved as hard as he could, his orgasm building inside of him as he moved, pushing as fast as he could manage, "I'm going to…" He breathed, "I'm going to come inside of you…"

Sakura pushed her finger inside of herself more urgently, her eyes focussed on the sight of the two boys, her boys, as her thumb moved faster, her whole body tensing up. It felt… it felt so good. She'd never felt such a desperate heat inside of her before…

Sasuke arched back against the wall, his body completely open to Naruto as the other moved inside of him, moving so deeply inside, hitting just... that spot so hard, so perfectly inside of him… "Fuck, yes Naruto… come inside of me… please…" He pleaded.

Pushing harder, more intensely, Naruto fell over the edge, groaning loudly as he came, spilling himself inside of Sasuke as he rocked against the other, his forehead pressed against Sasuke's lips parted as he gasped, "Fuck… Sasuke… I love you…" He groaned, mumbling almost incoherently.

Sakura's lips parted in a gasp at those words as he rubbed herself harder and faster, biting down hard on her knuckle as her body tensed, shuddering almost painfully as she came, her head falling forward as she felt her body spasming lightly, "M-mm…"

Sasuke's eyes widened considerably at those words as he held tight to Naruto, the feeling of the other boy spilling inside of him pushing him over the edge as he came as well, crying out loudly as he arched against Naruto, spilling over his own hand, "N-Naruto…" He panted huskily as his whole body shook in pleasure.

Naruto held Sasuke against the wall, careful as he lowered him to the ground. "I'm not joking," He whispered, "I really do…"

Sakura's slumped back against the wall as she tried her best to catch her breath, her hands both falling to the side, her spankies rubbing very uncomfortably against her over-sensitized skin. Naruto loved Sasuke. He loved him…

Sasuke's eyes opened slowly, and he gazed at Naruto, lips parting so that he could respond, before he tensed, eyes catching on the movement behind the other boy.