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The rest of the school day passed without much drama, although the only thing Sasuke could think of was that cocky-ass little smirk pointed down at him. He didn't even really know what it was that had drawn him towards Naruto. The blond was annoying, impulsive, and far more touchy feely than Sasuke was interested in being. Although, today's actions proved him wrong. After all, he'd been the one to start the affair on the roof at lunch.

Sighing a little, he shook his head and continued to neatly write down the equations from the board, only half paying attention to the things the teacher was saying. There were only a few minutes left in class, and then the day was over. In fact… only seven minutes and thirty two seconds until the weekend started. Sasuke enjoyed the weekend more than the school days (although he never let part of him show, instead acting as though the only thing he cared about at all was getting the top marks in their class, and leading a few of the school teams), but really… the weekend was the only time he didn't have to sneak around in order to be with Naruto.

On the weekends, Sasuke was free to do whatever he wanted to do, with whomever he wanted to do it with, as long as he finished every tiny bit of homework he had, showed it to his parents, and told them he was going to be with Sakura for the day. His father simply nodded approvingly, his mother always frowned a little but nodded, and Itachi? Well, his brother seemed to have caught on by now, quirking a brow and smirking lightly in that way that was just so damn irritating.

Although he'd never admit it, being around Naruto made Sasuke feel… more at home than he'd ever felt before. The blond always had a smile ready for him, and even though they were disgusting… he always made him homemade snacks - kind of homely, really. His bedroom was usually a disgusting mess until Sasuke got there and cleaned it up for him, but even that little thing was something that Sasuke looked forward to every week.

He sighed again, glancing up at the clock with a frown and willing it to move faster. One minute and fifteen seconds… Taking a chance, Sasuke glanced around the room, noticing first Naruto sitting over towards the back of the class, staring out the window and almost intently avoiding the teacher. The barest hint of a smile graced his lips before his eyes moved back to the front of the room, and towards where his 'girlfriend' was sitting, noticing immediately that she was already looking at him - almost curiously, really. Dark brows twitched a little as he stubbornly kept her gaze, unwilling to let the pink-haired girl get the better of him.

They stayed that way, just staring at each other until the bell rang. Sasuke frowned, rising from his seat and gathering his books into his arms. There was something about Sakura that was completely different from Naruto. What he felt for her was also very, very fundamentally different from the other man. With Naruto there was something strong - something he'd been forced to stop fighting a long time ago - something he craved. With Sakura it was… he wasn't attracted to her at all, really. He'd tried for years to feel something at least slightly similar to what he knew the girl felt for him, but the best he'd been able to muster was moderate respect for her (which was a considerable feat. He didn't particularly respect anyone), and he did care for her. To him… she was someone who had been a very important part of his life for three years now. If it hadn't been for Sakura, Sasuke would never have been granted any of the freedom from his family that he had now.

Shaking his head clear Sasuke frowned a little deeper and turned around, nearly dropping his book as he came face to face with the softly smiling pink-haired girl. "S-Sakura," he said, lips parted in surprise. "Fuck, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that!"

The girl simply smiled a little and shook her head, green eyes shining in amusement as she leaned forward and brushed her lips very lightly against his. "Don't be weird, Sasuke," she said softly, her tone different than any he'd heard before. "I just came to make sure we were on for tomorrow night," she said simply, gaze sliding over to Naruto who was presently standing only three desks away, making quite a show of packing up his bag even though he was quite obviously listening in on their conversation.

Sasuke quickly gathered his wits around him before blinking a few times and nodding, "Yes," he said with a firm nod. "Yes. Tomorrow night, exactly as we planned." He could still taste the sweetness of her lip gloss on his lips. He didn't find it altogether unpleasant when she kissed him. It just felt… very similar to the way it felt when his mother kissed him. Well… not when she was shoving her tongue down his throat, - that was more awkward than anything - and he was a little more pleased now that he'd never have to deal with trying to pretend arousal. In fact… he hoped that this whole arrangement would bring the two of them closer together. He was sure that he and Sakura could be friends if they were without the stress of a fake relationship that she didn't know was fake.

A flurry of motion in his peripheral vision alerted Sasuke to the fact that Naruto was obviously getting impatient, and he smiled a little at Sakura. "See you then," he said with a slight nod, leaning in to kiss her lightly before adjusting the armful of books, and heading out of the room, knowing that Naruto would be following not too far behind him.

It seemed like the next night was going to be a very important night for all three of them.

Naruto hurried around his bedroom, making sure that everything was tidied and that his table was positioned carefully in the middle of the room, his bed made, and the window open to air out the faint smell of his practice jerseys. He wanted everything to be perfect. He was in love with Sasuke; he knew that without a doubt. He was pretty sure, with the way he caught Sasuke looking at him sometimes, that there was something similar to that going on in the other boy's head. But Sakura… he wasn't entirely sure where they stood with Sakura. He wasn't sure if she was in love with Sasuke, or just physically attracted to the both of them… he hoped that tonight was the time they'd finally get this all figured out.

Shaking his head clear, he glanced around his room for the hundredth time, and beamed before the doorbell rang. He'd just have to grab the snacks after letting his first guest in.

Sasuke was the first one to get to Naruto's house. He knew already that the other boy's foster parents were out of town, and they'd had an elaborate weekend planned before changing it for Sakura. He hoped it was worth it…

Sighing a little, he frowned at the door, wondering what was taking Naruto so long when the door finally opened. A beaming blond head poked out before Naruto stepped back, revealing himself dressed only in tight blue jeans and a black wife beater. Sasuke shook his head, and stepped inside, pushing the door closed before he grabbed Naruto by the shirt, standing on his toes to kiss the other firmly on the mouth. He kissed him a little harder as he tugged him towards the staircase, ignoring the protests about snacks, and leading him up to where the familiar bedroom was waiting.

Sakura stood outside of Naruto's front door, smoothing down the front of her summer dress nervously. She wasn't entirely sure what to expect for tonight, and that was the reason it had taken her so long to get ready. But here she stood, purse slung over her shoulder and a small plate of cookies in her arms as she knocked shakily on the door. It took a few moments before she heard the footsteps towards the door, and she lifted her head up a little higher, a small smile on her lips as Sasuke pulled open the door to Naruto's house, his hair mussed and cheeks flushed a little. Her eyes were drawn to his lips which were swollen and red, very obviously from Naruto's kisses, or…

"..H-hi," She said softly, "I'm sorry if I'm a little early…"

Sasuke blinked a few times before shaking his head and stepping back to allow her into the house. "No. You're on time, don't worry. Oh… you brought cookies. Good. Naruto can't cook, so you're going to want to stay away from whatever he offers you unless it's in a sealed package."

Sakura stared at Sasuke a moment before her smile became more honest and she nodded, stepping inside, "I remember," she agreed. "They are pretty awful."

Sasuke chuckled a little, relaxing a little, even as the pink-haired lifted herself onto her tiptoes and pressed their lips together very lightly. "Take me upstairs?" she asked softly.

Sasuke nodded, pulling back from the other, and tangling their fingers together, leading her up the stairs to where Naruto's bedroom was. "It's not very clean," he warned her with the hint of a smile, shaking his head.

Sakura laughed softly, shaking her own head. There were a lot of things she really adored about Naruto, and the messiness was definitely one of those things that had taken getting used to. "It's fine," she said softly, a warmth spreading through her as they made it to the top of the stairs and Sasuke opened the door for her, holding it open so that she could step inside.

Naruto looked up from where he'd been trying to brush his hair, and beamed at the two that moved inside of the room. "Hey, Sakura" he said happily. He'd wondered, really, if the girl was going to show up at all. He had, after all, coerced her in a way. But he really did want the both of them here. He was in love with Sasuke, but there were feelings there for Sakura as well; feelings he'd never really been able to shake, and he was pretty damn sure that she felt at least something of the same for him.

A part of him, at first, had longed to just keep Sasuke to himself, insist that he be only with Naruto. It had been scary at first when Naruto had realized that he was in love with Sasuke, because he'd been so angry when he'd seen the dark-haired boy with his girlfriend. He'd been so angry, and he'd just wanted to lash out, spill their secret to the whole world and take Sasuke away with him. It had taken a little while for him to realize that the repercussions of his actions would have completely destroyed anything he and Sasuke could have had. And so he got to know Sakura, and he got to know her very well. It was so very obvious, after spending all of the time with Sakura, that if he'd taken Sasuke away from her she'd never have forgiven him. There was no doubt in Naruto's mind that his heart was big enough for the both of them. He could share Sasuke with her. After all, he already knew - even if the other hadn't said anything - that Sasuke loved only him.

Blinking a few times to shake himself out of his thoughts, Naruto beamed brighter, and gestured Sasuke and Sakura over to him. "I'm glad you came," he said honestly to Sakura. "I wasn't sure you were going to."

Sakura frowned a little, shaking her head. "You invited me. It would have been rude not to show up. Besides, I thought… we had a deal?" she asked slowly, wondering if Naruto had called her here to make a fool of her.

Blue eyes widened a little when he caught sight of the girl's frown. Constantly aware of Sasuke's presence, he pushed himself off the bed, leaning in to brush their lips together, free hand coving the ones that were entwined.

Sasuke watched the two intently, dark eyes focused on the expressions crossing Naruto's face, warmth spreading through him. "Why don't you tell her the plan?" he drawled smoothly, never loosing his cool expression.

Naruto nodded, pulling back a little from Sakura. "Yeah…" he said slowly, licking his lips and tasting the strawberry lip-gloss that had been previously spread delicately across the girl's lips. "The plan… well, you know already that we need you to stay, publicly, together with Sasuke. It's the only way to keep his parents from getting suspicious of us," Sakura nodded, "But you know that he… well Sasuke is…"

He paused, frowning a little. "There're some things Sasuke can't do…" he said slowly.

Rolling his eyes a little, Sasuke untangled his fingers from the other two, and crossed his arms, looking away, a very slight pinkness on his cheeks. "I'm gay," he stated simply.

Green eyes widened a little, and Sakura nodded. She wasn't really that surprised. After all, she'd witnessed just how… physical the other had managed to be with Naruto, so very different from even the little they'd been able to do together. "Yeah, I guessed that," she said softly before turning her gaze to Naruto again. "And you…? Are you gay or…?"

The smallest smile tugged at Naruto's lips and he leaned in again, kissing the pink-haired girl lightly on the mouth, fingers coming to brush some hair behind her ear. "Did it seem like I was gay when we were in the bathroom?" he asked a little teasingly, loving how she turned a brilliant shade of pink.

Sasuke rolled his eyes a little, arms still crossed as he cleared his throat. He wasn't sure he was ready to see the two of them pressed together like that. "He's not," he said coolly. As far as he knew, Naruto hadn't even thought about another guy before.

Pulling back from Sakura, Naruto shook his head, and grabbed Sasuke by the shirt, tugging him against his body. "I'm not," he agreed. "Sasuke is the only one."

He gazed at Sasuke a moment before leaning in and kissing him slowly on the mouth, taking his time to enjoy the difference between the two of them.

Sakura nodded, licking her lips a little as they touched. "So then… what's going to happen?" she asked softly.

Naruto pulled back from Sasuke reluctantly, smiling a little. "We can all be together," he offered in a hushed voice. "I can be with both of you, and there's still a way that you can be with Sasuke…"

Sasuke nodded, keeping his hands stubbornly at his sides now, resisting the urge to touch Naruto, to hold him, to kiss him again…

Sakura nodded, cheeks warming hotly at the thought. "O-okay… it's a deal," she said firmly. Since the bathroom… she'd been thinking of little other than Naruto, and what it is that he could offer her in the physical way that Sasuke could not…

Grinning proudly, Naruto nodded, and turned back towards Sasuke fingers coming to begin unbuttoning Sasuke's shirt. "I'll show you," he said to her as the pale skin of the dark-haired boy was exposed to their eyes. "We'll both show her, won't we babe?" he said teasingly, despite the indignant glare Sasuke shot at him before he crushed their lips together, kissing him more hungrily this time.

Swallowing hard Sakura watched the boys her cheeks still pink, and that warmth still flooding her, faster now, even. Every time she saw them touch at all, she noticed the way that they both softened, the way they kissed, hands clutching almost desperately at each other. Maybe she should have realized something before, but she'd been so busy, too preoccupied with the fact that both of these boys had wanted her (or so she'd thought…) that she'd missed the fact that all of their fighting was just an excuse to touch each other.

And now she was sure of it as she watched them kiss; they were in love with each other.