Title: Two Hearts Broken

Author: witchytara27

Summary: Two hearts, intertwined but not together.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to Nickeldoeon, Butch Hartman, and whoever else wants to claim "The Fairly Oddparents"

Author's Note: I got this idea of writing style from "The Lady Elizabeth," who writes fanfic for the Baby-Sitters Club. Wanted to give credit to where credit was due. And also, I am normally a slash writer, so this is my first attempt in a very, very long time of writing something non-slashy. Hope everyone enjoys this. Reviews are always appreciated, flames are just meant to keep me warm on these cold Indiana winter nights.


He watches her out of the corner of his eye as he pretends to concentrate on his lunch, wondering how he can get within 10 feet of her without stuttering and acting like a fool. He knows that their social status in this high school make it almost laughable that she would even give him the time of day, but he keeps hoping that the walls will come down.


She notices her crush sitting at the table with his friends, looking down at his lunch. She curses the social hierarchy that keeps her from revealing her true feelings for him. She's had a crush on him since middle school. And now in their senior year, everything seems hopeless as she is one of the most popular girls in the school and he…well, he's no body really. Just another face who blends into the crowd. But to her, he is different.


He curses his lack of wealth, his lack of good looks and his lack of social graces. After all, he is the one who broke out into hives whenever girls would come around him when he was 10. He's always held his heart out for her, hoping that one day she would come to her senses and see that popularity wasn't the key to life. That she wouldn't always be this hard, this vicious, this vindictive, because deep down she knew beneath that exterior was someone he fell in love with back in middle school when they worked on a project together.


She couldn't let him know how she felt about her, because he saw beneath everything that she tried to present to the world. The bitchiness, the cold-heartedness, the shadow which she walked in and tried to present herself to be. She loved him ,he loved her, but yet there was always something in the way, mainly her strive to be the most popular, the most beautiful in the world.


"Peasant" she spat at him as she walked by.

"Bitch" he spat back, glaring at her with ill-concealed hatred in his eyes.

"White trailer trash"

"Trixie wanna be" he spat back, glaring at her

She reached out to smack him, but he grabbed her arm and twisted it as the whole cafeteria fell silent.

"How dare you try and touch me, you low life" she shrieked as he tightened his grip on her wrist.

He looked deep in her eyes and she looked back. Slowly he dropped her wrist and walked away as she stared after his retreating figure. "I'm sorry Chester," Veronica whispered to herself. "If only I could drop the pretenses and tell you how I really feel."

Outside the cafeteria he leaned against the wall, drawing in a ragged breath. "I'm sorry, Veronica, but I can't let you know how I feel."

Two hearts, never meant to be together as one.