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"Sasori-danna! SASORI-DANNA! UN!" Deidara dashed over with a lightning speed, and then he jumped like a kitty cat and landed nicely (and violently) on his danna's head. Sasori, who's working on his Hiruko in his work room, slumped to the ground.

"Ooouch.. DEIDARAAA! What the hell are YOU doing! Trying to act like Tobi? You should realize that your weight is up by 5 kilos this week!" the redhead yelled to his partner.

"Uuun.. danna.. please don't remind me about my weight.. I DID NOT eat too much, ya know!" the blonde blushed like a school girl in front of her boyfriend.

Sasori sat up and poking his cloak to clean the dust, then he back to his work of 'art', ignoring his stupid partner.

Deidara stood behind his fellow artist "Dannaaaa..." whined Deidara quietly as he studied Sasori quietly working on his puppet.

When no reaction came from the red headed Akatsuki member, Deidara persisted "DANNAAAA..." he said in a slightly high pitched voice.

Still, no reaction, he sighed and tried again "SAAAASORI-DANNAAAA..." but still, no reaction from his brown-eyed partner.

And this went on for a time, before Deidara slightly barked, "Yo, Puppet Boy, un!" Deidara teased with a DJ style.

"WHAT!" snapped Sasori angrily, finally looking up from his 'art', his deep hazel eye twitched toward the blonde.

Deidara grinned "I will not go anywhere until you listen to what I want to tell ya, un!"

Sasori sighed in reply "Yeah.. yeah.. so what do you want then?" Sasori asked lazily, while he stood up to face his partner, he ran a hand through his messy scarlet hair, yawned.

"Okay, un.. I just wanna tell you that I found this thing in my drawer. Do you know whose diary is this, un?" the blonde said while he showed a feathery diary with a shocking PINK colour.

Seeing that eye-catching-but-bad-tasted thing, Sasori's eyes grew wide.. and wider.. and wider.. until the eyelids could pull back no further (Yesh, I am exaggerating..). Without saying any words, the puppet master snatched away the diary from his partner's hand, and quickly hid it inside his cloak.

A large question mark appears above the bomber artist's head "Un? Why are you hiding it? Is it yours? –giggle- I never thought of that.." Deidara started laughing out loud.

"HELL NO! It's my partner's!"

"Huh? Danna ever got a girl as a partner, un? Uuun.. before me.. Orochimaru was your partner, right?"

"Indeed! It's HIS diary!" Sasori said with a voice almost screamed.

Deidara frozen in shock until he can't laugh. "UN! So why you're not allowed me to read it! I always wanna know about him, un! And you never answered my question if I asked about him.. Puhleeeease, danna!" Deidara pushed himself crawled to grab the diary from his danna, Sasori pushed his annoying partner's forehead with his feet (Imagine that..).

After a couple minutes that feels like a century of crawling and being pushed back ruthlessly, Deidara fell off to the floor, exhausted, glum expression showed on his face. "You're mean danna, un! What's the problem if I peep it just a BIIIIT! It's not yours anyway, uuun.." the blonde looked like he's gonna cry soon, his silver eyes grew wider like a abandoned puppy pleading to get adopted.

Sasori's face turned red with both of embarrassment and annoyance "NO! YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT FUCKING SNAKE GAY PEDOPHILE!" Sasori's tears burst out, he running out from his work room as he crying dramatically.

"Un? What the?" Deidara sweat dropped...

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