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I HATE ORO! chapter 9

"Open it now, un?"

"Yeah! Open it now, senpai!"

"Uuun.. Now?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"When we know the truth, that means our mission will end, Tobi.. Uun.." Deidara put his finger on his chin.

"Yeah so?"

"Uuun.." Deidara frowned as if he was thinking hard about some complex circumstances.

A large question mark appeared above the impatient Tobi's head. "Do you want Tobi to open it first? Are you scared it would be suddenly blown up when you open it, senpai?"

"..." Deidara bit his lower lip. Tobi groaned.

"Well.. Okay.. Tobi will open it first!" Tobi hovered his hand to grab the diary, but his senpai's hand suddenly stopped it mid-air.

"No, Tobi.. I just can't believe this went too smoothly, un.. Don't you think that Itachi may trick us? I mean, maybe that Uchiha was plotting against me with Danna, un.."

"Oh, senpai.. Don't think badly about Itachi-senpai.. How can he lie to someone he loves.."

"Someone he loves, un?" Deidara casually tilted his head sideways.

"Eerrm.. No.. Forget it.. Tobi is kinda screwed up right now.. Hehe.. Of course Tobi is the only one who loved you, senpai!"

"Un? Say that again!"

"Aaa.. Aaa.." Tobi waved his hand to cover his face, which had heated up by now, but then he realized that his mask was still on. Baka..

Deidara sighed. "Right.. There's nothing to worry about.. I'm just taking it too seriously, un.."

Tobi released a breath of relief as he put his hand on his chest.

The blonde took a really deep breath. "Okay! Here goes, un! The first page!"

(The first page was full of Orochimaru's portraits, taken from various different angles, similar with the ones in the women's fashion magazine.. Horror..)

"Eeew.. Yuck, un!" Deidara stuck out his tongue in disgust and flipped open the next page.

Janeowari 17

"He can't spell January, un.."

"Well, same with Tobi then.."

"Huh, un?"

Dear Diary...

Today was my lucky day! Guess what? My plan to escape from Konoha was a big success! Woohoo! That Sarutobi-baka will never get his goatee curler back! It's mine now! MUAHAHAHA!!

The two Akatsuki sweat dropped as they looked at each other. "Goatee curler?? (un)"

Both of them tried as hard as they could to not burst out laughing, and scared the other members away because they thought that both of them had really gone crazy this time.

Deidara flipped open some more pages.

February 14

"Wow, he spell it perfectly this time, un!"

"Maybe some other people wrote it down for him.."

Dear Diary...

Today is the day where love blooms everywhere, Halloween!

"Wasn't it valentine, un?"

Tobi simply shrugged.

Yeah, but how can I get my chocolate? I was still lost in the woods for almost a month! Oh boy.. I knew my plan wouldn't go as good as I imagine.. Sigh.. Anko-chan.. I miss you so much, my pupil.. I knew you're sad because I'm gone.. Will you ever forgive me?

--Oh really?--

"Oh boy! I'm glad that perverted snake is gone! Now I can use all of his secret money to buy as much sake as I want! MUAHAHAHA!!"

"Anko-san.. You're started to get drunk.."

"Come on, Scarecrow-chan! (6) Kiss my butt!"

(6) Scarecrow: Kakashi


Deidara frowned. "Who the hell is Anko? Gah! This part is boring, un!"

"Flip some more , senpai!"

March 21

Dear Diary...

Finally! I was saved! I successfully joined the famous criminal organization by the name of Akatsuki! Khu khu khu.. That baka leader Pein was stupider than I thought.. He let me to join after I bribed him with an expensive sushi set! But you know what the best part of it is? I got a really cute boy as my partner! When the leader was blabbering about that room-sharing thingy, I couldn't stop my eyes from staring at the unaware boy who stood right behind the leader. He's got slick, beautiful scarlet hair, and his beautiful chocolate eyes.. Woot! He's so gorgeous! And it looks like he's still 14.. Hmm.. Perfectly suits MY type..

The blonde and the masked boy both gulped this time. This part was way too much of a horror to read.

"Wow, Tobi.. I guess the next page would be the answer, un.."

"Um hum.." Tobi nodded before he gulped once again.

March 22

Dear Diary...

Today, I raped my partner when we spent the night together. Yes.. He wouldn't sleep with me the night before.. So I bla bla bla

Deidara ignored the words after it as he dropped the diary from his grip, deeply shocked by what he just read.

However, Tobi didn't have the same reaction. Instead, he asked, "Senpai.. What does rape mean?"


"Tobi.. You know what, un? Now I have a great idea to prank Sasori-danna, un!"

"Um? What is it?" Tobi asked curiously with his casual cheery tone.

A really wide cat smile formed on the bomber's lips.

"A punishment for not trusting me as his partner to know about his former partner, un.." Deidara made the hand seals.

"Henge no Jutsu, un!"


Knock! Knock!

Sasori averted his gaze from the half-finished 'art' on his workbench, slightly annoyed with the knock.

"Rotten timing.." He murmured.

Knock! Knock!

He sighed as he rolled his eyes before he said, "Come in.."

The old wooden door slowly creaked open, revealing a man with long hair and ugly pale face. Again, Sasori suddenly froze like a deer in headlights. He grew rigid, and his eyes grew wide with fear and hatred.

"O.. Oro.. Orochimaru?! What do you want now?!"

"Khu khu khu.. Is that how you greet your old friend?" At this rate, Deidara tried as hard as he could to not say 'un', one mistake and he will be assigned a cause of death by his own Danna. Okay, that was a bit too much.. But still, one 'un' could ruin everything..

Deidara walked toward the redhead in a pedophile-like way (I dunno how it looks like either, just imagine it by yourself!)

"Hey, Sasori.. Remember what we did on our first night? Khu khu khu.. Let's do that again.."


"Hey Konan, could you bring those papers to me?"

Konan nodded, she walked to the end table and took a stack of papers, but then..

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" A very loud and shocking screams was heard from nowhere.

The blue haired women slumped down and the stack of papers buried over her body.

Pein was back down with his chair, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!"


"Life is interesting.. Is it not?" Itachi said calmly after he felt the sudden earthquake. The Uchiha flipped open the next page of Icha Icha Paradise as a small smile formed on his lips.



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