Just thought I'd finish this one off with a little author's note.

I think one of Mistah J's greatest and most underused skills is his ability to manipulate people. I believe Joker is a highly keen and astute observer of human psychology. He really 'gets' what makes people tick, even if he can't personally relate to it himself, being too beyond normal human emotion. But he's watched a lot and he's learned a lot and he likes to put what he learns into practice.

I think, given the right amount of time and circumstances, he could pretty much fuck anyone's head up. And to me, that's actually scarier than just mowing down a whole bunch of random people. Joker's little nudges being the flutter of a butterfly's wings leading to a tornado on the other side of the world is very intriguing, especially as Joker holds himself to be a master of chaos. Indeed, the embodiment of chaos.

I don't think Mistah J actually holds racist or homophobic or sexist or whatever opinions. I don't think he cares about that sort of superficiality. He understands the development of those attitudes is simply a symptom of humanity's feeble-mindedness in the face of a perceived threat or something that's different.

It's that he actually has an ABSENCE of opinion on it all - it's just not important enough in his world for him to give it any thought. People are people and they can all scream in terror and horror.

If you know how to make them.

Essentially, Mistah J believes EVERYTHING is meaningless and humans have created this system of morality and judgement and based it on - nothing! Nothing at all except ignorance and fear.

Therefore, he sees very clearly that people judging another by the colour of their skin or their sex or sexual identity is patently ridiculous. But it doesn't outrage him that people do so.

It amuses him.

So, he will surely take advantage of these attitudes to play little games on the world, when given the opportunity.

True to his mercurial and capricious nature, in these letters he becomes exactly what his audience wants him to be, echoing their own belief and judgements to more keenly coax and encourage.

I imagine it would give him absolutely delirious delight to play with people in this way and then read about the effects his little antics have had.

Why then, did he not answer "Genesis"?

Simple. He could tell straight away that ignoring her completely was going to the best method of getting to her, of goading her into snapping. And, the result was rather spectacular. She certainly did snap.

I just thought it bore demonstrating that Mistah J is dangerous for so many more reasons than his high body count.