Harry was pacing out in the hallway outside the delivery room. He had been away on a mission when his wife had gone into labour. The twenty five year old was head of the top team of aurors in the ministry, the youngest person to pass the training. Between being an auror and the star seeker for the national quiditch team, Harry had definitely not fallen out of the spotlight since the final battle.

Molly came over to him "Harry its okay. Ginny will be fine and you will soon have your daughter in your arms"

Harry nodded "I know. I just wish they would let me be in there with her"

His father in law came over to him "Harry you know that they would let you in if it was safe for her"

Harry nodded and continued to pace. His brother in laws and their wives were there. Hermione was even there though she was pregnant with her and Ron's second child. Ron and Harry were partners as aurors for the past three years since Ron finished his training and Hermione owned a shop on Diagon alley that specialized in selling muggle items for wizards.

Finally a doctor came out "Mr Potter you can go in now"

Harry smiled and walked into the room where Ginny was laying in a bed "Hey sweet heart, how are you feeling?"

Ginny grimaced but tried to smile "In a lot of pain. I am glad that it is over"

Harry looked up when a nurse came to him and placed a small bundle wrapped in pink on his arms. The beautiful little girl was his spitting image with a mop of wild black hair and his features.

"Have you thought of a name yet for her" the nurse asked him and Ginny

Ginny shook her head "Let my husband decide"

Harry looked at his beautiful daughter "Lily Sevra Potter"

Ginny glared at her husband but she nodded her head and the name was placed on the birth certificate. Ginny refused to even hold their baby. Harry was worried but the doctor assured him that it was not that uncommon for a mother right after a hard delivery to be unattached form her child. Harry had hoped that Ginny would change soon.

Things went from bad to worse though. Ginny refused to spend any time with their daughter. She returned to quiditch as soon as she could, a chaser for the harpies. She sent her daughter off to her mother's every day for care and practically never held the child. It was Harry who was up at all hours of the night for night feedings and for colic and more. Three months after Lily came home Harry finally confronted his wife.

"Harry get the baby" Ginny called

Harry who had come home from a double shift of raids said "Ginny, can you not tend to your daughter just once"

Ginny stormed in "You are the one who wanted the brat in the first place Potter. To flame your little ego"

Harry cringed "Ginny, we both decided that we should start a family"

"You just want to turn me into a brood mare like my mother" Ginny screamed "I am not giving up my career for your spawn"

Harry could not believe Ginny was speaking like that of their daughter "I never asked you to give up your career for OUR DAUGHTER"

Ginny glared at him "You only married me to get a baby, now you have it, be happy"

Harry wanted to shake her "What do you mean?"

"I mean that if your dear lover had not died in the final battle you would never have married me" Ginny said "Is that not why you gave her the name Sevra"

Harry raged "Do not ever bring up Severus in this house again."

Ginny threw a vase at him "Your dam filthy lover. Died the traitor he was. You married me to have your little heirs, nothing else"

"Never speak of Severus that way. He was not a traitor, he died a hero. And he was a better person then you could ever hope to be" he seethed "And you married me for the fame, you never loved me"

Ginny slapped him and stormed out of the house. Harry went to his daughter's bedroom and scooped his crying daughter into his arms. He could not deny that if his lover Severus had not died, he would never have married Ginny. Severus and Harry had fallen in love in fifth year when Snape taught him occulemany. They had wanted until he finished school to announce to the world and come out but he had died first.

"Its okay sweetheart he said to his daughter

A week later he received word from Ginny that she had filed for divorce and had moved in with Dean Thomas. They had been having an affair behind his back for months and they were moving to New York city. Ginny had been offered a huge contract with a quiditch team over there and Dean would be working for a magic magazine there. She would get nothing of his vast fortune thanks to a pre-nup agreement. She had not even fought him for custody of the child, she had severed all rights to her daughter without a second thought.

The Weasleys had cut off all contact with their daughter when she had left as they were appalled she would abandon her own child. Harry knew he had to make changes to his life now that he was a single dad. He retired from being an auror to be a hands on dad. The wealth he had been left by his parents as well as the Black estate made him easily one of the richest men in the country and allowed him to focus on his daughter.

When Lily was about six months old he decided he needed a change of scenery and took his daughter to live in France for a time. The Weasleys were only a portkey away from them and he knew a change of scenery was best for him to begin to heal and move on with his life. .