The prophet has been alerted to the news that Draco Malfoy, son of Lord Lucius Malfoy and Lady Narcissa Black-Malfoy, will be adopting the daughter of his fiancé, Harry Potter. As was reported in February Draco and Harry will be wed this July before they start teaching at Hogwarts in the fall term. Draco who has been training and working as a potions master and healer at St Claude's Magical Hospital in Paris will be taking over the vacant potions position. It has also been announced that when Headmistress McGonagall retires at the end of this term, her deputy Remus Lupin will take over as headmaster and Harry Potter will take his position as DADA professor. Of course Harry has been teaching DADA at the prestigious Beauxbautons Academy in France since last January.

Lily Sevra Potter who is Harry's daughter from his first marriage to Ginnerva Weasley will legally become Lily Malfoy when the adoption becomes complete upon the marriage of her father to the man that we are told she already refers to as Papa. The Weasleys will be in attendance at the wedding as they have made it well known that they support Harry, who they considered a son before his marriage to their only daughter, in his marriage. The couple has arrived in England a few days ago at the end of the school term and their wedding is in three days on July 1st

Rita Skeeter was reading the article at a table in the Three Broomsticks "Who would send me this crap?" she muttered into her whiskey.

"I did" a voice said loudly and a woman with radiant red hair took the seat across from her.

"Ginnerva Weasley" Skeeter said "I heard about you getting dumped from your quiditch team due to enhancing potions. How long have you been back?"

Ginny smirked "A few weeks. Then I heard about this farce of a marriage, now this." Referring to the article that had come out two days ago.

Rite nodded at it "So your ex is getting married tomorrow and his lover is to adopt your daughter."

"Not if I have anything to say about it" Ginny stated "And that is why I have called you here."

Rita's interest was peeked "What could I possibly do for you?"

"I need to use your little talent for spying. I need some dirt to help me get my daughter back." Ginny said

Rita smirked "You dumped her when she was three weeks old, why do you want the brat now."

"Rita certainly even a bug like you knows how much money Harry is worth." Ginny admitted. "The child support will keep me in luxury."

Rita took a guess "Or perhaps you are hoping Harry will bribe you to get you to back off."

"That might not be too bad to" Ginny admitted "So are you in?"

Rita nodded "After he got me fired, I would love to get him back."

At the Burrow Harry was spending his last night as a bachelor with the Weasley brothers and a few friends from school. A few of his colleagues from France had come as well, and Hermione had been invited to come as well. Draco was having his own bachelor party at his parent's manor.

Bill came over and handed him another glass of whiskey "Come on, the groom should not be the only one without a drink tonight."

Harry took at it but sipped slowly "Draco would not be too impressed if I show up at the alter piss drunk."

Charlie laughed "Oh that is the best part of the tradition. Do you think he is being an innocent little boy at his own party?"

Harry laughed at the thought and he drank the rest of his glass back and allowed Bill to give him another fill. He had not had a bachelor party last time as he had married Ginny so quickly.

There was a knock at the door and Harry turned to them "Please tell me you did not get any entertainment"

Bill shrugged "No. You would be the only one who would enjoy a male stripper."

Charlie laughed "I don't know about that" as he kissed his husband on the nape of his neck.

Harry walked to the door and was surprised to find an official looking wizard standing on the doorstep, and he realized from the robes that the man belonged to the ministry. The man handed him an envelope and disappeared.

"What is that? A wedding gift" Ron asked as he ripped it open.

"Oh God, no, this can't be happening" Harry gasped as he finished reading it. Bill took the letter from him and read it.

"You know we won't let her get away with this Harry. You have our support and the Malfoy family power behind you" Bill said.

Ron looked at them both "What's going on?"

"Ginny. Your sister is suing me for custody of our daughter. We have to be in court the day after tomorrow" Harry said.

The party ended pretty quickly and when he was left only with the Weasleys who all assured him they would support him against their daughter/sister, he just needed to have Draco and his daughter.

Bill went to the floo "Malfoy manor" he called

Lucius came to the floo and Bill explained what had happened. Lucius paled "We will be through in a few moments"

When Draco came through the floo with Lily in his arms as she had been staying with Narcissa, and his parents, Harry threw himself into his fiancé's arms. He was crying. He could not believe after all of this time Ginny would have the audacity to walk back into his life and try and take his daughter.

Lucius turned to him "I will give you all of the Malfoy lawyers. Harry she will not get away with this, your daughter will not be taken from you and Draco."

Harry nodded in thanks and turned to Narcissa "I am sorry, after all of the trouble you went to for planning this wedding."

Narcissa shook her head "We will get you through this and when it's done the wedding will be rescheduled and will be as beautiful as you had hoped."

Draco took him into his arms "We'll win and me, you and Lily will be a family, I promise you."

The three of them went together up to the room Harry was staying in to be alone together. Narcissa and Lucius went home. Narcissa went to postpone the wedding until this all was done. Lucius went to speak to his attorneys. There was one good thing about being one of the richest men in the country; he had attorneys who could eat any one alive in the courtroom.

The next day Harry and Draco should have been wed but they spent most of the day in the lawyer's office discussing how the case would go. It usually would be a one day occasion though it might take longer for the decision to come out.

One of the attorneys turned to Harry "I should warn you, you should be prepared to have to hand Lily over to her mother."

Harry gasped "You're telling me you think you are going to lose this case."

The man shook his head "No, I know we have a good case. There is a good chance though that the court will agree to allow Ginny visitation with her daughter."

Draco held Harry close to him "Don't worry even if she gets a visit, we will win this and get her back."

Harry nodded but tears were in his eyes "Lily does not know her. Ginny never held her more then a half dozen times before she left us."

The lawyers tried to assure them that with their reputation, their jobs and the support of the Weasleys, they should easily win the case. The fact that Ginny had abandoned her child and signed over all custodial rights to the child also stood in their favour. Harry was still worried deeply, the thought of loosing his daughter was too much for him to handle.

When they were leaving he turned to Draco "This was supposed to be our wedding day. It should have been the happiest day of our lives together."

Draco nodded and kissed him "It will happen, I promise" and as they headed home he thought of something.

Harry went to play in the gardens with his daughter when they got back to the manor and Draco turned to his parents who had been in the library waiting to hear how things had gone.

"We need to do something for him" Draco said.

Lucius nodded "How about we have the wedding? Just a small ceremony with the families. You guys can have the big ceremony with all your guests when this is done."

Draco smiled "That would definitely cheer him up. Mum you cancelled all the plans though, can we still do this?"

Narcissa smiled "Let me get a hold of Molly and we will have a ceremony set up in no time."

Molly was quickly contacted and it was agreed that the wedding would be held in the back garden at the Burrow so Harry would not see the plans. Narcissa assured her son she was not hurt that they were not having the big wedding she had planned for them. She wanted her son and Harry to be happy. She was happier though when Draco promised they would definitely allow her to throw them a huge party later on.

Harry looked at Draco "I don't really feel up to a big dinner at the Burrow" Harry said

Draco nodded "Harry I know it's been a long day but it will do you good to be around those who care about us."

Harry was still reluctant until Lily came toddling over to him and said "Burrow, daddy?"

Scooping up his daughter into his arms and not even noticing the pretty dress that she was in, Harry finally nodded and he and Draco stepped through the floo and into the kitchen of the Burrow. He was surprised not to find anyone in the kitchen but they were drawn outside by the sound of voices.

"What is all of this?" Harry gasped seeing fairy lights in all the trees, tables decorated, and the Weasleys and a few others in the garden.

Draco smiled "We thought we could have a small wedding tonight and then have the proper party after all of this is done."

Harry looked at him "You did this for me?"

Draco laughed "Of course I did this for you, you fool. I am madly in love with you and want to make you my husband."

The two of them soon were standing in front of the minister who was performing the ceremony. Lily spent the ceremony in her grandfather Lucius' arms. Blaise had been brought over and was standing for Draco while Ron stood for Harry.

"Do you Draco Lucius Severus Malfoy take Harry Potter as your husband, in mind, body, soul and power; to be bonded until death do you part?"

Draco smiled "I do"

"And do you Harry James Potter take Draco Malfoy to be your husband, in mind, soul, body and power, to be bonded until death do you part?"

Harry nodded "I do"

This was a bond ceremony, much deeper then the simple wedding he had with Ginny. It meant they were bonded until one died, there was no divorce. Harry and Draco exchanged beautiful matching gold bands and united their hands.

"Then with all of these gathered here as witnesses I pronounce you husbands," and turning to Lily "and a family."

Draco bent down and kissed Harry tenderly on the lips and when they drew apart the minister announced "I now introduce you to Draco and Harry Malfoy"

Harry smiled and scooped his daughter into his arms and walked off with his husband for a few minutes alone while the others started to bring the food out for the small dinner they had been able to arrange on such short notice.

Draco looked at him "You do not mind this?"

Harry shook his head "I would have eloped if I could be married to you"

Draco shook his head "I know you wanted a proper wedding this time. I promise after this is all done, you will have one."

Harry reached over and kissed him "This is a perfect wedding and you are the perfect husband. I'm just happy we 're finally married."

It was a small but loving wedding. Dinner was Molly's amazing chicken pies and rolls, salad and some wine. It was one of the first meals he had ever had at their home and it made his heart flutter. The couple even was able to have their first dance together. Ron's old room had bit lit with candles and there was even flower petals all over, for the closest thing to a romantic honeymoon suite the couple could have. One night of perfect happiness, before they had to face the court the next day.