Under Pressure

Authors note:-
Dedicated for all those that, like me, thought blowing up Dr Beckett was a brave move but could have been a mistake..

'I was doing my job after dealing with one of the more impossible things to happen. An explosive tumour. Aye, some of those Ancients must have been really messed up. So; boom and that's how I got here. A bloody big explosion. Just where the bloody hell here is and how to get back I don't know.

'My name's Carson Beckett, I was the head medical officer for the Atlantis mission. I was caught in an explosion and should be dead. Instead I ended up as a pathologist in 1973 Manchester.

'Am I dead? In a coma? Ascended? I don't know, all I Bloody well do know is its like I ended up on yet another planet!'

'Where's that new Scot doctor? Raymondo! Find the kilt wearing Nancy and get him to oxford street. We'll need him to do his stuff!' Gene Hunt shouted just as Beckett entered CID.

'There you are you overeducated oxford schooled prick.' The big DCI picked Carson up by his collar and almost threw him back out of the room. 'Time to earn your keep.' The Doctor never thought he'd find someone with a worse personality Rodeny's. Then again he'd never met the Gene Genie before...

Authors note, again:-
Yes, it is a teaser of a sort. If enough people want it I "might" have a story that works, so its up to my readers if it comes out. Review if you want more.

If I've sparked an idea here and if you want to follow one up, ask. I have to say I'm not sure of my further plot so I'd be happy to pass it on.

I don't own Stargate Atlantis or Life on Mars. That's Acme Shark and Kudos productions respectively

Mountain King
AKA Thomas Fishwick