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Author's Note: I got the sudden inspiration for this while I was listening to the song, much thanks to the chorus part (it seriously wants to make me cry). So here it is!

Carry Me Down

She told herself she wasn't going to cry. Not now. She promised him that she wouldn't let those cursed feelings of emotion mar her cheeks, not until everything was over. It was what he wanted.

Those final moments played over and over in her mind as she finished carving his name into the stone with her now-dull kunai, the grave already dug and he already resting. She promised him she would be the one to bury him.

He told her it was proper for the one he loved to place him on his new bed. And she was true to her words.

He placed a cool hand to her cheek, "I love you. Don't cry; I love you. Promise me you won't cry; not yet, not now. I love you."

She started a new carving, adding detail to the stone. This was going to be special. This was going to be a masterpiece from her...only for her fallen love.

His lips neared her ear, a hand on her cheek and the other squeezing her left hand.

One half done.

"Will you carry me down the aisle that final day?"

The other half now finished. A heart carved perfectly as can be under his name. She brought the kunai back down to the stone.

"With your tears and cold hands shaking from the weight..."

Two petals carved.

"When you lower me down beneath that sky of gray..."

Three more done; a blossom is finished. One more repeat...inside of the heart.

"Let the rain fall down..."

Three petals done. She starts to make the fourth.

He kissed her lips softly one last time, "...and wash away your pain. I love you." His hand lost its grip and the other fell from her cheek. The shock rush over her, then she slowly broke away to begin digging his grave.

The blossom was finished. She held the heavy stone in her hands, closed her hands and kissed it gently before turning around. She placed it at the head of the grave, followed by his headband over the corner. She clasped her hands together and said her prayer, eyes still shut to the world around her.

Until she felt the rain fall. First, a few drops, then a started downpour. Her eyes opened and she looked up, noticing the dark gray above her.

"Let the rain fall down and wash away your pain..."

And that, she found out, was the right time to let out those cursed tears...when they could mingle with the rain and wash away. That's what he wanted, wasn't it?

She smiled, her fingers trailing over the scratched and blood-stained headband, the sign of a fierce battle. "I love you too. I love you too," she said, taking the kunai and cutting a small piece of her hair. She rested in a piece of cloth, ripped from his shirt, and placed it by the stone.

Somehow...pink and violet never looked better together like that. In harmony...perfect harmony.

"I love you too...Kabuto-kun."

I almost cried as I was writing this, and having the song on repeat probably didn't make things better. This was probably the saddest thing I've ever wrote, but I think it's really good too. Well, hope you enjoyed it! -hands out tissues just in case-