Authors note: if you haven't read this story before disregard this note: this is the former first four chapters condensed into one. Along with some editing, fixing of some plot holes, or inconsistencies.

Origonal Summary: What if when the Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto he gained the Sharingan? What would have happened to him then? How would his life have turned out? First story.

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October 8Th

"No, Kushina NO!" I yell as I stand there watching the life drain out of her eye, crying, I hear crying, I ran towards it I see a boy, he looks just like me, with whisker marks on his cheeks. My vision suddenly begins dimming and I start falling. Right before I hit the ground and darkness takes me I see two blood red eyes with what looks like a comma in each staring at me, as if looking into my soul. My last thought before the darkness takes me is, the Sharingan

"AHHH" the Yondaime Hokage yells as he leaps up from the mountain of paperwork he was sleeping on. 'What the hell was that, a bad dream? Or was it a warning of the future?' was his reaction to that dream, or as he would call it, a nightmare. "maybe I shouldn't eat ramen before I go to sleep, nah" Minato mutters to himself as he gets back to what he was doing before he fall asleep, fighting his arch enemy. The single most evil thing in the world, Paper Work! 'Hmm. Tora has escaped; again, the Haruno clan is complaining that the Uchiha's have been copying their clan techniques, and a number of kunoichi have been complaining that the Hyuga have been peeping on them. He knew didn't he? That's why he was so ready to give me this job. Damn you Sarutobi, for cursing me with this.' With a sigh he put the sheet back down and started hoping someone would come in to save him. Conveniently right that moment an ANBU wearing a wolf mask appeared in a puff of smoke.

"Hokage-sama, we have just received warning from our outposts. It appears that the Kyuubi no kitsune is heading this way."

With this the Yondaime's face went from joy at been rescued from the dreaded paper work, to curiosity at what was happening to pure dread at the mention of the Kyuubi coming to Konoha.

"It will be here in two days" the ANBU finished off.

Quickly thinking the Yondaime began formula a plan on how to deal with this situation.

"Wolf, go get Sarutobi-sama and Kakashi and tell them to meet me in my office in Ten minutes. Then inform all the other Shinobi to assemble for an announcement by me in Three hours." The young hokage commended

"Hai Hokage-sama" was all the reply the Yondaime got before wolf vanished in a puff of smoke and leafs.

'Why can't ANBU ever use the door' Minato thought before he slumped into his chair and began thinking on what to say when the others arrived.

Ten minutes later:

"OK, I have called you two here for a good reason. The Kyuubi no Yoko is coming to Konoha, it will be here in two days time" with this the former third Hokage dropped his pipe and Kakashi to nearly dropped his book.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama, the Kyuubi is a myth" Kakashi asked while trying to keep the fear out of his voice. As even the great copy cat ninja had heard the legend of the Kyuubi, and he could honestly say he didn't want to meet it ever.

"I mean exactly what I said, the Kyuubi is coming and we have two days to prepare. Also how many times do I have to tell you to call me Minato," Minato replied while he wondered if he would have to use that jutsu.

"What do you want us to do ho…Minato-sensei?"

"Kakashi I want you to explain my plan to all the Shinobi in the meeting in Three hours. As both me and Sarutobi-san will be searching for a way to defeat the Kyuubi. Now the plan is I want all the Genin to aid in evacuating all the civilians and they will be responsible for guarding them. The Chunin will guard the wall and try to minimize the damage done to the city. All Jonin and ANBU will be responsible for the actual combat with the beast. Their job will be to do whatever they can to slow it down." The Yondaime said while hoping that no one would die he knew that there will be a lot of deaths that day.

"Hai Minato-Sensei" and with that Kakashi vanished in a cloud of smoke and leafs.

"Well then let's get started" with that the current and former hokages went to try and find a way to save Konoha.

October 10th

"Doton: Yomi Numa" "Katon: Goukakyū no Jutsu" "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu" and the sound of many other jutsus were called out as Shinobi from all over Konoha tried to hold back the Kyuubi to give their great Yondaime hokage more time.

Konoha hospital

"What happened?" a panicked hokage asked the medic standing in front of him

"I'm sorry hokage-sama but she is in the final stages of labour, but it seems she is getting weaker every minute, I fear that it is because of the Kyuubi's demonic chakra, while we are all fighting it off with our own chakra, all her chakra is been used to prevent it from killing her child while it's in this key stage. If it wasn't for that the baby would already be dead." The medic said sadly

"So when she's given birth she'll be fine right?" the still panicked hokage asked

"I'm sorry but no. the demonic chakra has brutally attacked her body. Her organs have already started failing; there is no chance of recovery. She may live a few minutes after child birth but no longer."

At that the hokages face fell and he muttered silently "so my child will grow up alone."

Suddenly a nurse came running up "hokage-sama come quick she's nearly done" with that Minato disappeared in a yellow flash and before anyone could blink he was beside his beloved wife for what he knew would be the last time. He looked on as she pushed one final time and out came his child.

"It's a boy" said the doctor

"Naruto" everyone turned to look at Kushina and she whispered it again "call him Naruto"

"Kushina-chan please don't go don't live our son without a mother" at that she weakly shock her head

"I'm sorry Minato-kun but I can't last any longer, goodbye my love" she said as she laid back down.

"No, Kushina NO!" the Yondaime hokage yelled as he stood there and watched the life drain out of her eyes. Then just like the dream he hears crying. That sound is his is son. With that he remembers what he must do, grabbing his son he disappears in his trademarked yellow flash out to the gate where the Former third hokage stood waiting.

"Minato wait, let me go you must continue living, for the village, they need you, and for your son, as he will need you."

Smiling sadly Minato looked at his old friend and shock his head "no my friend no, as the hokage this is my responsibility. So I must go and sealed the Kyuubi, then join my wife in death. Sarutobi-san do me one last favour" "anything Minato" "take care of Naruto, make sure he grows up to love this village, don't tell anyone about his family, at least not until you feel he's ready. Finally make sure they see him as the hero he is not the demon he holds."

"Of course my friend." The weary hokage replied, knowing that his friend and successors final wish would be left unfulfilled.

After that Minato disappears in a flash one last time out into the battlefield. Pricking his finger he summons the Gamabunta for the last time.


"To help me stop that thing." he replies while pointing to the Kyuubi thrashing about


"There is no other way. Let's begin." With that the Yondaime hokage begins his final act as hokage. He activates the Shiki Fujin and begins the process of sealing the Kyuubi into his son, condemning him to the fate of been a Jinchuriki. As the last of the Kyuubi's soul is sucked into the seal on Naruto Gamabunta bids them goodbye


With that he disappears in a massive cloud of smoke. Falling to the ground from Gambunta's head Minato managed to position himself to shield his son from the damage of the fall, while doing so would normally kill him, since he was dead anyways it didn't matter much, the young hokage lay on the ground as the last of his soul is sucked out by the Shinigami and his vision begins to black, he looks at his sons face one last time and is shocked at one he sees. He's sons eyes instead of the cerulean blue they were when he was born they are now the blood red colour of the Sharingan, at the first stage. Then as he dies his last thought is one word. Sharingan.


Kakashi stood panting as hard as his body would allow. After fighting the Kyubi for only thirty minutes he was completely drained, physically, mentally, emotionally, chakra wise. It took everything he had just to stand against the beast's massive killing intent and demonic chakra. To make matters worse every single jutsu he tried was not only completely ineffective against the natural terror but drained at least five times as much chakra than normal. Then all of the sudden he felt as if the weight of the world had suddenly lifted from his shoulders. He looked up and saw that the great Kyuubi, king of demons, was gone. All he saw was trees and a big frog, 'it must be Gamabunta' he thought to himself. Then he noticed something that terrified him. He saw what looked like his sensei and hokage seem to fall from the head of the toad boss to the ground, with the frog disappearing right after. "No Minato-sensei!" Kakashi shouted as he put all his chakra into a high powered Shunshin jutsu to teleport the mile and a half between him and the fallen hokage. What Kakashi wouldn't realize till days later was that he had just broken the one mile barrier for the Shunshin which no one else had been able to cross.

"Minato-sensei!" Kakashi yelled as he looked down on his former teacher's body. Checking his pulse he realizes that his teacher, who he loved like a father, had died. Sacrificing himself to save the village from that monster. As he looks to where the Yondaime's arms reach he sees a small baby, who surprisingly was not crying. What was more shocking was the first level Sharingan in his eyes. Then all of the sudden they vanish back to the cerulean blue they were not that long ago. When Kakashi sees this he looks from the babies face to his fallen teachers and back several times before it hits him, 'that must be his son' Kakashi's thoughts then stalled 'wait wasn't he married to Kushina, she wasn't an Uchiha' then as he sees the glowing seal on the babies navel fade realization hits him 'the Kyuubi, it must have been his sealing that cased this, oooh the Uchiha's are not going to be happy, it's bad enough I have Obito's Sharingan.'

Deciding to leave the pondering to later he picks up the baby's body in his left arm and the dead hokage's in his right he begins the trek back to Konoha, as the barer of the bad news.

As he approaches the main gate he hears shouting "Kakashi" he looks up and sees the third standing there waiting for him. When he gets closer he asks him a question he already knows

"Hokage-sama is this child who I think he is?" the only reply Kakashi got was the slow nodding of the old hokage's head.

"Well then we are going to have a hell of a time then aren't we?" again all the former hokage can do is nod his head.

"We should get to your office before we talk anymore about this, there is some sensitive information you need to know hokage-sama" with that Kakashi takes off for hokage tower with the former and now the current hokage right behind him.

Hokage tower: minutes later

"What was so important we had to come all the way here to discuss Kakashi?" before he answers Kakashi lays the dead body of the Yondaime onto the ground and puts his child onto the hokage's desk

"there are a number of things, as you undoubtedly know it is clear that Minato-sensei sealed the Kyuubi into his son using the Shiki Fujin, which we clearly need to read up on to see what exactly it does to the Kyuubi and the boy. Also a piece of shocking news, when I first saw the boy lying next to Minato-sensei's body I saw he had the first level Sharingan in both his eyes" at that the old hokage, or as he would later be called old man, allowed his jaw to drop to the ground in pure shock

"The Sharingan? That's not possible" was all he could get out before Kakashi could reply

"I think it might have to do with the sealing of the Kyuubi, I get this feeling that the Sharingan is connected to the Kyuubi in some way and by sealing him into Minato-sensei's son he somehow gained the Sharingan."

The elderly hokage just stood there pondering the trouble they were in. "Well we have to tell the council about the sealing but I think we can keep the Sharingan just between the three of us." Kakashi nods to this

"Will we tell them about his parentage?"

"No Minato wouldn't want his son spoiled because of who is father is, but if the village doesn't accept him like Minato wants and something bad happens I will tell them. Also think of how much danger he would be in, just the number of Iwa Nin after him would be ludicrous." Kakashi nods slowly in understanding.

"Hokage-sama do you think I could be allowed to watch over the boy? And when he gets old train him in the Sharingan?" At this Sarutobi sits there slowly thinking then comes to a decision,

"Yes Kakashi, once he is five you are to begin secretly training him, make sure he understands that your training and his Sharingan are secret and only to be revealed if his life or the lives of his friends are in danger." "Hai Hokage-Sama, one last question, what is his name?" thinking back to what Minato and Kushina had talked about "his Name shall be Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto." With that Kakashi bids the hokage goodbye and disappears in a puff of smoke.

Seconds later the new hokage's assistant comes running in "Sandaime-sama, the council has gathered and is demanding to see you." At that Sarutobi picks up young Naruto and as he walks to the council room says

"You're going to cause me a lot of headaches aren't you?" at that little Naruto only giggles.

Council room

"Hokage-sama, where is the fourth? Where is the Kyuubi" asked the clan leader of the great and mighty, well in their minds, Uchiha clan, Fugaku Uchiha. When he saw the baby in the thirds arms he spat in his normal disrespectful voice "and why did you bring a child to this meeting?"

Sighing, the professor, as he was commonly referred to as, put young Naruto on the long council table. "He is here for but one reason. He is here because of how Minato saved our village. Knowing there was only one way to stop the Kyuubi Minato preformed a powerful sealing jutsu that summoned the mighty Shinigami himself and calling upon him to drain the Kyuubi's soul out of its body and into a host, a Jinchuriki, but this came at a great cost. This jutsu allows the Shinigami to claim its summoner's life as well as the Kyuubi's when his host dies."

This is quickly followed by much murmuring. Then finally Fugaku is the first to respond "Kill the demon child." As he leaps to his feet in anger. This reaction causes shocked faces to not only appear on the hokage but the leader of both the Hyuga and Danzo. While the Nara and Aburame clan leaders just look like they expected this to happen. A number of members from the civilian part of the council look ready to join Fugaku.

"THERE SHALL BE NO SUCH THING DONE TO THE BOY, AND HE IS NOT A DEAMON CHILD!" the old man yelled at the top of his voice, while releasing a crippling amount of killing intent that not even the 'great' Fugaku can stand against. "He is a Hero to the village, not a demon child. Also killing him may release the Kyuubi, as Minato expected this BOY to live a normal Shinobi life, so who knows if the seal needs to last for a certain period of time before it can hold the Kyuubi's soul tight enough to send it to the Shinigami."

Burning with hatred at the loss of his own clan members to the Kyuubi, at Sarutobi-baka as he would refer to him at home, for stopping him for killing the demon child and making him look like a fool Fugaku shouts "Then at least lock him away, we can't risk the Kyuubi taking control and killing us all." Shaking his head in disappointment at the Uchiha head Sarutobi replies "No. Naruto shall become a Ninja, the seal is powered by Naruto's chakra, It is also designed to slowly drain away the Kyuubi's chakra to make Naruto's chakra level equal to that of the kyuubi, to create an unbreakable seal because the stronger he becomes the weaker the Kyuubi shall become." Danzo decides at that moment to step in

"Hokage-sama, if you would please allow me to raise Naruto in ROOT, he could become a powerful weapon for the village." In complete and utter shock the third yells out

"NO, he will NOT become a weapon. He will become a ninja, like any other citizen of Konoha and that is final. Finally, I am here by declaring it Illegal to talk about the sealing of the Kyuubi to anyone who doesn't know, especially Naruto. If you a caught breaking this law its instant death sentence with no trial." With that the Third picks up Naruto and takes him back to his office before anyone in the council room can protest.

Time Skip 5 years, October 10th

All across Konoha a loud scream could be heard "PLEASE STOP" and all over Konoha there was laughter. Now you would think that laughing at someone in trouble would be frowned on, but in Konoha there is only a small minority who would frown on this. Today is October tenth. The day of the Kyuubi attack, and little Naruto's birthday. Today is also that Shinobi and civilians all over the village team up to try and kill poor Naruto. Now for the past few years he has been either in the company of one of his few friends, or safely out of reach, but not today. Today Naruto is out in the open and about to pay for it.

"DIE DEMON BRAT!" and "DIE DEMON" was been shouted by the ninja at the front of the mob attacking Naruto, they would shout these things as they threw kunai and shuriken are the poor boy. Luckily for Naruto his best friend, other than the old man as Naruto would refer to him, was on his way. This friend was known to many as Cat, a powerful and deadly ANBU captain, but to Naruto he is known as Kakashi.

Just as one of the ninjas is about to throw another Shuriken Naruto a loud chirping is heard. It sounds almost like there were a thousand chirping birds. Along with the sound there is a large white coming from the sky. The Ninja looks up to see Cat falling towards him with a Chidori in hand. Before he can even think of moving the Chidori strikes and cats hand is sticking out of the ninja's chest. At the shocked looks of all those around him Kakashi looks up and yells, while pulling his hand out of the dead man's chest,


Terrified of the Legendry ANBU captain, and the massive levels of killing intent he is producing, the mob quickly run off screaming. Kakashi turning around to see Naruto slowly starting to stand up, looking at the gashes his has all over his body, Kakashi is shocked by the boys healing speed, as he had never seen Naruto this injured before, the wounds were just sealing themselves up. 'Hmm if they keep healing at this rate he'll be fine a couple minutes'

At the moment Naruto finishes getting up and sees just who is standing in front of him, "KAKASHI-NIISAN" Naruto yelled in excitement completely forgetting his rapidly healing injuries

Sighing Kakashi replies "Naruto how many times have I told you to call me Cat when out in public, remember when I wear this ANBU mask I'm cat, we can't have my enemies finding out who I am and killing my friends can we?"

Pondering this for a second, then two, then three... after about 10 seconds Kakashi starts to wonder if he broke his little brothers brain.

"Ok Kaka...Cat-san" frowning under his mask at how long it took Naruto to decide upon that small sentence he decided that since he was five today that now would be the perfect time, quickly grabbing Naruto and performing a Shushin to his apartment, as he knew Naruto's wasn't secure enough for what he was about to ask Naruto.

"Naruto, you want to be a ninja right?" at this Naruto sucks in a deep breath of air and yells at the top of his voice

"HELL YES, I'm going to be not only the best ninja but the Hokage someday then everyone will have to respect me and stop been so mean to me." Frowning slightly at both the volume and the fact that Naruto thinks everyone is mean to him.

"Well to become the hokage you have to be the strongest right?" at this Naruto nods "well how do you get strong?" "that's easy, training" nodding at this "good, so how do you feel about going to train with me for a while?" then Naruto just froze. After ten seconds Kakashi was starting to worry "Naruto? Naruto" "WOOH HOOO, TRAINING I GET TO DO SOME REAL NINJA TRAINING!" Naruto yells while doing some strange dance

Sighing at what it seems he got himself into Kakashi decides to stop the dance "Naruto stop that, there are three conditions you need to obey if you want me to train you" stoping suddenly Naruto faces Kakashi with a questioning look on his face "ok condition one: You can't tell anyone about me training you, if you do I might get in trouble because the council doesn't want me to train you. Second: if I train you, you can't show off your new strength unless someone's life is in danger. Third: I want you to swear to use all your power and heart to protect those that are precious to you ok?" thinking for a minute Naruto replies "Hai, Kakashi-sensei, I Swear that I will keep our training secret, not show off my new power and I swear even more so on both my life and my dream to become hokage that I will do anything to protect those that are precious to me" nodding at this Kakashi grabs Naruto and just before Shunshining both of them to training ground 0, only known of by the third hokage, fourth hokage, Kakashi and a few other high level nin.

Time Skip 3 years

It had been three long years since Kakashi became Naruto's sensei; in those years, Naruto had trained hard, extremely hard. He had trained to the point where he could no longer stand at the end of nearly every day. Today was one of the few days in which Naruto did not crumble to the ground at the end of his training. Kakashi had to go early and made sure Naruto stopped training, because as Kakashi once said "Sleeping all night on the ground is not good for a ninja's health, and if you're sick you can't train." At that Naruto immediately listened to Kakashi to make sure he wouldn't get sick and miss out on training. The reason for this was that Naruto loved to train. He loved spending time with someone. He loved learning.

Kakashi learnt that Naruto, just like his father, was like a sponge. If you don't train him properly he won't learn a thing, but if you set aside the time to properly train and instruct him he could grasp the most difficult subjects in days. Now while saying that Kakashi also learnt a hard lesson, while Naruto can learn things quite rapidly, he sucked at mastering those things he learned. Because you see, to master something you have to work hard for long periods of time. That was not something that meshed well with Naruto's hyperactive personality and short attention span.

But that has nothing to do with what is about to happen. You see nobody knows this yet, but right now one of those little points in time is about to happen. At one of these points, even the slightest change can have massive results; that can change the entire path of the universe. What is about to happen isn't just a slight change, it's a large change. As you see, Naruto doesn't know this yet, but he is about to change the path of his world forever.

As Naruto is walking home he sees Sasuke trying to improve his shuriken accuracy, but he doesn't know its Sasuke, not yet anyways. So Naruto being Naruto and seeing someone in need of help, he walks over to Sasuke.

"Hi" Naruto comments in the middle of Sasuke's throw. Startling Sasuke, causing him to spin towards Naruto's voice while throwing the Shuriken. The result of this been the shuriken wising pass Naruto's head.

"What the hell?!" was Naruto's reply as he barely avoided having a few holes in his head.

"Who are you?" the small and now afraid Sasuke, as he nearly killed someone, asked in his small, child voice.

"My names Uzumaki Naruto, what is your name?" Naruto asked in his completely and utterly innocent manner.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that, especially ninjas in training." said Sasuke as he started to build up some confidence in talking to this civilian child.

"You're a ninja too? Cool, I'm a ninja, well not yet; I haven't even entered the academy yet. My teacher, he said due to my training with him, it would be pointless to go to the academy right now and that I should only take the last two years to get some friends my age before graduating."

"So you're a ninja in training eh?" asked the little Uchiha in disbelief at someone he had passed off as a useless civilian was actually been trained by someone, probably some great ninja as only great ninja were allowed to take an apprentice, which is what this sounds like. Realizing that if what this Naruto's teacher said about him been ahead of the academy was true then he might be able to help him with his problem Sasuke asked "Ano. Could you help me with my shuriken accuracy?" asked Sasuke in a very weak voice, you see asking for help from anyone let alone a non-Uchiha was considered a great dishonour, as Uchiha's are meant to be the best and not need anyone's help. Sasuke reasoned his request as the kid, Naruto, had to be being trained by some great Nin, and even an Uchiha can use the help of a great Nin. So it's alright, right?

"Sure no problem, first could you throw one at that training log?" Naruto asked in an extremely excited voice. The chance to help someone, and the fact that that person had asked for help was so exciting to poor little Naruto that he was ready to explode in joy. For no one his age would play with him, or even talk to him. When he got near a kid his age their parents would come over and take them away. That's why Naruto trained so hard, because he had no one to spend time with doing anything else.

"Hai" was all the reply Naruto got as Sasuke proceed to throw the shuriken with all his strength at the target, but like all the others it was halfway to the edge of the board. Nowhere near had the 100 percent bulls eyes had that Itachi got.

"I know exactly what's wrong"

"What?" asked an excited Sasuke at the chance to improve and maybe catch up with his brother. "It's the way you throw; you need to throw with a flick of your wrist not your entire arm. If you use your arm it makes the shuriken wobble in flight causing it to go off target. While a flick of the wrist sends it flying in a nice straight line, you only use your entire arm if you're really close and need to make a big impact as you have more force but less accuracy"

Without even replying Sasuke immediately turned around, picked up another shuriken, and tried again. This time getting it inside the bull's eye, while not the dead centre, it was much better. "Thanks, well I got to go. Cya, Naruto-san." And with that off ran the little Uchiha, back home. Leaving Naruto sitting there slowly thinking. 'I made a friend; I made a friend, I MADE A FRIEND!' at that Naruto started dancing around doing that disturbing happy dance of his.

Uchiha clan district 10 minutes later

Outside the gates to the Uchiha clan district stood two ANBU blocking entry, seeing this as he ran up to the gates Sasuke asked "What's going on?" still too excited from getting better at throwing shuriken to think about what reason ANBU would be blocking entry to the Uchiha estate.

"Who are you?" asked a bird masked ANBU in a deep voice.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. So why are you blocking the gates to my clan district?" even though Sasuke could not see the man's face, he instantly knew that a frown had developed on his face from his body language.

"Listen kid. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your clan's dead." at this, Sasuke just froze "From the looks of it, it seems that your brother, Itachi killed them all." At this, Sasuke just collapsed from mental overload. Sighing the ANBU made a shadow clone and had him carry the poor boy to the hospital, where he could sleep in peace and safety, Kami knows that he will need it after what he just heard.

Konoha General Hospital: the next day

A very groggy Uchiha awoke to the bright lights and white ceiling of a hospital. 'What am I doing here, why aren't I at home, home...MOM! DAD! ITACHI!' the last word was thought with the voice of deep Hatred, we all know Sasuke uses this voice when he speaks of his brother. Remembering all this, our Uchiha decides he needs to be alone. So in his desire to be alone he jumps out the window and runs away to the one place he knows he can be alone, the old jetty near the lake that no one ever visits anymore. Sasuke in one hundred and ten percent 'brood' modes sat on the edge of the jetty and began to well brood. Fortunately for this world, this wouldn't last long

Training grounds: 20 minutes later

Naruto stood there panting heavily as he had just finished a sparring match with Kakashi while keeping the Sharingan on for the entire time. The reason this was so draining is due to a fact that very few people know- the chakra usage of the Sharingan is directly proportional to what you're using it for. Just using it for advanced vision would leave a very low chakra drain, but doing more advanced things, such as copying jutsu's and worst of all using it in a sparring match to predict the enemy's movements, which takes a lot of effort and doesn't work very well without the third stage.

"That's enough Naruto, don't want you to drop from chakra exhaustion now do we?" said Kakashi while trying to cover up his own panting. 'How could an eight year old kid have that much stamina? We were sparring for at least 3 hours, must be thanks to Kushina-chan, she always had insane stamina, which the seal forcing Naruto to absorb the Kyuubi's chakra made even more insane'

"Hai Kakashi-sensei" with that Naruto having seemingly recovered from his exhaustion walked off. While he was walking he thought he heard the sound of crying. Heading towards it, what Naruto will see and do changes everything, for better or worse is unknown. 'Isn't that Sasuke? What he doing on the jetty? Why does it look like has been crying? Well I should ask him.'

"Hey Sasuke what is wrong?" asked the little Naruto not realizing the kind of pain those words would bring.

"Go away." Sasuke choked while holding back his tears so Naruto wouldn't see them. He didn't realize that Naruto wouldn't care that he was crying, or that Naruto had noticed that Sasuke's eyes were red from the crying he had done before been interrupted.

"No, now tell me, what's wrong?" Naruto demanded. Sasuke while frowning outwardly as a sign of irritation that the blond would not go away, inside he was happy that he wasn't going to be alone. "There all dead"

"...what?" was all Naruto could say. "My clan. My entire clan. All dead. Everyone." With these few words Naruto's face went from sorrow, to regret and back to sorrow before asking "What happened?"

Sasuke deciding it might be better to tell someone decided that Naruto would be that person. "It all happened just after I meet you. On my way home, as I approached the clan gates I noticed two ANBU standing there blocking my way. So I asked them what was going on. Then they. Then they" at this Sasuke started to break down again. "They told me that my entire clan had been killed. Everyone except me. They also said." Then he just stopped. Really wondering what they said to cause this reaction, Naruto decided to push just a bit more. "What did they say?", "They said, he killed them, my own brother killed my entire clan. Everyone but me." With that Sasuke starting crying harder as the grief overwhelmed him. Remembering Kakashi's favourite line, 'They who disobey the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are less then trash.' Naruto decided that he could break Kakashi's rule and show Sasuke.

"Sasuke." "What?" sobbed Sasuke as he showed no signs of recovering any time soon. "You're not alone, your brother didn't kill everyone" as Sasuke looked up to ask what he meant Naruto turned on his Sharingan on. When Sasuke saw this, he immediately began to recover. "What. How? Are you an Uchiha?" asked Sasuke in quick succession, the thought of having some family, any family left starting to bring great joy to what was becoming his cold heart. "Slow down, I don't know, and no, well I don't think so. All I know is I am an orphan, just like you are now, and that my last name is Uzumaki." Not caring about those small things, Sasuke decided just to go with the flow and did something that neither he nor Naruto had been expected. He gave Naruto a big hug. A little startled by this Naruto decided to take a gamble "Hey Sasuke, could you wait here a couple minutes, I need to quickly check something." After recovering a brief nod Naruto vanished in the customary puff of smoke associated with the Shushin.

Training grounds:

Kakashi laid on the ground of the training grounds in complete exhaustion. While he had berated Naruto many times about training to exhaustion and spending the night in the training grounds, this time he had done exactly that. He was far too tired to move his fingers let alone think of going home. It had been all of ten seconds after Naruto disappeared from his sight that Kakashi collapsed into the exact spot we find him now.

Seeing his blonde student approaching Kakashi groaned 'damn it, now I'm going to get a lecture from Naruto about how I'm always telling him not to train till he drops and yet here I am doing exactly the opposite of what I tell him' as he saw Naruto standing right over him opening his mouth Kakashi thought 'here it comes'

"Kakashi-sensei, can my friend Uchiha Sasuke join our training sessions?"

'Well that was defiantly not what I was expecting' thought Kakashi as he started to reply

"Naruto you know that my lessons have to remain secret"

Naruto giving Kakashi a hard look said "I know, but his entire clan was killed yesterday, he's all alone, besides I kinda um showed him my Sharingan."

Just as Kakashi was about to berate Naruto for revealing his Sharingan Naruto hastily interrupted "I know, but you always say 'They who disobey the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are less then trash.', and Sasuke is a comrade, I couldn't leave him their thinking he was all alone, I know how it feels to be alone." Naruto finished the last part with his head down at remembering how he is all alone, expect for his Kakashi-sensei and the old man.

Kakashi, seeing the look in Naruto's eyes, decided to let Sasuke join, besides not only where they the only other two wielders of the Sharingan loyal to Konoha, but he could use it as leverage against the council, if they find out about his training and try and stop him from training Naruto he will threaten them with stopping to train Sasuke as well. Voicing his answer Kakashi said "fine, he can train with us, but bring him here first"

Before Kakashi could even blink Naruto was gone in what had to be the fastest Shushin he had ever seen.

The old jetty:

Appearing right next to Sasuke Naruto quickly started talking before Sasuke could comment on his sudden appearance "hay Sasuke guess what"

Still in a state of shock over, well everything to do with this blonde ball of energy Sasuke said "what?"

"I managed to get my teacher to agree to train you to, come on" and before Sasuke could reply Naruto had grabbed him by the arm and dragged him off to training ground zero with a Shushin.

Training ground zero:

In front of Sasuke laid Hatake Kakashi, the copy cat Nin, the only known user of the Sharingan other then the Uchiha clan. One of the most feared men in all of the elemental countries. Paralysed from chakra exhaustion.

Sasuke was also paralysed but this was from shock, the great Hatake Kakashi was Naruto's teacher, well it would explain how Naruto could use the Sharingan without being taught by a member from the Uchiha clan.

Speaking in a very tired voice Kakashi said "Sasuke, if you want me to train you there are three conditions"

Leaning in closer Sasuke anxiously awaited these conditions

"First, you can't tell anyone about me training you or Naruto, if you do I might get in trouble because the council doesn't want me to training Naruto, and they would probably get upset about you being around Naruto, don't worry they just don't like him. Second: if I train you, you can't show off your new strength unless someone's life is in danger. Third: I want you to swear to use all your power and heart to protect those that are precious to you ok?"

Giving Kakashi a swift nod Sasuke replies "I agree Kakashi-sensei, I wouldn't want to get you or my new friend Naruto here in trouble, I also agree to use my power to protect those that a precious to me, even if right now I don't have anyone, but what about the second one? Why can't I show off my strength?"

To that Kakashi quickly replied "well you are already a pretty big target because you are an Uchiha, the last Uchiha, but if everyone thought you were weak they would underestimate you, which gives you a key advantage, remember a ninja's life is all about deception. And what greater deception then making the enemy think you are weak?"

Nodding once more Sasuke agreed. Then Kakashi said "well then, we'll start training tomorrow, until then could one of you carry me home?"

Authors notes:

Well there it is my first ever story. I hope you all like it, in case any of you are wondering, for parings, NaruHina are defiantly going to happen, any others are up in the air. All other pairings are atm undetermined.

I hope you all enjoy my condensation and edits of the first four chapters. I've been planning to do this for a while and with the holidays I've finally managed to get around to doing it.

Some issues I thought I would mention

Kakashi's mask: when I originally wrote the scene with Kakashi I couldn't find any information of what his mask actually was. Nor could I find any quality pictures of it, the only one I saw looked a lot like a cat. Even though I have now seen better pictures with it as a dogs mask I'm keeping his mask as a cat, as a joke. A joke made by the Yondaime. I'm assuming that as the ANBU report directly to the hokage that he would pick out their masks himself, now if you are Minato, a fun loving person, who loves a good prank or two, whose wife is a well known prankster. What mask would you give to your only surviving student (I assume that rin died at some point from when Kakashi said that all his friends and family are dead) who has a clear affinity to dogs? A cat mask, plus it helps with his moniker as 'the copy CAT ninja'. Plus I just find the idea of Kakashi in a cat mask funny.

ANBU: If what tobi said is true and the third knew about the massacre he would have had ANBU guards on ready for when Itachi attacked, to make sure no one escaped, and to make sure no one got in. so once the massacre was over the ANBU appeared publicly (before they were hidden) to keep people out of the 'crime scene'

Plot error: you know, I'm surprised no one ever pointed out that in chapter three Kakashi made Naruto promise not to tell anyone about his training yet right at the start of the original chapter four Naruto told Sasuke about it.