A/N: This is my first story so if I make any mistakes could u tell me. The main couple in this story is Takari. And in my story Takeru's and Yamato's parents are not divorced.

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(" ") - character dialogue

(' ') and Italics – character thoughts


Odaiba International Airport. 1 year ago.

"Bye Kari I'll miss you"

"I'll miss you too T.K.

.:Takeru:. has just signed in.

Hika: TAKERU!!

Hika: I've got good news! At first it wasn't really confirmed yet, but my dad's company transferred him to Los Angeles! So we are migrating there in two weeks!

.:Takeru:. : Wow. That's great news. I've missed you..

Hika: You know I've missed you too TK. My Dad's company already got us a house there near the school me and Taichi's new school. I'm so excited!

.:Takeru:. : What school are you attending?

Hika : I'm not sure yet.

.:Takeru:. : oh Then when will you be arriving? I'll ask mum if I can go pick you up.

Hika : Er.. The 6th of January. I'm not sure about the time though.

.:Takeru:. : Great. I'll go ask my mum

Hika : Okies. I cant wait to see you..

.:Takeru:. : me too Hikari :)

Kari's POV

I'm Hikari Kamiya and I'm turning 15 this year. And I'm from Odaiba Japan.

Takeru is my best friend. We've known each other scince we were young kids.

We and some others even saved the world with our digimon before, but that's a long story. A few months ago his family had to migrate to Los Angeles, we still keep in touch but I still miss him so much. We were so close.

People always thought we were a couple..

But we are just best friends..

Sometimes I wish we would be more then best friends.. but that was in the past, he probably has a girlfriend already


2 weeks later. The Ishida's house 4.37pm

3rd person POV

"Yamato would u please hurry up we are going to be late. We are supposed to pick them up in about ten minutes!" pleaded Takeru.

"Takeru cant wait to see his beloved Hikari.." Yamato said to annoy his little brother.

"For the last time she isn't my girlfriend! We are just best friends. Can we just go.." he said.

"yeah best friends whatever.. All the other digidestined think you guys should be together." Replied his brother.

"They do not!" Takeru shot back.

"Sora thinks you guys are in love, but don't realise it yet." Yamato said.

"Lets just go to the airport." Takeru said obviously trying to avoid the subject.

"Fine.." Yamato said, starting the car and driving off.

About Twenty minutes later. Los Angeles International Airport. 4.56pm

"Takeru!" someone in the crowd shouted.

Yamato and Takeru turned around n spotted Taichi, Hikari and their parents.

"Hi Hikari.." Takeru said shyly.

"Hi.." Hikari replied blushing abit.

Everyone said their hellos and Yamato and Takeru helped with some of the luggage and showed them to the car. Yamato's car was too small that he had to make two trips, first taking Mr and Mrs Kamiya to their new house first and then coming back for Taichi, Hikari and Takeru. Taichi went to the toilet and Takeru and Hikari were alone. Once Taichi was out of sight, Hikari hugged Takeru tightly.

It happened so fast that Takeru was slightly shocked.

"Takeru I've missed you so much.. I'm so happy to be able to see you. And hug you.." Hikari said blushing.

"I'm so happy to see you too.. your hugging me so tight I can hardly breathe.." he answered.

"Oops. Sorry" Hikari said , releasing her grip on Takeru , and blushing even harder.

"Its okay.." he said hugging her back.

The two of them stood there in embrace for a long time not wanting to let go.


The two of them quickly moved back and turned around to see Tai standing there looking at them. Takeru looked at the floor while Kari avoided Tai's gaze.

"Don't worry Takeru I wont kill you." Taichi said jokingly.

The three of them sat down and chatted while waiting for Yamato to come back and pick them up.

"beep beep" the three of them heard the sound of a car horn and spotted Yamato's car. They all got in and Yamato started the car. Yamato and Taichi sitting in front and Hikari and Takeru sitting in the back.

Yamato's car. 5.31 pm

"Hey Taichi guess what your new house is like really near ours, its in the same neighbourhood.' Yamato told his best friend.

"Cool , Than I can come over and hang out after school." He replied.

"just like old times huh, buddy." Yamato said.

"Yay that means I can hang out with Takeru everyday." Hikari who just realised what she said, turned red as a tomato." If your girlfriend doesn't mind I mean." She continued to say.

" I don't have a girlfriend" Takeru said, smiling at her.

The Kamiya's new house. 5.54 pm

Kari's POV

'The new house is just great. Its so big! I love my new room! Luckily the movers didn't break anything. But the best thing is, its just across the street from Takeru's house.' Kari thought to herself.

"Takeru we have to go help mum to prepare dinner lets go." Yamato yelled to his brother who was upstairs with me.

"Bye Hikari, see you at dinner." Takeru said to me.

"Bye, I'll see you later." I smiled at him and said.

'Now I've got to go get ready for dinner. I cant wait to see Takeru's house. I've got to find the perfect outfit for tonight. Takeru is still so good looking.. I wonder how he looks like without a shirt on.. Hikari! He's your best friend, stop thinking like that. His is so cute..'

'But Tk would never like me, he can get any girl he wants, why would he want me?'

Takeru's bedroom 6.45pm.

Takeru's POV

"Yamato! Help." I yelled to my brother from upstairs.

"Yeah lil bro?" he awnsered.

"What do I wear for dinner tonight?!" I said looking through my closet.

"I don't know." He said

"Then what are u wearing?" I asked him.

"T-Shirt and jeans?" he replied.

"..I cant just wear a T-shirt and jeans." I said

"Why not? ..Oh your trying to impress Hikari.." he said grinning at me.

"No I'm not!" I denied

"Well she has grown up quite a bit, and I admit she is quite hot.." Yamato said pausing for my reaction.


"Okay I was kidding but now that I think about it she is …" yamato continued to say.

I looked at him, and he said, " Okay sorry, quick go and get ready."

'I guess Yamato is kinda right, I was surprised when I saw her, she has grown a lot, and well she did look quite... What the hell am I thinking? She's just my best friend. Now I'd better find something to wear.

'Anyway Hikari would never like me.' I sighed.