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Hikari's Bedroom. 7.21am. 15th January.

3rd person POV

Hikari woke up with a smile on her face, she had been dreaming of a certain blonde. She looked out the window and hoped it was still snowing, but sadly, it was sunny.

Even though today was doomsday, and she would be facing questions at school about the intimate picture of her and Takeru, and many glares in the hallway, She didn't mind, after all Takeru and her were a couple now. Right?


"Morning Tailmon." Hikari said.

"Monrning Hikari.. What's that you're wearing?" Tailmon asked.

"Oh this is my cheerleading outfit, we have practice today." The brunette replied.

"Oh. Hey do you think Takeru would allow me to visit Patamon later?" Tailmon asked.

"Well you can ask him later his coming to walk me to school" The brunette said.


"Me and Takeru think you guys would make a cute couple.." Hikari said teasingly.

Tailmon blushed. And suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Well that must be your boyfriend.." Tailmon said.

"My Boyfriend? Takeru's not my boyfriend!" Hikari protested.

"I didn't say Takeru.." Tailmon said grinning.

Hikari went to open the door and welcomed Takeru in.

"Tailmon wants to know if she can go over to your house later to play with Patamon.." the brunette said

"Oh sure, but I have basketball practice, so you have to sneak in from the back." The blonde told the feline-like digimon.

"Okay sure." Tailmon replied.

"Well we have to get going now.. We're almost late." The brunette said.

"Okay bye Hikari and her boyfriend." Tailmon said.

"Huh?" Takeru asked confused before Hikari quickly pushed him out of the door.

3rd person POV

In the Bus. 8.10

The two of them decided to take the buss as they were running late. They were no available seats so they held on to a metal pole.

(Some busses in where I live have a small area like in the front where there are metal poles instead of seats.)

"I like your cheerleading outfit." Takeru said whispering into Hikari ear.

Hikari blushed and looked down at her outfit, and said" Really? I don't really like it, and I think it's a bit too short."

"Yeah I guess it's a bit short. You should be careful." The blonde said.

"Why?" the brunette asked.

"Look behind you.." The blonde replied.

The brunette turned around and saw a few guys looking at her long legs and grinning.

(A/N: sorry I know my story got a lot of this kinda stuffs, but then Takeru can be a bit Protective. Its really a good opportunity T.T )

"Takeru.. Help!" she whispered.

So Takeru suddenly "hugged" her from the back (A/N not exactly hug. I hope you can picture this, Hikari is holding onto the metal pole, and Takeru hugging her from behind, not exactly hugging cause instead he is holding on to the metal poles instead of her. And if your wondering why he did that is so he can well block Hikari. I know not the most useful way to "block" people from looking at Hikari, but I thought it would sweet, and at least they can be close. I hope you can picture it..)

"Face it Hikari you look hot." Takeru whispered teasingly.

The brunette immediately blushed.

"So what are we gonna tell people when they ask about the picture Yamato took of us yesterday.." The brunette said changing the subject.

"Hmm.. We could tell them We're just best friends, and I just went over for dinner, and we watched a movie, and we both fell asleep on the couch, and our brothers took photos of us and emailed it to the whole school."

"Isn't that what really happened?" Hikari asked.

"Yup." The blonde replied.

A few minutes later, and they reached school.

"Oh my god here they come now." A boy said loudly as Takeru and Hikari entered the school hallway.

There was silence and people started looking at them and whispering and many girls gave Hikari a glare. Both Hikari and Takeru sighed; they both expected this to happen. After awhile people in the hallway finally plucked up enough courage to ask them if the photo was real, and if they were dating.

They explained everything that happened, and said they were just best friends, ad after awhile people started looking convinced. Suddenly the bell rang, and they rushed of to English class.

Hikari's POV

English class. 8.49am.

"Class today I'll be returning your essays that you wrote last week, and I've got some exceptional writing, and so I'll be asking some people to read their essays out." The teacher said.

The class groaned, as their papers were being passed back to them.

I tried to sneak a peak at Takeru's one, since he wouldn't tell me who he wrote about. His essay was very long, about five pages long. I could see he got a A+. I wasn't surprised. Other then sports, Takeru was very good at Language, from English to Japanese to French.

About 30 minutes later..

"Thank you Kelly.. Okay we have time for one more, Ah. Mr Ishida you scored the highest, why not you read your essay out for the class." The teacher said.

Takeru hesitated, but later went up in front of the class and read his essay out.

(A/N: If you don't remember I think in Chapter 4 their English teacher asked them to write essays about their best friend)

"My best friend is Hikari Kamiya. I've known her since we were eight, I've been through a lot with her, and one of the most memorable was "Summer Camp".. "Takeru started

"I thought I lost her forever when I moved here from Odaiba, but we kept in contact, and now she's moved here too, and we're still the best of friends.." Takeru continued.

Takeru continued recounting many memorable events in our friendship, from when we were eight till now, I was happy he remembered all the times we shared.

10 minutes later.

"I'm very lucky to have Hikari as my best friend, and I know she will always be my best friend.. We.." Takeru said, but was interrupted by the bell.

"Well looks like we don't have enough time. Class is dismissed." The teacher said.

As I walked out of class to maths which was next, I couldn't help but think about what Takeru said. ' she will always be my best friend. ' I didn't just want to always be his best friend, I wanted to be more then best friends..

" Oh Hi Takeru that was such a nice essay you wrote, so you mean those photos were fake?" Lana asked Takeru sweetly, interrupting my thoughts.

"Well they weren't fake, I went over for dinner, and we both fell asleep on the couch watching a movie." Takeru explained.

"Oh.. So you guys are just best friends right?" Lana asked.

"Yeah we're just best friends." Takeru replied.

'Just best friends?' How can we just be best friends after what happened yesterday? How can he say that?'

I felt hurt. And through out the day I continued thinking about it. Takeru noticed I wasn't talking to him as much and realised something was wrong, so after school he quickly ran after me as I ran out of class for cheerleading practice, and to avoid Takeru.

He caught up with me and asked "Hikari what's wrong.. I know something's not right, are you angry at me?"

I couldn't take it anymore, doesn't he know how much he had hurt me by playing with my feelings. Did he even realise what he had done?

"Of course something's wrong, how can you tell Lana we're just best friends. After what happened yesterday. Can't you tell I want to be more then best friends." I said.

"I only told.. Wait.. Hikari does this mean you want to be my girlfriend?" Takeru asked teasingly, giving me one of his famous smiles.

My face turned as red as a tomato. He took my blushing for a yes and grinned.

"Look Hikari, I'll explain it later.. Right now I have to go for basketball, and you're gonna be late for cheerleading practice, I'll meet you at the school gate after practice." Takeru said giving me a quick peck on the cheek and ran off to the basketball court.

I blushed even more. It was hard to stay angry at Takeru for long, he just had that special charm about him that would make you forgive him. I looked at the time, and quickly rushed to cheerleading practice.

3rd person POV

6.04pm School Gate

Hikari was about to walk home, when suddenly some grabbed hold of her hand and she turned around.

"Hey I thought I told you to meet me here." Takeru said.

"I'm not talking to you, or walking home with you." The brunette quickly said.

She had been excited yet dreading this moment, She was still a little angry at Takeru, but she was also excited to see him. Truth be told, she missed him during cheerleading practice.

"Hikari, if this is about what I told Lana, you were the one who told me to tell people we were just best friends." the blonde protested.

"I did not!"

"Yes you did, remember on the bus." The blonde said.

"But then what about that essay you wrote, you said you knew I'd always be you best friend."

"Hikari I wrote that last week.." The blonde said.

There was silence, as the brunette didn't know what to say, she had made a big fuss over everything.

"So.. Did you mean what you said just now?" The blonde suddenly asked.

"About what?" Hikari asked.

"You know.. The one when you said you wanted to be more then friends." Takeru said.

Hikari blushed. " You know the answer to that."

"Good, cause I really want to be your boyfriend." Takeru said bluntly, then putting his hands around her waist and pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

"I love you.."

"I love you too Hikari.."

Takeru's Bedroom.

Hikari had come over to take Tailmon back home, but she was still playing with Patamon, so she and Takeru decided to do their homework together.

"Hey what's this.." Hikari said looking in Takeru's school bag, holding up a few pieces of paper stapled together.

"Don't read that! It's my essay.. Especially not the last paragraph " The blonde said trying to snatch the paper away from the brunette.

"Why not?" Hikari said looking at the last paragraph. It was only a few lines.

Although, we've been best friends since we were eight, and we know each other so well, and after all the adventures we've been through, and all the memories we share, I never expected I'd fall in love with my best friend.


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