Sesshomaru Learns Something New and Interesting About Inuyasha

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This was it, the moment of truth.

Sink or swim, fly or fall. What Inuyasha felt whilst pinned under cool gaze of his brother, Sesshomaru, could only be described in clichés, bad ones at that.

Inuyasha had been waiting for this exact moment in anticipation and terror for over four months now, the four months he and Sesshomaru had been technically considered a 'couple'.

The hanyou was now pretty sure he could trust Sesshomaru, hell, they'd been meeting up for their little make-out sessions for slightly over four months now, and so far the guy hadn't tried to brutally murder him at all so he had reason for a little hope. There was a problem though.

It was different.

It was embarrassing.

It was something that Sesshomaru might not like...

Definitely not a good thing.

Things Sesshomaru didn't like tended to go 'splat'. Just look at that poison guy that Sesshomaru for some unfathomable reason decided to protect Kagome from.

Yes, the workings of his brother's mind were a mystery to Inuyasha, and that was what had him scared.

He always held the same emotionless expression, never even giving a hint at his true feelings, hell, the guy probably considered feelings a weakness, so why he had suddenly decided to have a romantic relationship with Inuyasha (Inuyasha of all people!) was also one of the vast amount of questions that remained unanswered about his brother.

Inuyasha was beginning to find the utter lack of feeling that his brother seemed to possess a little hard to deal with.

When you were kissing someone you didn't expect them to have an expression on about the same emotional level as a lump of stone...

It wouldn't be so bad if he would just smile...

But that was beside the point.

Inuyasha was on a knife edge and he had no idea of the outcome that this particular piece of information to Sesshomaru was going to be.

He ran through some possible outcomes in his head.

Tell Sesshomaru and get left high and dry. Tell Sesshomaru and get beaten to a bloody pulp. Tell Sesshomaru and... well, Inuyasha couldn't think of a happy ending right now.

Admittedly it was a little hard to think having his brother stand opposite him, giving him the oh-so familiar impatient Sesshomaru eyes of death. (Calling Sesshomaru incapable of emotion was perhaps a little unfair of Inuyasha, he had angry covered fine.)

Sesshomaru's impatience was slightly understandable however.

The last time they had met up (they both led pretty-busy demon slaughtering lives so they had to plan ahead when they would next see each other) they had decided that it was about time to turn the notch up on the intimacy of their relationship.

Sure they'd kissed and fumbled, nothing heavy, just stolen touches through clothing that was firmly remaining on, and when doing that didn't fulfil their combined desires they knew the were going to have to do something about it, and that thing they were going to do was...IT.

The thought made Inuyasha shiver in excitement and fear; he still didn't know how Sesshomaru was going to react to the information he was about to provide him with.

So, the two had finally been able to meet up again after two weeks, two whole agonising weeks in which Inuyasha had stewed over whether to show or not, in the end deciding to show because although it might go terribly wrong and he could possibly lend up alone and humiliated the idea of what could happen was too much of a temptation.

The cards were on the table, the game was set, and the outcome could go either way

It was a gamble.

A leap of faith in trusting the stoic Sesshomaru who stood before him to actually understand for once.

No wonder Inuyasha was worried...

About an hour had passed since the two had met up in the secluded forest clearing they had chosen for this particular meeting. Inuyasha had been growing gradually more nervous as more time elapsed, knowing he was going to have to tell him soon, knowing that he was only delaying the inevitable.

He was so nervous he hadn't even been able to kiss properly, forgetting to engage whilst his mind was occupied with his current predicament.

Needless to say Sesshomaru was annoyed.

The yokai had thought he had been quite tolerant so far. He'd put up with the faraway looks and the hanyou's distracted appearance. It was only understandable. He supposed Inuyasha was nervous knowing what they were about to do, it was his first time, after all. It was only when Sesshomaru directly addressed Inuyasha, and was completely ignored, that he began to get irritated.

No one ignores this Sesshomaru...

When Inuyasha managed to get himself down from the tree he had just been hurled into he decided it would be far less painful if he just spat it out.

He decided to get it over with.

Praying to any Gods especially sympathetic to pathetic half-breed dog demons that might just happen to be listening, he began.


The words stuck in his throat and then came bursting loose in a frantic rush.

"Icanonlydoitstanding!" he blurted desperately, already feeling his face redden at the confession of his words.

Sesshomaru's eyes steeled in impatience, "Repeat that statement" he ordered "Only this time at a coherent speed. This Sesshomaru does not understand the garbled ravings of an overexcited hanyou."

This was bad, Sesshomaru would have to be really annoyed to use the 'H' word, and Inuyasha didn't feel like repeating his confession to a possibly very angry yokai.

Oh well, it would probably a lot be less painful in the long run if he just got it over with.

"I...", embarrassed cough "I, erm, can only do it standing."

The words were left alone and humiliated, shivering in the air.

"What?" came the dangerous reply.

"Well" Inuyasha reluctantly began "erm, well, my entire life, I mean, I've kind of, well, yeah..."

"Hurry up or I'm going to pin you down and do it anyway." A horny Sesshomaru is not a patient one.

Inuyasha got to the point.

"Well, bastard," at least Inuyasha wasn't so humiliated not to be angry, " for the whole of my life, if you hadn't noticed, I've been constantly chased by things trying to eat me, and lying down when know... am kind of VULNERABLE" he put as much suggestion into the word as he could, hoping Sesshomaru would get the point, he didn't want to explain something as base as his masturbation techniques to his already seemingly very angry brother, this was already bad enough "isn't exactly the best survival plan."

Inuyasha faltered under the searing gaze of his brother.

"Its just a habit, OK! So I could make a quick getaway if I needed to! It just kind of stuck..." the words trailed off into embarrassed silence.

"Well, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru pronounced the words clearly and slowly as if talking to a child, definitely patronising "nothing's trying to eat you now so what is the problem?"

Inuyasha stared down at the floor, desperately avoiding Sesshomaru's eyes. "Its a habit..." the deflated hanyou muttered in reply "I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing it another way...", deflating as he realised that Sesshomaru was probably going to leave him now, alone to stew over the things he could have had but something really quite bloody stupid prevented him from having.

It was all the hanyou could do to hold back a snuffle.

What was about to happen, therefore, was going to come as quite a shock to the depressed hanyou.


What was going to happen next was nearly going to give Inuyasha a bloody heart attack.

The hanyou almost bolted in shock when he was suddenly clasped in the arms (he hated how fast that bastard could move) of a very warm, very near and obviously aroused (you can all guess how he can tell) Sesshomaru, whose mouth was currently on a level with one of Inuyasha's delicate fluffy ears.

"We'll have to see what we can do about your 'habit', Inuyasha" the yokai seductively purred.

"I hear these things can take a lot of 'work' to undo , however, I'm sure I can indulge you just this once" Inuyasha's head was still spinning as Sesshomaru moved in to capture the hanyou's stunned lips in a passionate kiss.

To be continued...


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