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Inuyasha thought his knees were going to give out…

It was difficult enough to maintain standing, let alone coherent thought with Sesshomaru and that talented talented mouth.

The yokai was nipping and sucking and licking at the hanyou's deliciously flushed and deliciously sensitive neck. Small moans escaped from his parted lips when Sesshomaru allowed his teeth to delicately graze at the soft skin. Hands roamed across Inuyasha's chest beneath his shirt (1.), stroking the firm flesh and occasionally pulling at a nipple.

Yes, Inuyasha was definitely (and understandably) having trouble staying upright...

Luckily for him, Sesshomaru soon solved this problem.

Lost in an ecstasy of dexterous hands and a nimble mouth Inuyasha was somewhat surprised when he found himself being forced back and pushed up against...tree bark?!

Sesshomaru smirked at his half-brother's confused expression. Taking the opportunity (provided by the support of the tree) with he pushed himself fully against Inuyasha, hot flesh meeting hot flesh.

"This is so troublesome, Inuyasha…" Sesshomaru sounded almost playful, dipping down to lick at a nipple. "All the things I could be doing to you…all the different positions... you want to be upright, and have to be against a tree, of all things…" A predatory gleam came across the yokai's features. "But oh well, we'll have to make do, wont we?"

Inuyasha nodded, not having heard a word Sesshomaru had said. At this point he would have agreed to anything. All that mattered was that pleasurable pain between his legs, which he desperately desperately needed release from. As long as Sesshomaru gave him that Inuyasha was happy to go along with anything.

"Good, now," The yokai pushed at Inuyasha's shoulders, causing him to slide down the bark until he was on his knees before Sesshomaru. "I think you can take it from here."

"Huh?" Inuyasha stared in surprise up at his half brother. Where was that release he wanted?

Sesshomaru chuckled, tapping the hanyou on the nose with an elegant finger. "Selfish, brother. You can't expect me to do everything, but don't worry," He smirked down at Inuyasha, stroking his hair. "I'll make sure to return you the favour."

Inuyasha couldn't argue with that, besides, the raw lust in his brother's voice went straight to his arousal, causing it to throb painfully. Maybe doing this will be fun too…

Unable to prevent his hand from shaking he reached out his hand for the yokai's obi. Sesshomaru was actually permitting him to do this, Sesshomaru! It was somewhat nerve-racking for the hanyou to know that he was going to taking the cock of one of the most powerful demons ever into his mouth. He shuddered in pleasured anticipation.

Finally managing to undo the obi Inuyasha gripped and pulled down, exposing his brother's already half-hard arousal.

Wow…the half-demon was impressed…and it was only half-hard! He was no doubt going to have some fun later when Sesshomaru did…things…with that monster of his…

Inuyasha had to stop his thoughts right there as the aching between his legs wouldn't allow them to continue. At this rate he wasn't even going to be able to hold out for that 'fun later'.

Moving forward slightly Inuyasha began to gently lick at Sesshomaru's exposed member, marvelling at the taste and nearly smiling at the breathy moan from his usually restrained brother.

Feeling a hand fist in his hair Inuyasha decided to go further.

Taking the tip into his mouth the hanyou began to suck and swirl his tongue around the fully hardened member, causing Sesshomaru to gasp and the hand to fist in his hair.

"Inu...Inuya-" Sesshomaru's words were cut off with a moan as Inuyasha gently raked his teeth along his brother's arousal, well that's one way to shut him up, Inuyasha thought with a near chuckle.

Taking the member deep into his mouth, allowing it to slip in and out, in and out, the hanyou ignored further attempts of his brother's to say his name.

'Who knew Sesshomaru was so vocal?'He thought to himself in amusement.

Suddenly the grip on his hair became fierce, pulling Inuyasha back, causing Sesshomaru's straining and painfully hard arousal to slip from between his lips.

"H-hey what are you doing?" He said in shock. "Didn't you like it?"

"I think this, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said, indicating his now fully erect manhood "is proof enough that I 'liked' it. It is simply that, as I have been trying to tell you for quite some time, if you continued with that we wouldn't be able to get to the main event now, would we?"

"Main eve..?" Realisation dawned on Inuyasha, he'd been so caught up in what he'd been doing to Sesshomaru that he'd completely forgotten. "You mean..?", he began hopefully.

Sesshomaru looked smug. Pulling Inuyasha from his kneeling position the yokai crushed their lips together in a consuming kiss, slamming the hanyou against the bark of the tree behind him in the process.

Tongues entwined and fought for dominance, Inuyasha beginning to loose himself in the intensity of the kiss.

They remained like that for some time, lips passionately, almost violently locked, each marvelling in the other's animal heat and taste.

It was Sesshomaru who initiated the separation, pulling away from Inuyasha's warm mouth, ignoring the hanyou's whimpers from the loss of connection. The yokai traced a finger across the line of the hanyou's shirt (1.) gaze locking with Inuyasha's, silently commanding.

The hanyou understood.

Inuyasha began to strip in silence, Sesshomaru's eyes devouring the newly exposed flesh, toned and free from scars.

When Inuyasha had removed the last of his clothing Sesshomaru stared in wonder. "You look...magnificent..." The yokai's voice sounded almost reverent.

Inuyasha chuckled, partly from nerves and amusement at the compliment. "You're not to bad yourself..."

This gained a snort from the yokai and Inuyasha once again found himself caught in his brother's embrace.

Expression serious, staring deep into the hanyou's eyes, Sesshomaru placed two fingers to Inuyasha's lips, needing to know that he understood.

He did.

Allowing the two digits to press past the soft barrier of his lips the hanyou slowly began to suck at the fingers coating them in wetness, gently nipping at their sensitive tips. Entranced, Sesshomaru watched as the hanyou slowly and oh-so seductively began to move them in and out of his mouth.

He needed Inuyasha.

Although the yokai was truly enjoying the show certain...parts...of him were becoming impatient.

Removing his fingers from the hanyou's mouth Sesshomaru, now resting his forehead against that of his brothers, moved the digits down until he found what he was looking for.

Flinching at having Sesshomaru's fingers ghost across his entrance, Inuyasha bit back a gasp when a slick digit slipped past his tight ring of muscle, probing the heat within.

Sesshomaru took the preparations slowly, knowing that this was going to hurt the hanyou, but he wanted the pain to be as minimal as possible. When his brother could take three of his fingers with relative comfort the yokai gently slipped out the digits, whispering "You're going to need to turn around, Inuyasha."

The hanyou did as instructed, nodding silently. He pressed his head against the hard of the tree bark and waited. On feeling Sesshomaru's arousal press against his entrance Inuyasha didn't know whether he was more nervous or excited.

This was it.

Fly or fall...Sink or swim...Only one way to find out...

Inuyasha pushed back, causing the head of Sesshomaru's manhood to slip inside him, gaining a pleasured gasp of surprise from the yokai behind him.


It hurt.

Sesshomaru was big, Inuyasha's virgin passage stretched painfully to accommodate the organ.

After the hanyou's initiation of the penetration Sesshomaru continued to agonizingly push into him. Inuyasha bit back a whimper, feeling the strain of taking his brother's impressive manhood. He could only hope the pain would pass soon, he trusted Sesshomaru.

Once fully sheathed within the hanyou Sesshomaru stilled, sensing his brother's distress from the desperate pained noises.

Resting his forehead against the silver soft of Inuyasha's hair the yokai breathed soothing noises into the fluffy ear before him, attempting to restrain himself from pounding into that tight, wet heat.

When he felt Inuyasha was ready he began to push into the hanyou. Starting a snails pace he allowed the hanyou to become accustomed to the feel of the length inside him, testing Inuyasha's limits. When satisfied the hanyou could take it, reassured by the needy moans and whimpers, Sesshomaru stopped holding back.

Pounding into the hanyou Sesshomaru began to growl, red bleeding into his eyes, loosing himself in that incredibly tight heat that was his half-brother.

Inuyasha was much the same, moaning loudly, gasping in pleasure when Sesshomaru reached around him to harshly pump his straining arousal.

At this rate, neither of them were going to last long.

Feeling his climax coiling in his belly, hot tight and electric, Inuyasha managed to breath a "Sesshomaru...", climaxing into the warm grip of his brother's hand. Sesshomaru followed soon after, pumping his seed deep into the hanyou, pushed over by the delicious constriction accompanying Inuyasha's release.

Both demons slumped forward against the support of the tree, gasping for air, Sesshomaru placing gentle kisses across the hanyou's flushed neck line.

That had been mind blowing.

"Inuyasha..?" The yokai was out of breath yet obviously determined.


"Your...standing issue...this Sesshomaru no longer minds..."

The hanyou grinned against the bark of the tree, triumphant. A question popped into his head, a question he smugly knew the answer to.

Fly or fall?

He flew, and Inuyasha wasn't planning on coming down any time soon.


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