Chapter Twenty

Where Legends Are Born

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Five years later

Five years had passed and Hidan and Temari had been waiting tensely for the freakish event to happen. Hidan was waiting with excitement and a little bit of sadness that his holy mission would be over soon, Temari with anxiety and worry for her children.

Neither knew exactly when it would happen and even though Kankuro reassured her that the twins would definitely be alright with personalities of their own and everything, Temari wasn't sure if any of them would survive while two deities fought a battle of epic proportions right in front of them. Hidan could stick around if he wanted too, she certainly had no intentions of doing so.

Besides she was also a little unsure what to think about the twins having their own personalities since she had been so used to their silent demeanors and wondered if the deities nature would have any influence on her children at all. She wondered if they would have to learn the basics of walking, running and eating again.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon when both twins suddenly dropped in their tracks and fell into the dirt while Jashin's wings seemed to fall away, there was a strange unearthly glow all around them and the sky looked as if it had been lit on fire, the sun a huge orange disk in the sky.

The twins began pulsing with blinding white light as the Gods slipped out and their true souls slipped in.

Jashin and Seishin appeared before them, each one taller than the trees that surrounded Konoha and sneered with mutual dislike on their faces.

Temari, who had knelt down to make sure both her children were still breathing could only stare in awe at the two Gods, tensed for battle.

Than they flew at each other scythe against sword, the sound of metal sliding and clanking echoed for miles in both River Country and Wind Country. Jashin made to lop off his sister's head, who moved her sword high up to block it, before punching the God hard in the head while Hidan cheered his God on with excitement. If Temari had not seen it, she would never have believed it, Seishin fought like a savage animal, while Jashin seemed to be a more elegant fighter.

Jashin kicked high, hitting Seishin's hand and Seishin replied by snarling and ramming her sword through her brother's arm. Silvery droplets splashed down and dissipated into nothingness as soon as it hit the ground and Jashin twirled the scythe and swung it over her head, than made a feint and while she blocked too the left he moved to the right and caught her leg, yanking it right out from beneath her.

Seishin twisted her body and landed on her hands before flipping around till she was back on her feet.

The sound of their pounding feet was like thunder and their battle cries were deafening.

Jashin caught her blade and flung it hard to the left, but just because Seishin was left without her sword did not mean that she was defenseless. She tackled her twin and the two of them rolled around on the ground before she began trying to crush his throat.

Jashin caught hold of her throat and flung her off of him, before taking a deep breath and blew hard.

Seeing the strange blackness in the air, Temari took both twins inside the house and shut the door, peeking out the window as a deadly plague seemed to suddenly sicken the Goddess who turned a strange bluish purple, before she reached down into the forest and brought up a fistful of plants to her mouth, returning to her normal color.

The pestilent wind swept over the countryside and wherever it landed plague would spread throughout human settlements.

Usagi lifted her arms as if paying homage to the sun and large plants began to rise and entwine themselves around Jashin, he hacked away with his scythe and called terrible-eyed beasts and demons to surround her, howling and clawing and ripping her skin.

Seishin called other creatures to fight for her and a glimmering shield appeared just as the God blew another pestilent wind hard in her direction, this time though the vines and thorns that cut into his body began rotting and withering away at a frightening pace. A third wind caused the beasts they had summoned to die and Temari had to keep from gagging at the smell of rotting flesh.

The two Gods began ascending into the air, circling each other as they went higher and higher and then began fighting again. Seishin called upon the water to surge and crash over him and Jashin summoned lightning to his hand, watching with satisfaction as she nearly drowned while being electrocuted.

Seishin threw her sword like a javelin and struck Jashin in the heart and he in turn swung his scythe where it lodged itself just below her breasts. She grabbed him and yanked him forward, slamming her head into his and both Gods drew the other's weapon out of their bodies.

Jashin went to punch her and she blocked with both arms, shoving him hard and he hid in the shadows as day turned to night, lit only by stars. Seishin with teeth bared, slowed down her breathing and waited patiently. He leaped out of the shadows and there was a ripping sound as he tore her heart, golden and shimmering from her body. Seishin cried out and evaporated into golden mist.

Jashin cried out in victory, which suddenly turned into a snarl of pain as Seishin's fingernails grew long and plunged into his back, seeking his own heart and holding it triumphantly in her hands.

Both Gods hesitated, staring hard at the other before crushing the other's heart at the same time, their terrible snarls reverberating throughout the land. Neither deity had won, an occurrence which hadn't happened in over 10,000 years.

Temari stepped gingerly out of the house as she began clearing away the fallen animals.

Hidan stood there watching the fading light of the Gods with a strange look on his face.

"What the fuck happened?" He asked as Temari set a small fire jutsu to burn them away.

"How the hell should I know? You're the priest not me."

"You gotta admit though, that was one seriously cool battle."

"It was something." She admitted.

Spectacular, terrifying, unusual a once-in-a-lifetime-occurrence.

As long as she and her family were safe, that's all she cared about. She was not the type to get involved in a clash between Gods and as oddly privileged as she felt to have witnessed it, she hoped she never had to see anything like it again.

He hugged his wife hard, not failing to miss the fact that she lacked that strange chakra that would have kept her at his side for the rest of his days. He felt a strange lump in his throat when he realized that his girl was as mortal as the rest of them and they turned towards the house.

The twins were beginning to wake up, Jashin was the first and Temari felt a surge of affection as she stared into his shy, purple eyes.

She then turned to Usagi whose eyes were livelier and snapped with a brilliant fire in them.

She and Hidan were certainly in for an interesting experience. She thought happily as she hugged the twins.